Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rounding Up

The summer holidays somehow started here before term even ended. It's been a heady social rollercoaster already and so today we're stopping for breath and to get some of those jobs that just won't go away get done. 

Over the week I've tried to get a bit of much needed making time in for me. I'm back with the BubbleGum Blanket having had a stern word with myself that it will be done before this winter.

One extra row nearly completed making it six so far (that's 60 squares to be exact). I'm hoping for a 10 x 10 row at least. I did want 12 rows, but since the Amy Butler yarn has been discontinued I can only find enough to get me to 10 rows I reckon.

I've managed to get to the zip stage with Miss Rosey's dress. Everything was seriously held up by me needing to make two lined bodices. Yet again I completely forgot that being tall we have longer bodies than the patterns allow for. The first bodice was five inches too short with the bust darts in her armpits. After jiggling around making my own pattern it all fits thank heavens as I love this sheet and I'd have cried (probably screamed loads first) if I'd wasted it

Most impressive of all - to me that is as I'm the slowest of slow knitters thrown in with a personality that flits from project to project - I've sewn up my cardi and added the neckline. Only another arm and the buttonband to go. 

It's going to be a bit of a squash and a squeeze, but it will fit neatly into my waist all the same. It does look good with Miss Rosey's dress doesn't it, so I wonder if I might be losing the cardi to her?

Next Sunday I'll be at Little Vintage Lover Fair in Heydon so I've been bag making and what-notting. That's meant a sort out of all I can fill my stall with and tidying up my making bits so I can find them quickly.

The major event of this week has been Little Bun's last week of primary school. Now she will be off to high school with her big sister and three friends who are coming with her. Wednesday was her last day and she felt all bubbly inside like it was Christmas. Her exact words were it was the best day ever, followed by a low later on at the reality that they wouldn't all be together again. As she's going to an all girls school she said she'd miss the boys and the little ones the most. Little Bun is the only girl in her class who never rowed (she just doesn't get the need for all the wind-up complicated bitchy stuff). She was always trying to get anyone who'd fallen out make-up and looked after anyone who needed a friend. Alongside all of that she's just good fun, hardworking, honest and loyal.

As her primary is a church school the Leavers Assembly is always in church (that's her with some of her class in the blue dress far right getting gifts from Howard the Vicar). We sang my favourite hymn Shine Jesus Shine which has tons of clapping in and sums up our girls primary years for me. I was fine until the songs each time and then I welled up as the words were so poignant. After the leavers read out their speeches the awards were given out and our Little Bun won the final one which was for most outstanding year six. It's the only award voted for by the children, not the teachers and boy were we proud of her.

After a very emotional service, which was heightened as our wonderful vicar is leaving too, the children went back to school to get their uniforms signed and have fun. For after school I'd organised a beach party so they could have a final blast together. All the class came with siblings so there were about 30 kids plus parents so it was great. We stayed until the sun started to set after we'd fitted in fish and chips for tea. Even Maisie the horse came along to give beach rides. She's been a major part of Little Bun's friend's life and has always been at school events so it was only fair that she joined in.

The rest of the week has been a whirlygig of woodland picnics with friends, beach dates, curry nights and staying up far too late chatting. Next week we're all off together for lots of fun days out so we're making lots of plans for all that we want to pack in.

Here's to a great summer, thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon.


  1. Goodness - how to find time to blog as well!
    Nothing quite like a school leaver assembly to get the tear drops welling up....sniff, sniff. The times they are a changin'....
    Best wishes and happy summer days

  2. Love the dress, Lisa, and I think the cardi looks perfect with it - sorry! The blanket is fab, I think the Amy Butler range of yarn had gorgeous colours, such a shame they discontinued it already. I think they bring out new ranges far too fast and frequently (same with fabric). Looks like your end of term has been a busy, emotional but brilliant one. Fabulous news about Little Bun's award - massive congrats to her - and to you, of course, can't underestimate parents' contributions in all this. Hope the fair goes well.
    Hen x

  3. Oh my, you've got me all teary, you must be so proud of her! Little Bea is the same, never falls out with anyone, always on the side of the underdog- we are lucky to have them! On a practical note...having them back in the same school again will be great!
    Keep going with the blanket, you know it will be worth it in the end! Think of yourself as a creative butterfly, flitting from one colourful project to the next....never quite knowing where you will land! I'm just glad I don't dressmake or knit, imaging how many WIP's there would be then! Just off to see what I've missed whilst away.....:) x

  4. Back again....I'm thinking we might be making the same blanket! Looks similar...but yours is a tad neater!!!! :) x

  5. What proud parents you must be Lisa of your little Bun, what a super star, I do hope that high school continues to bring out all these beautiful qualities in her. Fabulous Mum to have organised a beach party too :o)
    Loving your cardi, wow it's looking neat and very delicious, I am doing a weird kind of cardi at the moment and trying to use up all my scraps of DK to make a "stay at home" one before I buy new yarn to make into a "going out" one! Not too sure if this idea is too great but I will be just slouching around in it in the winter.
    So pleased you had a talkin' to yourself about your bubblegum blanket, it's gonna be a good 'un that's for sure!
    Sounds like you have been having the perfect lance of fun, making and chit chatting catch ups Lisa, lets hope these next few fews continue to be sunny and jolly too xox Penny

    1. sorry meant to say Balance and not "lance" I'm so hungry I can't even spell, my dinner beckons!

  6. Wow full on week! love the fact the pony came for beach frolics too, big moment leaving little school. The cardi looks great, love the colour, it does go ever so well with the frock-congrats on the old dart manipultion it is always my least fav part of pattern drafting, the frock looks gorgeous lucky girl! Catx

  7. Oh dear! When my children left primary school I was in a puddle of tears each time! Enjoy the holidays, sounds like they're going to be lots of fun ...

    Love the dress and cardi, so much nicer than anything bought off the peg.

    Enjoy your Sunday evening

    Love Claire xx

  8. Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Little Bun! You must be so proud of her no wonder it was emotional being the end of an era too. I had to announce the winner of a very special award at our leaver's assembly and made the mistake of looking at the mum as I spoke. I was a jabbering wreck too!!

    Loving those clothes. Your girls are so lucky to have a mum who can whip up a frock for them. Good luck with the fair. Wish I was nearer!
    Ellie x

    PS initially read your sentence about Little Bun as never having rowed as boat rowing and thought flippin' 'eck what sort of school does she go to?!

  9. Oh my god how did you find the time to blog after all that? So impressed !! :O)

  10. 'like' loving the pink dress,and thank you for popping by...

  11. Nice to catch up with you! Thanks for sharing,
    P.S. Love the colour too!

  12. Well done to your little one! I'll be crying next year when my little man will be a 'leaver'. M x


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