Monday, 12 August 2013

Sweet Sewing Adventures

Saturday was a lady pampering day. Well to be truthful all I did was have a haircut, spent some time in my own head (peace is required at least once if not more in the summer) and had a wee whizz around the shops (Miss Rosey's 13th birthday is looming). Now as this was my time, I also had a bit of bookshop browsing and declined my original plan of getting fitted for some much needed new bra's. To whip off my top and bare all to an efficient lady with a tape measure is something I really need to be in the mood for.

Right, leaving bossum's behind and quickly moving back to the bookshop I think. I only went there for a browse, just to see what was what you understand. On the shelves I found complete temptation. It was a book I've lusted after for a while now, but not bought as I know I'm not ready to try my hand at dressmaking in Japanese.

On the front of this copy was a big sticker saying IN ENGLISH. After flicking through I was hooked and so I bought the book quick sharp.

There's so many beautiful patterns in here to make up, all based around six patterns. Basically once you get your head around a shape then it's much quicker to knock out some other bits and bobs. There were quite a few things that I knew the Bun's would want me to make for them as well so I reckoned £14.95 for 23 stunning patterns was blinking brilliant value.

The minute I got home I just had to jump straight in. The sewing urge was upon me. I did have lots of cuddles with everyone first of course and referee'd a girly squabble sucessfully. My lot went off happy to play and stuff and so I got out my new book to make my choices. I settled on starting off with the top up top. I reasoned it looked fairly quick to do, no hideous darts to fiddle with and I knew I had just the right fabric stashed away.

As I'd used up all my dressmaking tracing paper, I stickytaped baking paper sheets together to make my patterns. That was the hardest part to be honest and only because the pattern sheet was so busy it was like reading a map. To be truthful the patterns and instructions are simplified so beautifully that this sewing adventure was absolute bliss. No temper tantrums occured at all. So addicted was I that I managed to finish my top just as Mr Bun was plonking food onto plates and pouring out the fizzy stuff.

I can't believe how well this has turned out, normally something goes horribly wrong when I make clothes and I have to re-think the whole project. It looks like a posh difficult to make type of top and yet it was really really straightforward.

I love the wee ruffle around the neckline, but I'm not too sure about the fluffty sleeves. They do look perfect with the design I know, but I'm not too sure I'm sold on them for me. If I make another one for me, then I might just go for straight drop sleeves.

There it is in all it's finery and then there's me showing you how it looks on a human being.

When I did a twirl in it for my lot, Little Bun asked straight away if she could have one too. Being as it was so straightforward, she asked so nicely and the sewing urge was upon me I got going as soon as I could. She chose the fabric herself from a pile I gave her to have a think about. Now her top is all stitched up too and waiting for her to wake up to.

Now I'm wondering what to have a go at next. I feel drawn to the coat, but I'll need to have a good think about the right fabric for that, something soft and beautifully aged I think.

See you soon.


  1. Though the book was almost 15 quid,for 23 patterns it's a steal really considering the price of patterns.
    Plus the tops you made for yourself and Little Bun are gorgeous :-)

  2. Little Bun is such a lucky girl. Wonderful inspiration.

  3. Gorgeous tops in really pretty fabrics.
    That book is going to keep you busy!
    Lisa x

  4. Finery indeed. It looks great. I am with you on the pattern tracing, it does sort of blow your mind a bit doesn't it looking at all the criss crossed patterns. I use Ottobre magazine to make clothes and it is the same in there but it does get to be addictive. See blog post here Jo x

  5. It's so nice to have a bit of time to yourself isn't it? I love your haircut, and the tops are just delightful! What a lucky girl and a lovely surprise to wake up to!

    Have a Happy Monday

    Love Claire xxx

  6. What a lovely looking book. I've never made clothes but have a feeling that could be the book to tempt me to give it a try! Yours and Little Bun's tops look amazing.
    Nice haircut too! Ellie x

  7. Gosh you're cracking on with the clothes making Lisa....looks great, love your fabric choices too! :) x

  8. I've heard about this author - they did the Stylish Dress Book as well which Sarah over at (sorry don't know how to link on comments!) has made a few things from. The top looks great - you must have made a whole new summer wardrobe by now! I desperately need to go and get the bosums sorted - thanks for reminding me! Enjoy your week x Jane

  9. That top was my favorite also...they came out so pretty. At my age I'd have to have the neckline a bit higher. Congrats! Two tops in one day? Amazing

  10. So lovely!
    I'm definitely getting this book.
    I need to restore my confidence in dress making!

  11. PS: You'Re right, bra and jeans shopping is the worst!
    Loving the hair by the way!

  12. Lovely - and the pretty sleeves are perfect on you. I am almost tempted to buy the book and I haven't made anything for myself since I was at school and that was a disaster! Love your hair too. Karen xx

  13. oooh i want that book, terrific value for so many lovely looking patterns. The top looks marvellous, love that cloth , and what a joy for your girl to wake up to a brand new garment. Very jealous as i'm stuck in green wool costume world at the mo, and i have so much cloth from birmingham to start chopping into which will have to wait-boo! Catx

  14. Oh golly gosh that does all look wonderful. I have steered away from pattern books as I find it very difficult to follow instructions and anything too complicated I just put to one side (waste of money). This however seems a different league - how lovely to be able to run up a few outfits without so much as a tra la la about it! I am liking your tray that ok to say?
    Best wishes


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