Sunday, 1 September 2013


At exactly 3.35pm today our Rosey will officially enter the world of the teenager. We won't be splitting hairs and saying she can't have a birthday until then of course. It just feels momentous each year when I think that at this time all those years ago I was having a baby for the first time ever and wondering who was going to arrive into our lives.

Yesterday I was cleaning, well hoovering cobwebs off the ceiling to be exact. My man hugged me and said I was doing exactly the same daft nesting stuff I did the day before she was born. Neither of us suspected she was on her way back then though as she was meant be born three weeks later. In keeping with her personality she was in a hurry to get on with things and she still is now. She keeps on going until she achieves what she wants and just like her mum can be very very impatient.

How did those years pass so quickly? One minute I fell for a man, not long after the first kiss a baby was made and very shortly after we got very excited about the future ahead of us. Being parents has been the best most sensible thing we've ever done with our lives.

So, thirteen years ago a wee baby was handed to me with the expectation that I'd know how to be her mum. I've definately got it wrong quite a few times along the way, but we've learnt a lot together as we've gone along. I'm so proud to be her mum (I still use mummy, even though it's not allowed in public anymore so sssshhhh) and I love her with all of my heart.

By the way, I made the brooch for her one evening as it's become something of a tradition to supply a handmade something. It was an idea I had as I drove to work one day and I'm really pleased with it. I hope Rosey is too.


  1. Happy Birthday Rosey. I think you have a wonderful mum !

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter, what a lovely age to be x

  3. Happy Birthday Rosey! I understand you completely, it's a privilege bringing up the girls isn't it. We don't always get things right but there's no better place to learn that humans aren't perfect, The Family! Have. Great day together! :) x

  4. Congratulations to Rosey and have a lovely day together!
    Isn't it great to be a mom of such a lovely girl? xx

  5. How beautifully written...what a journey...Happy Birthday Rosey, you have a lovely Mummy!

    Sarah --x--

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter ,my little boy will be 16 in a few weeks and at 6 foot tall not so little....

  7. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your daughter - I hope she has a lovely day. And it is a momentous day for you and your hubby as well. We are all growing as parents all the time, but there are some times that we take a leap.

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Rosey - I hope you have a really fun day. Lily. xxx

  9. Happy happy birthday to your special Rosey. Beautiful post Lisa, I sometimes have to still pinch myself at what a blessing and wonder it is to have Alice, she'll be 13 at the end of September too. Love your homemade tradition too, have a really special day together xxx Penny

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS ROSEY - have a wonderful day! Jane x

  11. Happy birthday Rosie and happy birthing day to you! It's such a big day for us mums isn't it? A day in our lives never to be forgotten in many ways! I love being called 'mummy' but these days my 16 year old gets embarrassed by it and has started to call me mum, shame!xx

  12. Happy Birthday Dear Rosey! Welcome to the world of teenagers ...

    My first son, Oliver, (27 last week) was 3 weeks late and has stayed true to form, never in a rush for anything!

    Have a brilliant day

    Love Claire xx

  13. Happy hopity birthday to Rosey!!
    and special memories to you too....enjoy this lovely sunny sunday!
    bestest to you all
    Daisy xx

  14. Very many happy birthday wishes to Rosey.
    13 is one of those special birthdays, hope the day is full of fun and laughter.
    Lisa x

  15. Happy birthday to Rosey. I hope she has a wonderful day, as do you all.

  16. Lovely post. Happy birthday Rosey. My one and only daughter goes to secondary school this week, all change ey x x

  17. Happy birthday day dear
    I do hope that you stick to that time schedule - where will it all end if birthdays start at the wrong time!
    Time marches on.....
    Best wishes

  18. awwwww big momento moment ;0)...i can see how much you love her, what a lucky lady to be born to such a wonderful creative mother ;0)x happy birthday teenage bun ;0)x

  19. Happy hoppy birthday Miss Rosey!(belatedly due to my pooter being silly!) Hope you all enjoyed such an important day, lovely brooch clever Mum(mummy)
    Ps. liking the zingy yellow on the blog.


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