Thursday, 29 August 2013

What a Tizz Whizz

I've gone from feeling fairly chilled and calm when I left work tonight to full on spinny and realising time is running out far more quickly than I need it to in the space of a few minutes. A brief phone call this evening and I find out I've got the school dates wrong and they go back earlier than I thought. I've been doing some major re-organinsing of promises made and wondering how on earth we can get everything done in time. To make matters worse I did what I always do in a panic and agreed to doing far more in one day than is sane.

So tommorow we're squishing in social trips with last minute birthday and school stuff shopping as well as dashing off to the beach later on.

Saturday is taken up with birthday parties, cake baking and the build up of excitement that is Miss Rosey's 13th birthday on Sunday. Finally we'll officially have a teenager in the house.

My head is flitting about wondering where on earth I put the name labels to trying to work out how I can keep my promise to Little Bun that I'd have the whole day off with them before they started school. I took Wednesday off thinking school started on Thursday, now I need to move it all forward a day. Teaching cover has been sorted by my lovely boss and now I've got to re-jig and ask nicely tommorow if we can change all of that and hope it doesn't stress my students too much.

I never like the end of the holidays anyways so I usually go into a melancholic or nutty mood wishing we could have all those carefree days back again.
A few deep breaths are needed and then I think I'll go and dunk myself in the bath for a bit of calm.

 I guess you could say I look like a perturbed Pug and feel stretched too thinly like Dorrie Daschie. It'll all be fine and dandy though, it always is. Jobs will be done and then we'll be sat on the beach licking ices and I'll wonder why I got myself in such a tizzy.

When the dust has settled I'll be having a proper read of a lovely new book that I was offered a pre-release copy of and then let you know all about it. If you fancy getting your own before I do, then The Antiques Magpie comes out on the 5th September.

Along with finding this book in the postbox tonight, I also had a parcel with two of the loveliest blue rings from Acorn and Will. Sadly I lost my favourite blue ring from here when we dashed up the hill from the sea late one night. I ordered a replacement one from Daniella and she ever so kindly popped in the larger Dahlia as a gift. I know her from way back when she used to have a pitch at the makers markets I organised. She's a real sweetheart and now runs her fabulous business selling kitsch trinketry, cushions and other bits and bobs full-time. If you haven't checked out her lovely online store then I really think you should and if you fancy meeting her then you can usually find her at the Country Living Fairs.

Now the thought of all that lovliness has calmed me down no end.


  1. Happy birthday for Sunday to the birthday girl :) hope you have a great weekend lovely Lisa xxxxxx

  2. Love that little black pug and the rings !
    Hopefully you were cozy and relaxed and got in a good read.

  3. Ack!! Losing time like that would send me 'round the bend, too. Well, that and having a teenager in the house. :)) My husband and I spent Wednesday evening with our great-niece, as she leaves on Saturday morning for college 840 miles (1352 km) away. We were fortunate to play a role in helping in her upbringing, so it was a bittersweet time.

    I took a spin around the Acorn and Will site and am *sure* I need several items from Daniella's assortment of charming items.

    Thirteen big birthday hugs from California for Miss Rosey, and wishes for her best year ever!!

  4. And relax ... weekend's almost here! I just get in the swing of the holidays and then it's time to get back to normality ... I no longer have any school children of my own for the first time in 23 years, but as a childminder mind them. I think they're back wednesday, but you've got me thinking now ... better make a few quick phone calls!

    Love Claire xxx

    Ps: lOVE THE PUG! X

  5. Oh my goodness I can imagine how you feel! I bet the girls aren't exactly over the moon about going to school earlier than expected either. I am also in a tizz as I have the photographer from the estate agant coming on Monday and no matter how hard I work on the house and the garden Luigi puppy messes it up. Its like being on some bizarre merry-go-round where you fix something and by the next time around its ruined again!
    I also have to turn up some new curtains and I am awful at 'proper' sewing so that is stressful too. Pity you aren't here - you could fit doing them for me before Monday couldn't you!!

  6. Calm down Lisa, it'll all happen. You'll make it work somehow and everyone will understand!
    We had a practise getting up early ready for a 9am meeting today. All I can say is it's not looking good for Monday.
    Enjoy the weekend. Happy birthday Rosey!
    Ellie x

  7. Happy Birthday Rosey - and good luck Lisa with the teenage stuff! My eldest's sons girlfriend is 18 on sunday and getting very excited about all the bad things she can do from now on. Have a lovely time my dear and take a deep breath. Karen xx

  8. It's horrible losing a day like that. Hope you got everything sorted out and are enjoying the weekend - and your daughter's birthday x

  9. Oh blimey what a mare, hope you have a good weekend and de-stress for the party, Catx


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