Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Let there Be Light

Like most of you, I really fancied getting my hands on a copy of this here magazine, book thing. I got the last one, I kind of liked it, but I wasn't as impressed as I should have been. There was far too much of a re-hashing of the same articles that had already appeared in Mollie Makes to make it anything truly new or exciting. This time around, I'd had a sneak peak and liked what I saw, plus lovely Jane was in it and I fancied seeing more of her pad too (because - like most of us I'm nosey ok).
Apart from buying it online, I just couldn't find the darned thing anywhere. Then having a quick sleepy time shuffle through Instagram (where I've sort of joined in as Bobobun68) I saw that Jane had pointed someone in the direction of Hobbycraft. That was me sorted then. After dropping the girls at school I whizzed off for a quick food shop and then patiently waited for the HC doors to open.

Back home in time to truly enjoy a Monday off, I threw together my favourite breakfast, gathered my latest hooky thing and my newly found magazine.

I only looked at the pictures this time round. Words will follow later when I'm in the mood for them. I did have to stop to read a few words near the back mind you. There in the back pages are instructions for recovering a lampshade. I've wanted to re-jig all of ours for a while now, but couldn't get my head around the instructions in the books I have. These seemed really straightforward. Easy enough to jump in and have a go right now I thought as I binned all of my other plans for the day.

For my first ever attempt I decided to use some small scraps of a precious barkcloth. I've had it stashed away as I only have it in small pieces, too small to make most things with, but perfect for cutting out small lampshade panels from.

Once I'd stripped all of the red gingham fabric off the shade I got on with the easy to follow instructions. First off I made a pattern.

Then I chopped up the eight panels to cover the shade.

Once stitched together they came up a bit bigger than I needed so I did a bit of extras stretching and stitching and there it was fitted all snug pretty. 

After handstitching around the top and bottom, I really wished I'd bought a glue gun the last time I was staring at them. No glue gun at the ready, so off I went with my stitchiness to add a zig zag of
red for a finishing pzazzzz.

There are a few Heath Robinson bits in this make, but what the hell. I can't believe I've actually got round to covering a shade and it looks ok

Do you know the lampshade making even went so well that I still had enough time to make a couple of the cushions I'd had planned.

I bit the bullet and used two of my most favourite fabrics that I've been saving for goodness knows what really.

Other than wishing there were more hours in a making day, I'm really really pleased with how it's all turned out. More lampshade and quick cushion making will most definately be happening.


  1. I am wanting that issue for ages - got the first one but have not been able to find the latest here State side - I am green lol....love what you did with the lamp and that lovely bark cloth....

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  3. I think your lampshade came out great, and your pillows are super cute! Here's to finishing projects!

  4. Perfectly lovely. Love that each is made with really special fabric.


  5. That is so lovely! I've only really covered shades using wallpaper paste a la Granny Chic, as sewing is not my thing, but I really need to learn! Isn't it amazing how just by adding a couple of new cushions (also v. gorgeous) and a lampshade, the whole room looks totally different? My kind of makeover ... always changing, but forever the same! (If that makes sense)

    Love Claire xxx

  6. I've never seen those books for sale near me - perhaps one day when I venture into the big town I might find one.

    Loving the lampshade :)

  7. Shows how out of it I am - I hadn't even heard about this. Your lampshade is lovely - and far better than the one I made and had to subsequently rip apart!

  8. Oh you are one crafty mama Lisa, loving the barkcloth and the ric rac is a perfect finish x I think a magazine needs to come and have a nosey around yours for all of us to see your pretty home xox Penny

  9. I made a patchwork lampshade a couple of years ago, having one small off white shade that was Boring. I cut out one inch squares of fabric with pinking shears, then used fabric glue to glue them onto the shade. Ribbon round bottom and top and voila! Really pleased with myself I was... it was, like you, one of those things I had been meaning to do for ages. You just have to be in the right mood don't you? Love yours, very pretty.

  10. Love it...and isn't it funny how we are reluctant to use our favourite fabric but then you get to see it every day.xx

  11. Realy like the work you have done especial the lamp shade, I have a bottom draw in the bed room full of fabric I can't bring my self to cut into just yet. Love the pink swan I have been on the look out for one to put a plant in for ages... Well I found one to day yah.....

  12. What a productive day. Good work all round BOBOBUN. It is good to use your stash, that is what it is for! Jo x

  13. Lovin the lampshade! Have been thinking of covering one myself for a while, but not sure about fireproofing it so that we can actually use it as well as it looking nice. What did you use?? Thanks -x-

  14. Great lampshade, and lovely cushions! I've got lots of old lampshades the idea of covering them scares me, I'm sure I wouldn't know where to start! :) x

  15. love the lampshade material, i love your blog :)

  16. Absolutely stunning. I always thought that the fabric would have to be treated with some sort of fire retardant spray. Obvs not. Xx

  17. Hi! Love your blog. Always enjoy reading your posts. The lampshade and cushions are sooo lovely! Might try covering a lampshade too:)

  18. That's spooky, I found a copy today! And I've just had a glorious hour just looking at the pictures!
    Your makes look amazing!

  19. Your lampshade and cushions are wonderful. Isn't it fabulous having the time to settle down and complete a task? And, oh, those pretty fabrics!

  20. such a lovely post what wonderful makes with your vintage fabrics ;0)x been catching up on your lovely posts with a warm cuppa xx


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