Friday, 19 July 2013

Chop Chop

Looking back over the week I guess quite a lot of things have happened, but to me it just feels as if we've been sleepy and ambling along. No bad thing of course, except I have a problem with ambling, I like to be doing. I've never been one to just lay on a beach, I'm bored in five seconds. I always want to discover things and get involved with stuff. As much as I dream of time off when I'm at work, now it feels odd not to be at work. I've just got to used to the slower pace that's all and then we'll be fine.

I've had Miss Rosey with me all week, as her school broke up last Friday, plus we have all the end of year stuff for Little Bun. This has made the pace decidedly different.  On Monday I tackled lots of hideous paperwork first thing and then we went on a picnic bike ride. Miss Rosey ended up with my lovely sit up and beg bike with its soft squishy saddle while I rode her clown bike. For some reason the day I forgot the tool kit was the day the chain fell off and the day the saddle came undone. All the way along the saddle wobbled back and forth and swung side to side. Let's just say I was bloody sore when we got back home after clenching my muscles and gripping on tight. As I moaned on and on about how my bum wasn't made to perch on a swivelling postage stamp Miss Rosey crashed into the back of me as she was laughing so much.

With all of this palaver we didn't go as far as we'd planned, but we did make it to this field to sit with our picnic gazing out across a peaceful landscape and to think life is good, bad bikes, sore bums and all.

Little Bun has also been baking again this week. This time a wonderful lemon drizzle cake. Then baking had to stop as the hens started laying their eggs somewhere else so I couldn't find them. Then out of the blue this morning I found a huge pile of eggs. Bluebell dashed out of bush just as I was throwing down last nights rice for them. That well and truly gave the game away where the stash was. Ha Ha.

Sandwiched in the middle of the week was a visit to my mum, an awards ceremony for our students and Little Bun's Sports Day. Not much time either side to do much of anything really, so I went for a big attack approach with the dressmaking when I had the chance. Instead of patiently cutting out each outfit I want to make, stitching it together and then dreaming for an age about making something else I jumped in and cut out a fair few in one go.

Miss Rosey wanted a dress and a halterneck top, all she needed to do was choose the fabric. I on the other hand have some fabric I love, but wasn't absolutely sure what I wanted it to become. While all the fabric and pattern selecting went on Lily pounced on fluttering papers and dived under the fabrics, don't be fooled by this still shot, she's a loving lunatic. 

In the end Miss Rosey chose flowers and polkadots for her halterneck. Although I did jump in and chop up the shapes for a few more things I'm going to fast forward to show you how the top turned out. We had a home day today so I managed to get it all stitched up and done this morning.

Very pleased with how it's turned out I must say, but now we need a strapless bra apparently. I also doubt we've beaten Jack Wills into submission either.

The next thing I chopped up was a tunic from the Great British Sewing Bee. I love love love this fabric and so I wanted to make something I can wear all year round. I thought if I made a skirt then it would most definately be a summer skirt which means about two weeks wear a year in truth. I also fancied a tunic with a slightly different shape as well, so I thought I'd try this one. I might add patchy pockets if I feel so inclined. For now nothings happening to this top as I only had a metre and I stupidly cut out two halves the same in my hurry.Let's just hope the shop has some of this left.

This fabulous 1940's French fabric came from the lovely Donna Flower's emporium. Again I cocked up and didn't buy enough for a dress. As it's a drapey kind of fabric it really would suit a dress best and failing that a skirt. So a skirt is what it will eventually become.

Last up I chopped up the shapes for one dress for Miss Rosey, although she wants two - one in the pink and one in the blue. I cut out only one as I want to see how the pattern works out before I cut into another bit of fabric.

Now job lot pattern cutting suits me very well I've decided. It's my least favourite part of dressmaking so knowing I have a few outfits already cut and waiting to be sewn means I can now just jump on in with the bit I really enjoy.  It's all about clothes making for me at the moment. Do you get all hooked on one kind of making at a time too, then just as quickly move onto the next thing? Do you ty and rush some bits and savour others or do you have more patience than me I wonder? Wonder what will grab my attention next?

Alongside all of these things, I have a girl who is coming to the end of her primary school years. Three more days to go now in fact. Last night was the excitement of the summer disco. Miss Rosey and I helped Little Bun primp and preen herself before walking her to a friends in the village where she was being taken out for dinner for other friends and then off to dance the evening away. She giggled all the way through the village at being so glam while we were all mucky in our shorts. Look at those grown-up Primarni nails on soft sweet hands.


Here's hoping you've all had a great week too with all of this glorious feel good making sunshine we've got right now. See you again soon.


  1. I did exactly the same yesterday and popped them all in sealed plastic bags with the zip, cotton and bits and pieces but I had some tracing to do first Check it out here - scary

    I have Sew Serendipity, it is my favourite book. Jo x

  2. I think I might actually loathe - yes I know that's a strong word! - cutting out patterns so to be honest the idea of doing so many on the one hand fills me with dread, but on the other hand how fantastic to be able to just pick up and go! Top tip! Love the halter neck x Jane

  3. My colleague has agreed to sit down with me and explain how to cut out patterns, ... so I will be soon able to get on with my little polka dot dress ... so excited!!! xxx

  4. loved following your busy week and admiring all those beautiful fabrics...... I am teetering on the edge of trying to make some clothes...... A far cry from bunnies and badgers but I keep seeing so many gorgeous and original makes by other bloggers I seriously being tempted......thank you for the inspiration! Now all I need is a big slice of that yummy lemon drizzle cake ........... Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Ummmm.....dont tell your gorgeous girl but this old lady has that Cynthia Rowley a size 22.

    It is actually very easy to sew, there is a simple bodice and a full skirt of many panels and pleats.
    To fit me, I made the sleeveless version, left out the darts around the waist and worked the pleats to fit. It is a very comfortable dress and I have made it in several fabrics. An absolute classic.

  6. That halter neck top is gorgeous!

    I'm liking the idea of doing all your pattern cutting (for the summer?) in one go :D

  7. Wow your shears must be steaming! I love a good chop chop session and get a slightly worrying buzz out of it-thinking how they are all going to turn out! The tunic is a triumph, and as for hasty cutting causing cock ups i've been there done that (a lot), also spent agood half a day struggling to get a velvet frock coat sleeve into the neckhole-doh! Hope you enjoy seeing all the results and your saddle soreness gets better!! catx

  8. Love seeing those piles of fabric....and how busy are you, snip snipping?

    Hope your Bum is better!

    OOooo lots in common with you in this post...First just found a whole curtains worth of the fabric you have in your pile...(2nd Down) boot fair find for 1 pound....already into dress plans!

    Yes its sewing, sewing, sewing for me this hot to crochet..?

    Then this week my son leaves Primary school too...Milestone to climb over...feeling bit emotional about it.

    bestest to you

    Daisy j x

  9. Ha ha your bum swivelling on a postage stamp made me laugh Lisa, Andy is trying to convince me to have his old bike and I refuse to until he agrees to get a girls bum seat :o) My mum is a sewer and cuts out for hours and then, like you have piles of fabulous sewing (the best bit) to do. funnily enough one of my colleagues brought in a Prima pattern for a tunic for me today, I saw one she made last week and asked to borrow it. Maybe this weekend when I have a moment I might get chopping, my machine is in the attic and its boiling up there at the moment with all this heat.
    I hope little bun's last junior school days are memorable ones, we still mourn Alice's. Year 7 has had positives and negatives. Her tutor was the teacher who ran off with the 15 year old girl to France, not an easy beginning for my girly. She is going to be so relieved after tomorrow when she can have a proper break and chill out, hooray for Summer hols.
    Loving Miss Rosey's halter neck, I have the Amy Butler Barcelona a line skit pattern and its fab xox Penny


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