Monday, 15 July 2013

I've Started so I'll Finish

What am I to do? My head is always a buzzing with things I want to make, colours I want to try mixing up, yarn I want to play with, shapes I fancy fiddling with and fabric that needs to become a thing. As a result I end up with all sorts of just started, halfway there and almost finished doings. Just occassionally these doings become an actual thing. Then we can oohh and aaah over it before it becomes something we use everyday and love having in our world.

Now this weekends diversion was this cardigan which I saw on the front of The Knitter. Countdown to pay day a week and a half, pennies dwindling, so no magazine buying I reasoned. All the way round the supermarket I kept thinking about the gorgeousness of the pattern and the fact that there was at least one other pattern in there that I fancied knitting for Miss Rosey (thereby making it a bit more of a worthwhile buy). In the end I gave in, rushed back and chucked it in my trolley before dashing off to Little Bun's last ever primary school drama play. Miss Rosey was being collected by Grandma as I can do many things, but be in two places at 4 o'clock isn't one of them.

I had a good old think about this pattern and realised I had to wait over a week to buy any cotton yarn, or I could see if there was anything in the stash. I have a few bags of yarn, bought for projects that never happened or I just got bored to tears with, hidden in our big old school cupboard. After a rifle through this is what I came up with. Now as the pattern needs at least 8 x 50g balls and I only had at the most five in one shade I decided I could mix up a couple of colours of similarish weight. I also knit pretty tightly which takes my knitting down a size. I reckoned the fact that the pattern says 3.75 needles and Rowan Calmer and All Seasons Cotton needs to be knitted in a 4.5 or 5mm needle meant we could kind of meet in the middle somewhere.

So this is where I'm at so far. I absolutely love the leaf shape motif of the lace pattern and how it drapes in the actual proper DK Cotton, but hey ho impatience and finance demands I give it a go in what's to hand. To be honest I really rather like the combination of these sea colours. Somewhere nice and hot on holiday type of sea of course, not the murky North Sea. I'll carry on and see where this yarn takes me and if it all works out swimmingly, then I might even be investing in another one in a full blown cotton version.

Now with my head always fizzing with ideas alongside normal family life, it can be a juggle finding time to ever finish anything too. Weeks and weeks ago Little Bun had asked me to make one of her favourite dresses into a skirt after I'd announced there was life in the old girl yet. I removed the zip at the time and then it ended up in a bag with all the other mending (some of which has been in there years). Today we were going to the beach, but it was a yucky old day in Norfolk so we all fancied a home day instead. I decided that alongside starting something new I'd better get on with finishing a few things off aswell, so number one was the beach skirt.

Now this was originally a Joules dress that had a crossover bodice. It was a bit tight when we bought it in the sale, but you know how it is when you simply love something so the squeeze is worth it. All I did was take the side zip out and chop slightly above the waistband through the lining and main skirt so it was still all pouffed up. Luckily the dress had a pink sash so I recycled this into a quick waistband by folding it in half over over the top and stitched all the way round.

After all that delay it was surprisingly quick to do in the end. Little Bun was thrilled with and whipped and whirled around while I took a few snaps of her in it.

Now I was most definately on a roll so I tackled the next thing asking to be finished. A dress this time, for Little Bun again, so it was her lucky day. I'd just about finished making it before last week got all sociable. All I had to do today was put in the zip and hem it before it was ready to be tried on too.

One very happy girly who wore her new dress for the rest of the day. Now I have two dress requests from Miss Rosey to get on with, thank goodness my man doesn't wear dresses too or I'd be sewing non-stop.

Before I allow myself another row on my new cardigan I've blocked and pinned my bubblegum cardi for sewing up. I'm halfway through the second sleeve and then there's just the buttonband to knit and buttons to choose before the excitement or disappointment of seeing if it fits or not. I also need help to sort out the shaping on the yellow dress I made a while back and there's a half cut out dress for Miss Rosey to get on with here.


Then there's this basket full of a Bubblegum blankie that I really must finish so we can use it this winter. Not to mention the poncho wrap, hanger covers and the small matter of playing with knitting bunting the other night. It's all seriously good fun and keeps me sane.


  1. Nice to see I am not the only one to have all these things "marinating" in the to do basket!
    Here's a tip from an older mum, teach your daughters to sew and knit. :-) lol.
    My 20 something is thrilled to be able to create her own look, and cheaply, I am thrilled I am not called too often to assist. Beautiful pics and yummy fabrics.

  2. I just love that orange dress, the shape is lovely and the fabric of course. Well done for finishing a few wips, i am slot better than i used to be at finishing but sometimes its hard to keep going with so many distractions. I blame pinterest. Sarah x

  3. jeepers i am exhausted just reading about all your makes!
    love the mix of yarns in new cardi x
    t x

  4. Aha! what a familiar sound to this post...I challenge myself with not starting until I finish one thing everyday....doesn't work but I'm trying
    bestest d x

  5. Little Bun looks fab in her new dress, it looks like a good one for long summer days playing out, and i love the upcycled skirt, i can see you turning it into something further when it no longer fits! I can't wait to see the finished cardi, i find that you get great results when trying to "use up" stashed bits. Give me a yell when you want me to help re-fit the yellow frock! Catx

  6. My goodness you've been busy! Lovely makes and I love the summery seasidey print of the blue and white skirt...gorgeous!

  7. Wow Lisa, I feel tired just reading this! Love the dress you made for Little Bun and also, the pattern you have just started on. That's a fab top. I'll be watching to see how it turns out...
    Hen xxx

  8. Oh my, am exhausted just reading about all these wonderful projects, you have been a busy bee and they all look wonderful too ~ Sarah x

  9. I love the mix of yarns on the cardi, but you could check on eBay to see if there is any of your yarn there. Sometimes (but only sometimes) you can get a real bargain on yarns there.

    Love, love the dresses! I have two boys, so no dress sewing for me, except for me. You can make so many cute things for girls!

  10. You've been busy!! I love all your makes the dress is amazing as is the skirt! I am looking forward to seeing the cardi, such fabulous colours and a classic vintage style! Wonderful!! I was only talking to two wonderful ladies yesterday and we were saying how crochet keeps us sane and enables us to switch off from the world for a few minutes ... heaven!! xxx

  11. You're on a roll there Lisa, keep it up! I'm in my little crochet bubble at the moment so those vintage sheets aren't getting a look in! (Wallpaper too.....hope they aren't too jealous!) love how you've recycled that dress, brilliant! :) x

  12. love your makes but love it most that I am in good company with my WIP box!!

  13. Such lovely makes ... and a truly inspiring blog! x

  14. Ooo, you've got that Amy butler fabric in the blue...I was resisting but now I'll just have to go back and see if there'e still any to be had!! : ) It would make such a lovely dress or tunic. For me, of course! You're very good, making all these lovely things for your lovely people. The lilac knitting looks gorgeous (is that the bubblegum cardi?). I'm loving your blog, having found it recently! Jen

  15. Lovely 'makes' - I especially love the dress!! You've been busy! x

  16. the Joules dress/to skirt thing.....awesome! Long time since I've been by here....wanted to pop by to say hi.......and let you all know I'm back! Hope you're well? Mel Melx

  17. Hi , I love your blog always has nice things here, hugs ...


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