Monday, 19 August 2013

Promises Kept

I finally kept a promise I made a long old while ago. I made a pouffe for Miss Rosey and then ran out of steam when it came to stitching another one up for Little Bun. Two girls, very close in age, equals mostly making two of everything or there can be a bit of a hoo ha. On Sunday luckily for Little Bun I got the pouffe urge again. As a bedroom re-do is in order I chose patterns that I thought would fit with her character , getting a wee bit more grown-up and the colours we're going for. Although heavens knows when we're finding the time to do this major re-paint as she has a huge room filled with so many Sylvanian things, there's a damp problem to deal with plus a falling to bits wardrobe to sort out. Phew.

As she's always been a circus fan, I bought this fabric for her when we moved in thinking it might become curtains. Like most of my plans it just faded away and the fabric sat there. On the same shelf were some remnants of fabric from Designers Guild. fabric which I thought looked suitably stripy circus tent like.

All stitching done and points matched as well as could be, the hardest bit was getting all the beans in the lining. My mum arrived just in time to be given the task with the girls and after tons of giggles and covering the floor they managed to fill it all up. Job done and Little Bun's thrilled with it. Much quicker than painting a room, but that is next on the list of promises.

Before I got going on the pouffe I managed to finish off a wee project I'd started so I'd have something knitty to take to work with me. I'd seen a pattern for The Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief on Handknitted Things which  Julia had found on Ravellry and kindly added the link to the free pattern there (you'll have to scroll down her posts to find it if you're interested as I just can't work out how you find links to posts - sorry).

As our printer has been broken for an age I copied the pattern into my book by hand. Normal people would mend their printer, we just seem to exist with piles of broken stuff and muddle along, but hey ho, we're happy in this mess, only now and again it gets annoying. Pattern sorted and Rowan Creative Linen bought on next outing.

It was fairly straightforward to knit up my first mini shawly shaped scarf. I did end up with the increase rows being a bit wobbly, but that won't be obvious once it's all wrapped round my neck will it.

Quite a big change for me to use plain old white, but I thought it would make a good contrast against the brightness of my winter coats and brooches. I must admit I like wearing a lot of white on top as it goes well with my dark hair, black I avoid like the plague as I look like I'm off to a funeral, it's just so depressing to me. Anyways I'm pleased to have finished making it, but not sure as yet if I'll actually be wearing it, we'll see when the weather turns.

Back now to my first love and that's tons of colour fun. Just to let you know I've filled a few shelves in my etsy shop with some FQ's of sheet fabric and also hung up three Happy Shopper Bags too. If you do fancy popping on over then you can follow thisquick link to the shop here.

That's all for now folks, apart from saying hello to new followers and thank you once again for stopping by with all your lovely comments.


  1. I just found your blog and I am quite impressed.
    1) Your writing style is fabulous. I DO enjoy it.
    2) Rour pouffe is fantastic
    3) So many beautiful things.

    I am definitely going to follow you.


  2. Love the pouffe, Lisa - better late than never!

  3. Wobbly? Looks pretty darn good to a non knitter like me! Please tell me you're being prepared and it's not scarf time just yet. I did my late night mooch round the garden picking snails off the veg as you do and it there's certainly a change in the air here.
    Loving the pouffe
    Ellie x

  4. The pouffe is really cute. I would never have thought to make one myself but it came out great.

  5. I'm still tempted to jump on the pouffe! We're the same on the decorating, three rooms are in terrible need (11years since they were last done!) but damp problems and electrics need sorting first! I must stop buying yarn and start saving pennies! Your Happy Shoppers still look great! :) x

  6. Lisa....I see you are a 'triple talent' sew, knit and crochet....I can only sew and crochet!!

    I am admiring that little bag with the washing line on it....what is it?

    Did you know that lovely big flowers fabric on your bag is an old "Heals design" very expensive if you have to buy it now!!

    bestest to you
    Daisy x

  7. The pouffe is a delight. Georgeous fabrics. Coincidentally, I'm in the throes of making a pouffe. I'm knitting it and am going to stuff it with an old duvet of ours. Here's hoping it turns out OK!

  8. That pouffe has turned out beautifully and that floral happy shopper bag is just absolutely the best. mel x

  9. I have had a really flat day so it was nice to read about someone being busy - I sort of pretended it was me! Love the Pouffe and I think you will wear that shawlette, it is lovely. Jo x

  10. I'm so jealous! My kids have been asking me to make them a pouffe for a long time to but I still haven't managed it yet. To be quite honest, I'm a little afraid to even start in case I make a real mess of it!!
    Rosie xx

  11. Hello Mrs B! I'm the same with my girls though that is one gorgeous pouffe.

    I hope all is well with you.

    Nina x

  12. Am loving the pouffe, bizarrely i bought some cloth to make one for our new room, after a christmas tree skirt making workshop with my sis, using the dresden plate quilting method-spooky!catx


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