Saturday, 24 August 2013

More Sleep Please We're British

I'm in a strange mood today, neither one thing nor another. I'm putting it down to being completely shattered and hope that will be that with this strange mood.

For the last two weeks Little Bun has been waking in the wee hours. She stands by my sleeping side feeling guilty if she wakes me, but knowing she can't face walking back into her dark room either. I'm glad she does wake me, but it means restless sleep for me and her daddy. At eleven and a half it could be those old hormones and it could be nervousness about starting high school very soon.

I started each of my three teaching days this week like a bleary eyed zombie kept alive by strong mocha chocca coffee.

On Thursday night she slept straight through and I woke feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.

My darling girl came in for a morning cuddle so thrilled that she'd slept all night. Her daddy said TOO SOON "well we've got through that stage then". I said nothing.

In celebration of our energetic selves we headed off to the beach to start our longer weekend.

I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn't take any photos other than our feet. 

We beached, strolled the town, had afternoon tea on the terrace of a very lovely hotel and even fitted in a  BBQ when we got home. All in all a tip top super day. 

Last night sleep was disturbed again and I woke feeling punch drunk. Instead of facing reality and giving into the tiredness I've tried to do things.

Everything I've started today has been left drifting on it's own after a short time. Now I just feel frustrated with myself for wasting the day. I'm one of those people who hates to feel I'm wasting time, when I know in reality even resting isn't wasting time really. Why on earth didn't I just give up and snuggle on the sofa, watch films, sleep and knit.

Today my man has been flitting between football score watching and doodling. 

I did a bit of mindless rearranging of stuff as you only do when your head is in your boots.

Then I chopped up a few squares from fabric I've been collecting for a while as a brief quilting urge came over me.

I even managed to stitch up two blocks before I abandoned them for another day. 

Then I flitted to the skirt I'm making for Miss Rosey. It's a really simple quick pattern, but the minute I needed to find the interfacing I just couldn't be bothered. So that's been put to one side.

In the end I thought I'd come on here write down how I'm feeling to get my frustration of a nothinggy day out and then go and get cosy on that sofa. I've even solved the fact that neither of us can be bothered to go buy food and then cook it. Just up the road an Indian restaurant has finally opened that delivers which in the countryside is pretty modern stuff. Oh complete joy for the exhausted amongst us.


  1. Oh Lisa, enjoy the rest of the day, put it down to the mugwumps, and then put it behind you, we all get days like this don't we? It's not really been wasted. As for Little Bun, you know I remember having a series of nightmares at that age, I didn't do anything, just lay there terrified tip they passed. But I think, alarming as they are, they are normal, and as you say, she has some momentous events ahead of her, not surprising they prey on her mind a bit. Would a night light help in the short term? I hope it passes soon, for all your sakes, having to carry on 'normal' life when you are sleep deprived is no joke. Best wishes to you. x

  2. Lack of sleep is a killer! My boys did not sleep through the night until they were 3 and 4 respectively (and mean waking 10 times a night!) so I know how hard it is when you don't sleep. Just BE KIND TO YOURSELF! And you are so good to have her come to you in the night, then she won't hate the nighttime once she passes this stage.

  3. Maybe one of those reading clip lights and a book may help, so little Bun can have a read if she wakes up? I know just how you feel when you don't get 'to do the to do' list!
    Tomorrow is a new day!
    Take care chucks x

  4. PS: I know this sounds completely shallow, but I love your sandals!

  5. I had the same day as you last Tuesday. Bloke got home to find 3 bored females aging from 40 to 3! We started lots and finished nothing getting frustrated with each other, in the way of each others 'play'. Those days come and go - just focus on the good days I say. Jo xx

  6. Oh I so sympathise, at the moment all I seem to do is start things and never finish,so frustrating! My little girl(14!) wanders and chats to herself at night too and I always wake up,just cant help being mums can we xx

  7. Hope today is a better day for you all.
    I don't like the feeling of wasting time either, it feels too precious sometimes, but like you say it very rarely is a waste because even relaxing is something!
    Lisa x

  8. this is so strange as my little squirrel is going through a similar thing and was in and out of our room in the early hours last night....... I'm sitting in bed now absolutely shattered! I definitely think its the thought of impending school return..... I have to confess that I really hate September too( my worst month)..... Things will soon get into a routine and I'm sure you'll find your mojo! Snuggle up today and drink tea!!!! Love and thoughts E x

  9. Hope things improve soon. I am feeling the lack of sleep at the moment, I just keep waking up after a couple of hours sleep and then cant nod off again.

    So can totally empathise with you!


  10. Jessie Dog kept us awake pretty much all of Thursday night and I only just feel human again today. It reminded me very much of when the girls were babies and all I ever wished for was a good nights sleep! Hopefully you'll be feeling more settled today and Little Bun will soon get into more of a routine once she's started school. As for the starting and not finishing - welcome to my Summer! I now have one week left to finish the rather optimistic list of things gave myself to complete over the holidays - why do we do this to ourselves?! And yes - those sandals are fab! Jane x

  11. Exactly how I feel ... can't be bothered, keep stopping and starting things and feeling absolutely exhausted! Soon we'll be back to normality, and will be wishing we had more time to fit things in ...

    Lovely pictures, as always!

    Love Claire xxx

  12. I have had days like this when I should have just given in and curled up on the settee with some crochet or a book but have just kept trying to get things done. At the end of the day I get cross that I have neither achieved anything nor relaxed nor enjoyed myself. I vow to learn from the experience but then next time round it plays out just the same!! Hope Little Bun can overcome the broken sleep poor little thing. (you too!) Lily. xxx

  13. I remember our village's delight when we suddenly has a takeaway that would deliver! Such a boon when you're too tired to cook. I do hope though that you get more sleep soon, I can think of better reasons to order in than exhaustion x

  14. bleary eyed zombie is a feeling i can send you great great understanding and sympathy for! (seen as tilly's sms means she never sleeps more than about 2 hours a night!) i think if you did a blog post that's a fab day and at least your local chippy hasn't sent you a friends request on fb like mine did this week.....oooo shame of it, this my hysterically funny lowlight of the week! hope you have a beautiful and energised week ahead and your girl feels settled into slumber soon! Love that you said you are glad she woke you...that's a mama's heart oozing through your words! xxx


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