Saturday, 10 August 2013

Happy Clappy

There are so many ways to measure happiness. For the most part it's just feeling good and content with life. Not feeling disatisfied, grumpy or down. It's finding pleasure in life from the small things to the big. Sometimes it's because you can bury your head in the sand, ignore the yuckky stuff and just get on with the good stuff. 

I have to say I've had a very happy week. Mostly I've been ignoring stuff so we can have all the happy times together because my girls are growing up fast. I don't want to miss the moments as they unfold and then look back wishing I'd done it differently. So the house is a mess, there's only just enough food in the cupboard, I haven't planned any of my teaching for the next term and I've ignored the pile of paperwork that keeps winking at me. I've not had any time for making either as I've put my time with them first. This is a hard one to go without, I really do need a fix very soon or I'll be a grumpy person before too long. So it is with happiness in mind that I thought I'd share some of the things that have made me happy this past week.

FIrst HaPpY - Having a Paperchase fix after the cinema. We all chose a favourite thing, these cards were mine. I was reminded of my man who hasn't shaved all week and convinced me he was going to grow the biggest bushiest beard - EVER.

SecOnD HaPpY - Cycling along the lanes near our home to find a field to picnic in and trying to find three naughty sheep who'd escaped that morning.

THirD HapPY - Dressing up all smart for the end of the pier show for hours of laughter, magic, dance and singing.

FOurTh HaPPy - Going on a fabulous bike ride with Nanny around the Binky Hall estate, feasting on a delicious picnic in the orchard before exploring the house and gardens.

FifTh HAppY - Coming home with yet more books from the secondhand bookshop. 

SIxTh HaPPy - Finding Crochet In Colour had arrived when we got home. Far too many fabulous treats inside to spoil the excitement for all you other hookers out there. Just one picture of temptation to show you. I'll definately be making tons of things from this as it's my new most favourite crochet book already.

SevEnTh HaPpy - Cherries, what more can you say. I need to get this bag hooked up straight away.

EiGhtH HapPy - Lazy lunch at the seaside shack before hitting the sands.

NinTH HapPy - Feeling glad I didn't sell this vase after all as it's perfect for these Gladioli's from the honesty stall.

TenTh HaPpy - Happy Shopper bags. Mine makes me happy all the time. At the moment it's stuffed with beachtowels and suncream instead of knitting.

I hope you all had a happy week and here's to wishing us all an even happier weekend.


  1. That crochet books looks wonderful as does your wonderful week of happy things.
    Anne xx

  2. A lovely week of happinesses! And yes, the cherries are just begging to be made!

  3. You are so right to put your daughters first, children grow up when we blink and stress in life only takes away from the moments we could have with them. I'm finding that I stop and enjoy my 2 younger children more and I don't take our time for granted, I have 3 grown kids and I just didn't know the time would go so fast... My oldest is 22!!! How did that happen!?!?!
    I about fell over when I saw that crochet bag with the cherries on it, I am only barely learning to make a granny square, so when I get as good as that, I'll be 119 years old! That is gorgeous, I'd love to have one, my mom is slowly teaching me to crochet. I can't wait to see that bag once you've finished!
    Your girls are lovely by the way!
    Oh and "paperchase" we don't have that company here in the States, however we have a company called Target and they carry a couple of different ranges of British products, like boots make up and just lately they have started to carry a line of paperchase, I just today purchased a pen! It was expensive though $5... I'm guessing maybe because it's imported!
    Okay I've waffled on long enough on your blog!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. What a lovely week you had....may you have a happy week next week too

  5. Looks like you had a really lovely week
    Julie xxxxx

  6. beautifull week and i just love the vintage fabric bags

  7. Binky Hall sounds so Enid Blyton! Love all these pictures, so colourful, summery and FUN! That cherry bag is just delicious and so glad you located emoji on IG ...

    Lots of love

    Claire xxx

  8. What a lovely burst of happiness ... lots of lovely things ... happy crocheting ... Bee xx

  9. Oh you have had the best week! Love your shopping bags and that book looks so so so good, may need to put in a request for one for later in the year. mel x

  10. Lovely pics happy happy!
    Looks like another book on my list!!
    bestest d x

  11. Hi Lisa
    This is such a cheery post full of love and appreciation for your gorgeous family, spending time is what it's all about these days I think. I try not to take any time I have with Alice for granted despite her and I niggling with each other at times :o) Thank you for your good wishes for our holiday, it was superb and so hot hot hot. I am going to do another post or 2 about it soon.
    I have new hooky booky envy now that you have teased us with those two pictures :o) Oh boy, I need to get some of my other planned projects done before I indulge again...and we have Alice's birthday coming up at the end of September which I need to think about what I will make towards her gift for then, maybe a cherry decorated bag ? :o)
    Keep having fun and ignoring the dust, that's my philosophy at the moment anyway xox Penny
    ps. Andy and Alice are off to the first home Albion match this afternoon so I will have some time to get hooking again..yay x

  12. My house is a mess too, children grow up so quickly and soon they won't want to go out and about with us. In years to come these will be our best memories!

  13. Such a lovely sunny post!
    Thank you!

  14. LOvely, lovely, lovely! Glad to hear i'm not the only one who lets the chores slide, and i'm not the only one to get grumpy when i can't craft, got a ton of "proper" work preventing me diving into my stash of goodies from birmingham(quilt show), Catx

  15. What a fab week and some gorgeous photos to look back on when you have hit a wee grumpy patch. My house is a mess too at the moment while my grand kids have been doing happy at the seaside we have wrecked, oops started decorating our master bedroom! Wish mine was your kind of messy!

  16. Lovely, happy, Happy Things :)

    And here's hoping your weekend brought more of the same!

  17. Lisa you have lots of happy things going on this week, I'm with you turn a blind eye to the dust, and just enjoy your time together! Think I'd be happy to with a Happy Shopper bag! :) x

  18. Loving all your happy. I agree with just doing and making the best of days with the children. We had a fab family weekend and l;oved it


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