Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stitching Sublime

When the local library is in a church and has a good supply of crafty books then it's hard to resist popping in for a wee while.

I was so excited when I struck stitching gold and found Simple Modern Sewing. I have quite a few fabulous pattern books now, but this one has become my firmest favourite one.

It has an amazing selection of simple pattern shapes to dress from the top to the bottom.

There's so many things I want to make in here to get a whole new winter wardrobe under way that it's hard to know just where to start. In the end I plumped for the simple scoop neck blouse with puff sleeves to get me used to the patterns and instructions. I needn't have worried as they're so straightforward and clear to follow.

Now I usually go for brights and floral patterns, but this time I fancied a change. So I chose something simple and neutral to complement the clean shapes of the patterns. For the scoop-neck blouse I used the Charleston print. This was gorgeous fabric to work with it as it's a really soft, heavier weight cotton with a silky feel to it. It also drapes really well which excuses any stitching mishaps I might have had.

I did have to lengthen all the patterns before I got going as they are really short in the body and the darts would only end up in my armpits if I followed the pattern properly.

 I started my top on the Friday and it was ready to pop on by Saturday morning. It was such a comfy and flattering shape to wear that I know I'll definately be stitching a few more of these to add to the winter layers.

First top hot off the press, I was super keen to get going on the next thing. The other fabric I chose with the designs in this book in mind is a geometric pattern in the palest of grey. This print seemed to perfectly complement the shape of the wrap-round top on the left to my mind, so that's the one I used.

For some reason when I see a fabric I love I always buy a 1m and a half. No more, no less. I reason that I can make most skirts and tops from this amount. If I want to make a dress, then I need to go shopping for more meterage and that's always when just the right fabric eludes me.

I haven't stitched for weeks and then suddenly a new book erupts a new obsession in me. We were out all day on Saturday having a wonderful time so no sewing for me then. I did manage to squeeze in a wee bit of sewing time later on though, just before the wine was plink plonking into the glasses. You know how it is when you have something on your mind that you want to get a making. I always get impatient to see how the ideas I have will look in reality and won't rest until I've had a go.

For this top I fancied breaking it all up with contrasting binding around the neck and a wee bit of cream edging found at last weeks car boot.  It was this bit I was in a hurry to see to be honest. 

That's as far as I've got to be sure this week. I've been teaching a four day week and the girls and I had a cinema date the other night after school to see About Time (which was a great film with some wonderful interiors to keep me happy too). Now I'm waiting for Friday to come around (the part after the dentist's) so I can get on with finishing this top up and then start on a few new shapes with the other fabrics I have stored away.

I know for definate I'll have to buy my own copy of this book as I really really don't want to give it back to the library at all.


  1. Love the sweater with that shirt AND the blue ring !
    Cute phone case too !!

  2. Wow it looks amazing Lisa, I feel quite inspired now after reading this stitchy post of yours it's made me a little itchy to get stitchy! (sorry I couldn't resist)
    I think I might see if our library can order this in from one of the other East Sussex branches. Thanks for boosting my confidence with maybe making some more winter bits for my wardrobe xox Penny
    ps. My glass will be going plinkity plonk with a glass of wine come's my weekly treat and I think I may well have earned it this week ;o)

  3. Libraries are wonderful places. x

  4. Your top is amazing...... Looks perfect! I keep thinking I might attempt a bit of clothes making but I'm very much a crafty stitcher rather than seamstress...... So I get cold fingers about it! I do feel quite inspired though........let you know! Can't wait to see the new one! X

  5. Well done & so quick too! It looks like a great book :) x

  6. Your blouse looks lovely and can't wait to see the other finished. I am having a bit of a winter stitching session too and have often spied this book in my pattern searching but thought it might be a bit young for me. However the shapes look so simple and classic I might try to get it now. X

  7. That looks fab on you and it looks so wearbale with lots of different things. Here's to Friday night!! Jo x

  8. Cool and looks uncomplicated always introduce me to a new good book!

    Our library is rubbish so i have to rely on post such as yours to guide me....Ta!

    I always buy 2m of fabric when i see it funny how we all have our rules ...

    bestest luck with wip Daisy j xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Thank you, thank you for this book idea!! I'm just stating out in dressmaking & this book sounds just up my alley! Perfect! (Thank you!) Jen x

  10. Your new top is so pretty and you look lovely in it. Would you believe that I've bought the same fabric, which is destined as a new top for me. Though the colourway I choose was the reverse of yours, so the background is dark grey and the leaves are cream. I've really become quite passionate about sewing of late and have made a couple of skirts, some bags and a beautiful new Hello Kitty, Liberty print blouse for my young daughter, which I'm extremely proud of. The next time I visit my local library I'll look out for the book you mentioned as the patterns look simple & modern (just as the title suggests).
    If you're interested, I'm hosting a giveaway on my little blog today. The prize is 4 fat quarters of fabric from M is for Make in celebration of Autumn. Hope you'll pop over and enter.
    Jill x

  11. Your new top is gorgeous ... very pretty with blue ... I think I might just have to give this dressmaking a go ... Bee xx

  12. Beautiful top, Lisa. I'm so envious of your sewing skills. My poor brain just can't comprehend pattern instructions. Oh woe is me.... xx

  13. I love the fabric, Lisa. That book looks like a 'must have' addition to your own personal library!

  14. Lisa, that top is perfect, and I'm so impressed by the way you can look at a pattern and know how to alter it to fit you. My Aunt Hurley could look at clothes in a shop window, then go home and make a pattern out of newspaper for them. Me? No chance in a zillion.

    Also, I adore your phone cover. Very pretty and feminine, just like you.

  15. looks good, would never ever have the patience to follow a pattern, i admire those who can x

  16. A bit of a change is a good thing! I love this fabric on you and really like the pattern!

  17. I love the grey cloth, a real change but i bet it suits you! Catx


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