Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Bit of a Sing Song

You're such a lovely lot sending me all your kind thoughts and good old fashioned pratical advice. You'll be pleased to know I'm starting to act on it and am now taking a whole load of B vitamins, starflower oil and Iron (for just in case). That's not to say I'm not trying everything else too, just some at a time.

I also got taken out for some cultural therapy too. A friend, who enters every known competition and wins a whole load of them too, won a pre-theatre meal and tickets for a Royal Opera House screening of Turandot by Puccini. Listen to me trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about. I've never seen an Opera before, but I have heard of Placido Domingo because my mum had him and Daly Thompson on her fridge for quite a while. Anyway's she took me along with her last night and I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the opera part. I loved the wine and eating scrumptious food bit though.

We ate at a fabulous place called The Black Dog Restaurant in Bungay. Although it's been there a year I've whizzed past and never noticed it before which made it more of a treat to find such a gem. The staff were great and the food was just delicious. I've told my man we're going there no question.

Tummies full we rushed off to see the tale of Turandot. Thank heavens for the big screen because there were sub-titles all the way through, if not I'd have needed Mr Tumble mimimg at the side to help explain all.

The rotund bloke who was meant to be a young dashing Prince sang Nessum Dorma at the end and I thought, I know that one at least. I enjoyed his singing, but the women's voices made me wince. It was a daft tale where a prince falls for a bloodthirsty unhinged princess enacting the revenge of an ancestor who was raped a 1000 years before. I have to believe in the motivation of the characters to get truly immersed in the tale and I'm afraid I kept thinking the Prince needed his head felt. I did enjoy the experience though and I might even take up the ladies advice beside me who said I should try Mozart's Marriage of Figaro. Who knows where it might lead me.

Ironically when we went out to eat I had to order less crunchy food. One of my teeth had broken in half at work and so I had to cancel my Wednesday morning classes so I could get to the dentist. That meant I could fit in the car boot after dropping the girls off at school. Silver linings and all that. 

I came away with a mended, but oh so sweet Mabel Lucie mug, plums, dahlia's and a cream blanket. Not a bad haul for a chilly September morning.

The little lady fits in quite nicely with my other childrens china.  My favourite is still the Meakin dish with the babes in bunny suits. One day I hope to track down a matching cup and plate. 

The duck cup was gifted to my man as the exact same one was a childhood favourite of his.

This got me thinking about some of my other favourite things. Things that hold memories which make them just that bit more special.

My love bought this juicer for me one christmas knowing I'd love it and I do, very much so. 

 We bought this Victorian Pilchard dish in Brixham on our last holiday as two. I was heavily pregnant with Miss Rosey and kept fainting everywhere. Turns out I was seriously anaemic so lots of red wine and broccoli later and things started improving a bit. We had a fabulous time mind you in a very grand Georgian Hotel where my man ended up impersonating a freelance food critic.  We had a problem with the rudeness of the French Maitre 'd so lets just say we had a bit of fun and then afterwards we had the most fabulous service. This dish sums up more carefree and naughty times.

This silver and ivory teether I guess to be mid 1800's. It was given to Miss Rosey when she was born by my mum's oldest friend (by that I mean she was really old). It was her husband's mother's and she had no one else to give it to. She'd never liked me and used to be really rude, but went all soft with Miss Rosey. I forgave her as she had good reason to be bitter. Her baby son had died of meningitis and then her teenage daughter was killed in front of her when she jumped off a bus to grab the dog lead off the road.

 This ivory inlaid Crib Box is a very special thing to me. It was my dad's Grandmother's and after dad died mum passed it on to me. I used to love playing with my dad. It was during my pain in the bum teen years when it was one of the things we did without getting into an argument.

 Lastly, one of my favourite photos of the girls and I. Like most mum's I guess there's hardly any photos of me, just tons of their daddy. I sometimes wonder if they'll ask one day did you always stay at home?
I just love their cheeky faces, it was a carefree time in the last summer before Miss Rosey started school. A photographer friend came over and took tons of black and white pictures of us that day. The girls loved whirling and twirling for the camera, they still do.


Well  if you've read this far, then well done and just to let you know I'll be replying to your lovely emails and suchlike by the weekend either here or there.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Love that you shared your favorite things and a bit of yourself, too. It's the memories after all that makes us love our stuff a bit more.

    I was a pain in the rump for about 3 of my teen years. Both of my parents are gone and I think I made up for the pain I put them through.


  2. Such lovely things Lisa, and all with a tale to tell ... that's why I love old things so very, very much! I used to play cribbage with my Dad too, wonder what happened to his crib set?

    What a tragic story about your poor Mum's friend ...

    The opera sounds ... interesting! I think I'd have liked the restaurant part of the prize best too.

    Lovely post Lisa, I'm actually in the process of drafting a very similar one about my favourite things!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. As I sit here Lisa my face is throbbing from my tooth, broken on a little piece of Italian me thinks, not looking forward to the bill! My nephew is dancing in that opera ANSI was meant to go and see him at the local cinema but I'm a bit useless at the moment, not able to stay vertical for more than half an hour so missed it! (He's the young handsome black guy if you're interested!) we are off to London at half term so hope to catch up with him, he might even give us a tour of the ROH! Hope you're feeling a bit better, hearing about that poor woman makes us realise there's a lot worse things! :) x

  4. That's a very sweet post and I love that you have all your precious things around the house where you can see them.We're trying to clear away a lot of the junk and rubbish here so there is more space to put out small treasures and actually see them amid the clutter!

    Hope you're feeling better now.

  5. What beautiful favourite thinngs. I love them all and i love the reasons too. The teether is beautiful and i can instantly understand why it would be so special (as if how pretty it is wouldn't matter). I love your picture too.
    x x x

  6. oh now you know i just LOVE MLA.....the cup is a beauty and looks perfect with your collection(oh for some meakin with bunny babies!!!!!!!)lovely see your most treasured things and the story behind them....i love them all. Have a lovely day x

  7. Goodness, that poor woman....

    You have some beautiful things, Lisa. I love the juicer - I've never seen such a handsome one. xx

  8. Lovely memories Lisa, hope you're feeling a bit better now x

  9. Was wonderful to read all these interesting things here today !
    Hope you are feeling better, sounds like you might be :)

  10. Hello lovely lady. I'm just catching up here and sorry to read that you're finding life a bit troublesome lately. You've had so much wonderful advice already, but one thing I will say, if you're taking iron please try SpaTone, available from Boots. Instead of tablets it comes as a sachet of water that comes from an ancient spring not far from here actually. The bio-availability of the iron it contains is high and you get none of the side effects that you can experience taking iron tablets. My GP recommends it and it really is ace stuff.

    That is a gorgeous piccy of you and your girls :)

    Be well x

  11. Ooh what lovely things, love the fishy dish. I have similar feelings towards Opera, i used to have to sit through lots of rehearsals at ENO, which meant hearing the same parts over and over again, heaven for an opera buff i'm sure but i'd rather be watching a ballet any day. The only one i really enjoyed was 'Tosca' which i actually managed to see a proper performance of, straightforward tale, nice tunes and a dramatic end. Must get some portraits done the picture of you and your girls is lovely-really natural, hope things are settling down now, Catx

  12. What a gorgeous photo of you and the girls - and I am sure that they will very much remember all the fun they have had with you, despite there being little photographic evidence. On my way to work, I pass a house with a blue plaque - Mabel Lucie Attwell lived for a time at Ocklynge Manor in Eastbourne (and now it is a B&B!)

  13. oooo i broke my tooth a few months ago and then re broke it stealing a bite of the kids holiday rock when they weren't looking!!! love your favourite things but mostly that photo!! gorgeous, lovely to SEE you as well xxx

  14. Well your man is certainly a lucky one, aren't you all so pretty? Thanks for letting me see what you look like - turns out you look quite a bit like an old friend of mine when she was in her late twenties. Love all your pretty things too.

  15. Thankyou for sharing a few of your favourite things.
    That's what a true home should be like, full of things with a story to tell for each of them.


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