Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mittens and a Tower

I had a thought that I would have time for ideas, time for making things and time to write more than a weekly post what with this being half-term and all. Instead we've been sociable, doing stuff and staying out to avoid a home with no electricity. Thankfully we only had one day without power after we saw sparks fly from the cables over our cherry tree. I had visions of it turning into the burning bush right in front of our eyes, but for some reason just sat and stared at it. It all turned a bit Dad's Army, when my man, who'd seen it from above, ran down telling us not to panic. Which we weren't - until then anyways. 

In the divine wisdom of those who mend things, the electricity board have scheduled to turn all our power off again tommorow for a whole day. I've got to go to a standardisation meeting first thing anyway and then we'll all go somewhere we love to be after that while our wee home sits powerless.

There are of course a few things to show and share with you whilst all of this excitement? has been going on.

You see, I finally stitched up the super soft and thick mittens for the Bun's. Miss Rosey favoured the pom pom's, Little Bun did not. Now I'd have thought it would have been the other way round, so that just goes to show I don't know everything.

They were so thrilled to finally have their mittens, that they begged me to take tons of pictures of them wearing said mittens. Which I did.

Don't be put off at this point as I'm only sharing a few here, despite there being some really good ones you know.

They're a very cheeky pair. Such brilliant friends and loyal sisters, although they do yell and scream at one another now and again too.

Seeing them together, makes me feel a missing part where I would have liked a sister to have been. I do have siblings out there, it's just that I've never met them, so maybe that's why I feel this way more than the average only child. Who knows? All the same, I love to see my daughter's laughing and loving, knowing that someone is always there by their side

Miss Rosey really enjoys being the eldest by eighteen months, and Little Bun is only too pleased to be the youngest. They were cut out for these roles. 

The mittens had their first outing today. Blue skies abounded and as Mr was off for a day or two we headed to the woods we'd cycled through in the summer.

We went in search of the Tower. It's a National Trust holiday let, we can't tell if it's Elizabethan or Georgian. My man thinks the latter as there are some windows in Indian style on one side. 

I fancy this would make quite a pleasant hidey hole for a few days rest. Apart from the people trudging past taking photos.

After our walk we headed to Binky Hall's secondhand bookshop, where Mr bought some 1960's books on London and Little Bun scored a couple more Tammy annuals.

Then it was time to plop down in the cafe with hot chocolates before heading homeward.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the beautiful windows we sat by, despite having the mickey taken until I agreed to take photos of the butter packets and the salt too.

In a couple of days, after the All Hallows Eve shenanigins is done and dusted and we've been sociable once more, I've plans to do something with this fabric and elderly sheet I bought at the start of the holidays. I'm not quite sure what it's to be as yet, but I'm thinking on it.

While I was being tempted by the stripy lemon sheet, my mind was also turning to thoughts of the tray I'd seen in the window of the same shop.

I'm so glad I brought it home as it fits right into it's corner perfectly. 

See you very soon I hope.


  1. Your 'Buns' are so beautiful,especially wearing those lovely mittens. Happy Halloween. Jacquix

  2. They are going to have lovely warm cosy fingers this winter, my fingerless gloves are coming in very handy so far.....tis a bit cold here too as we are avoiding putting the heating on as much as possible! My girls hate it when I get my camera out, apparently I take too long! And apparently I take photos of random stuff too, I always tell them I love random stuff! :) x

  3. Happy post. I think the mittens look great. I often wonder how long my little girls will wear my woolly creations and you have given me hope that it will be for a good while yet. Thanks Jo x

  4. Fab mittens - just what we need now the weather is starting to turn. Great to see your girls are such good friends - mine have got a larger age gap but have always been there for one another. I have a brother who I love dearly but don't see that often as he is based in New York and I often wonder what it would have been like to have a sister - could have been a nightmare but I would hope not! Hope your power is sorted x Jane

  5. Lovely pictures and lovely mittens
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. It's great that your daughters get on so well.My two granddaughters,although younger,get on well and play well with each other.I have a brother who I speak to once a week but I would have loved a sister.I have two children,one of each,both grown up and with families of their own.There is only 13 months between them so they were very close during their childhood.My problem now is that they never speak to each other.They havn't fallen out but both live busy lives.They get the news about each other from us.It is so disappointing.

  7. Your girls are just gorgeous and I love the mittens. Especially with pom poms. There is course no place for mittens in subtropical Brisbane but we can covet from afar. mel x

  8. What lovely girls you have. I always wanted a big brother or younger sister.... any family these days would be nice to be honest!

  9. Ahhh lovely photos....loving the sisterly love too, especially in their gorgeous mittens! Can't wait to see what you make with the lovely fabric and lace..Def. your colours. I think the photos of the window are just perfick! ;) karen x hope your power is back on now x

  10. Awwwww, what a lovely post!
    Thanks for sharing x

  11. Hello Lisa- such a lovely post and I'm just loving those mittens( Pom poms for me every time!)- our half term flew by too- why does it always do that? Almost feels like it never happened! Glad to hear you avoided a serious drama in the storms and you are all snuggly again! Have a lovely weekend x


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