Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Temptations and Time

Unable to resist the lure of gorgeous prints I gave in and I've bought some more to add to the pile. The bottom ones are destined for dressmaking projects with the leftovers being used in patchy projects. The top floral ones I've no plans for, I just loved them, but couldn't quickly decide in the shop what I was going to do with them. In the end a half metre of each came home with me so I have enough to do something with them.  For now I just love looking at them and dreaming of the possible things they can become.

Like me, Mr B is similarly drawn to print and gorgeous things. When I emptied out my shopping bag to reveal a purchase for my Sunday stall he whooped with delight. He'd spied these Johnson Bros. dishes in the charity shop window and had fallen for them. Yet another thing that will stay here. Hopeless. Now I'm thrilled that I live with a man and girls who love all this old stuff, but when it comes to finding somewhere to put it all and then even remember we have it so that it gets used there lies a problem.

For now the dishes are living on the kitchen counter filling up with cat hair. Our house is slowly getting covered in cat hair as Lily clambers over everything and is breaking a fair few things on her travels.

Now we're in full on holiday mode leaving the temptations of the shops behind. We started our touristy trails yesterday having just grabbed a National Trust membership in time for the summer. As thunder storms were hanging about overhead we decided an indoorish trip was needed so we headed to Oxburgh Hall. We'd never been before so it was a real treat to see this moated hall. The Bedingfield family have lived here for 500 years, but as a Catholic family have had various up's and down's over the centuries (to put it mildly). The parts that we could visit were fascinating, Little Bun braved the Priests Hole while her daddy peered down chatting to her. There were letters written by Henry V111 and Elizabeth 1 to the family which made us realise how central they were to the court of the time.
We managed to be in the hall while the storm raged and then headed outside when blue skies returned for a wee while. Luckily we'd just made it to the chapel when the storm came back with a vengeance. As Little Bun and I stood in the doorway watching the rain the chapel had a direct lightening hit. Apart from jumping out of our skin at the noise it also made us feel like we'd been punched in the chest. Basically we got recharged for the day so I'm hoping we'll feel more energised now.

Thank you for all your lovely comments about our girl. I do always mean to pop back and say thankyou, but time doesn't always allow does it. At the moment I should be getting dressed to get Mr B to his bus to Brighton for the friendly football match and making our picnic up for our park date with pals. Always should be doing something other than what I'm doing, is that modern life or am I just disorganised?


  1. Hello lovely Bobo Bun :)
    How lovely to meet you here on blogland :)
    I just found you through a friend and follower the vanilla squirrel, who also has a lovely blogg. I am a proffessional toymaker and artist and am always delighted to meet and share with new fellow creators, I will tune in regularly , love and friendship, from Miss Darling of the Tinchapeltextiles, where yarn and fabric are worshipped every day ! xxxxx lol !

  2. Yes we have a similar pile on our kitchen counter - perfect for attracting all sorts of crumbs etc. If we put them away though how could we appreciate how lovely they are?(yes that's a desperate argument but I'm sticking with it!)Have fun with that lovely fabric x Jane

  3. Read back a few posts and always enjoy visiting your blog. I am sewing too at the moment but I have Autumn in mind. The dress looks great. we are all shorties in our family so I have to do the opposite! Jo x

  4. Lisa dear, one can NEVER have too much fabric! We're NT fanatics too, we went to a fantastic Manor whilst on holiday and I've one spied whilst we are in Wales too! There's lots of great places to visit in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire so we feel really lucky....it will have paid for its self in no time at all! :) x

  5. Ooh what lovely cloth! I'm off to the quiltfest in birmingham next week and have been dreaming about all the lovely things i'm going to have to resist(but know i won't be able to)-you can never have enough! Oxburgh sounded exciting, esp the lightning i've heard about seeking sanctuary in a church but this time it really is true! catx

  6. I always mean to head up to Oxburgh Hall, every time we're in Suffolk. Looking at your lovely pics I've definitely been missing something.

    How exciting to be able to say you survived a lightening strike ;)

  7. Lovely post,when I go in a fabric shop I usually come out with nothing because I can not choose,loving what you got though...


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