Saturday, 6 July 2013

Florally Weeks End

Knowing I had a whole two weeks just to myself I foolishly thought I'd get so much done. That's two weeks squished in between school runs of course which means I don't have as much time as I'd thought. Then add in all the unforseens that popped up in the week and I'm left with the same list of things I wanted to get done as before. Ah well I've had a grand week all the same and I'm sure one fine day soon I'll break that list. 

Yesterday was a blissful day as the sun shone from the start, I slipped on my new dress all finished late the night before. When you're running badly late on the school run (we should have left at 7.30 and I was still getting petrol in the next village gone 8) then you love those days when you only need to chuck a dress on. Somehow, by a great big blooming miracle I managed to get into the city just in time for Miss Rosey to get into school and then hacked back to get Little Bun in just as the bell was ringing. Pheeew such a relaxing start to the day. Sadly I had to turn down an invite to coffee at the farm shop as I needed to be in the next town good and early.

When I got there I treated myself to a coffee and put the finishing touches to a few anenome brooches I was delivering. Always there by the skin of my teeth me, but it does get done in the end.

Brooches done, no photos stupidly which is annoying as I was thrilled with them, but I have a whole pile more to make up for my etsy shop (that list of things again) and for Little Vintage Lover Fair in August so I will share then. Off to the wool and bits shop for supplies and a lovely chat with the ladies in there who always ask after the girls. We lived here when Miss Rosey was a babe and Little Bun was born at home, so even though we've moved on they're well remembered from our walks out and about.

At Vintage Mischief I delivered my brooches and then just had to have a look around. It's a fabulous place to visit if you ever happen to be in Beccles. An old dairy on a couple of floors with rooms and outbuildings sprawling here and there filled with so many things you wish you had the pennies for. With the nagging knowledge of no pay until the end of September I stayed in window shopping mode (I was proud of myself as I normally have no willpower whatsoever).

I did get tempted by a few lupins and other plants on the market before I headed home to my man who was working at home that day. 

I ordered (or is that asked?) him to take a few pictures of me in said new dress so I could show you as promised.

Now as much as I love my new dress I'm not too sure I like seeing myself in it. I'm thinking either the camera does add a few pounds or perhaps my mum's right and I do need to shift a bit of excess me. I've never ever dieted and always eaten what I wanted, but I've obviously hit that age when what you eat no longer burns off and I need to face facts as I don't like what I see.

The afternoon ended with the best news ever, I will share when I get a letter confirming all as I don't want to tempt fate, but just to say after months of worry a huge weight has been lifted.

Later my man and I headed off to collect the girlies and hear tales of their days. Little Bun at an adventure climbing place as it was activities week and Miss Rosey with only one week left of her first year at high school.

I even managed to chop up the shapes for a new dress for Little Bun from the top fabric and pot up my plants when we got back before we collapsed in a drink sodden haze of shandy. This sunny weather really does make you feel like on top of the world doesn't it.

Today we're off for the Lord Mayor's parade and celebrations and Sunday there's a fabulous street market, street theatre and so much more besides or the perhaps the beach to get away from it all. Too much choice at this time of year. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend whatever you get up to too.


  1. Another lovely post, i am so glad i found your blog. I miss the school runs and the rushing about to get from a to b, now it seems i have to much time on my hands! Maybe i should get the sewing machine out????????????? Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Re dress vs weight..... dress gorgeous and the other (non-existent) problem to you is only because he has taken the pic looking slightly up at you if he was sitting on a chair???

    Next time ask him to stand up and go out in the garden you will look as skinny as you really are....!!!

    bestest d x

    1. Yep he was on a chair as so blinking tall. Thanking you kindly for your words dear daisy.

  3. Love your dress. Happy weekend. Jo x

  4. Your dress and you my dearest Lisa are just perfect! I love the vintage vibe of that pattern and then the fabric is great. It's funny how we have the best laid plans for "fee" time and life just gets in the way. When I am off work, I always wonder how on earth do I manage to live when I am working...funny, my clock slows right down with time off and I stay up super late with lie ins so my day / night cycle changes to accommodate for me chilling out :o)
    Sounds like you are having a great summer break so far and oh boy how I would love a visit to Vintage Mischief, well done not being tempted to spend.
    we have been on the beach today, its so hot here, real summer has arrived! Hooray! Enjoy your Sunday outings tomorrow xox Penny

  5. You look lovely in that fabby dress Mrs B, and I totally agree with Daisy, the only thing wrong with your figure is the angle it's been photographed from!

  6. I love the dress and you look fab in it so carry on wearing it and feeling good in it! As for the list, there will always be a list, but we have to make the most of the good weather! Julie x

  7. Love the colours shown in your photos! Thanks for sharing!!
    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend (great dress by the way!)

  8. Just so pretty ... I'm definitely with Miss Daisy ... just a dodgy camera angle ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  9. Lovely dress and lovely you in it :) enjoy the sunny weekend xxx

  10. Lovely, lovely dress! Yes it's great to have the sun shining isn't it, I can't remember the last time it got this hot! Have a great Sunday, sounds like you've got some fantastic plans! :) x

  11. I love your dress - and your pretty florals.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Your new dress suits you so well and looks great with your handmade brooch, I love those the most.
    I have a clear drinking glass with the same pattern on as your footed vase, it's very CK I thought. In fact thinking about it I think I may have bought it on our last trip to Norwich in one of the charity shops there.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend and that you manage to complete a few more things on your to do list next week.
    Lisa x

  13. I'm sorry, your mum said...what?
    Check me at my blog, self love....unconditional acceptance....of self. Health comes in all shapes and sizes...I am very healthy and a completely different shape. The dress is NOT fitted and you were not photographed and photo shopped by a professional. Stop that inner critic you are unique and worthy.

  14. isn't that always the way with time off and the 'to do' list.
    I think you look lovely in your new dress. x

  15. Your new dress looks fab, lovely fresh and summery! Feel very bad that you turned down a coffee elsewhere to meet a banana brain who forgot to come. Sorry sorry sorry, i feel awful. catx

  16. Your dress is wonderful and you look great. Why are we so hard on ourselves? I better your man thinks so, too. Love the vintagey vibe.

  17. Your dress looks lovely really bright and cheery, the prefect throw on dress. I am glad for your happy news and hopes it happens whatever it is.... Sarah x

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  19. Lisa, you look fab!

    Great post, lots of loveliness, as usual ... it's like kicking off your shoes and settling down with a favourite magazine ... love it!

    Claire xxx


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