Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Celebrating Hot Style

When it's hot hot hot the best places to be are being busy doing nothing in the garden or dipping our feet in the cold North Sea. We'd usually avoid the city and all the crowding people, but when there's fun to be had from the once yearly Lord Mayor's Celebrations we head straight in.

I decided it was the day for another new dress. I had to take down the hem on my sale dress as shop bought ones are never long enough when you're over 6ft. Usually I avoid Joules, other than for the girlie clothes (which they're now too big for). It just isn't my kind of style, but when I saw this dress in the window I was instantly attracted to the print. It needs a bit of altering around the bust and perhaps removing the ever so shiny gold zip at the back (if I can really be bothered, which is probably not).

Lily had the right idea and had flopped out completely. This is her first experience of real sunshine and she was soaking it up in bucketfulls.

We managed to get a great spot for the parade on the shady side just beneath the castle. Alongside dancers, bands and cute kids there were some great artistic floats, this being one of my favourites.

The strange tall figures at the bottom were all whizzing about attached to walkers for elderly people. It was a great atmosphere and really brings the city together.

After the parade we headed off to the river, away from the crowds where dinner in a Mexican restaurant awaited us. However much we miss our girls being wee because it was such a magical time it has been replaced with lots of new magic too. Now we can do more grown-up stuff aswell like staying out for meals until late and fill them up with spicy food.

On Sunday we headed back in again for the Lanes Festival which we call Brighton days. This is how we remember Brighton as a vibrant and ecclectic place where impromtu street performers popped up and there was a real buzz in the air. Only very occassionally do we get that in Norwich, which is not to say we want Norwich to be any different either because we love it for being such a fascinating and stunning city.
We pitched up awhile on a cafe doorstep to listen to the ukele group while further down the sounds of Big Band Swing played out. Vintage stalls were laden alongside great makers so there was plenty to see and do. Later we headed up to the Castle Gardens to see a spot of Midsummer Nights Dream. The English teacher in me was thrilled when I heard Miss Rosey explaining who was who and what was happening to Little Bun. Amazingly we've had more requests for more Shakespeare which is ok by me as they're just great stories about the complexities of being human.

Sadly we missed the duck race, but when there's so much on you just can't be everywhere can you. 

Much much later lazing in the garden with Paul O'Grady on the radio (we adore him and would ask to adopt him into the family, but he would probably be freaked out by that request), sipping wine and timing Little Bun's races to and fro (sports day prep as she's fed up being last) we said this most definately is the Life.


  1. The dress u made is a beauty,and your day out souned fabulous X

  2. Muito lindo o seu blog! Tenha uma linda semana! Beijos! http://inouemaisum.blogspot.com.br/

  3. Another lovely dress, Lisa! I adore the vintage feel of this one, just the thing for lazy summer days by the sea.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, Millie has been really quite overwhelmed with the loveliness of all my followers!

    Hope the sun keeps song

    Love Claire xxx


  5. Looks like a great day out. I am the opposite and have to turn things up being such a shorty which I suppose is easier than not having enough fabric to let something down. Jo x

  6. Lovely frock, Lisa, and yes, I'm afraid the zip would stay if it were mine, also!

    Looks like you had a great time in Norwich - so I'll forgive you for not being at Sheringham for the Lobster Potties Festival! £6 Morris and Molly dance sides , rippingly hot temperatures we danced for two days and played music all evenings - Norfolk is indeed the place to be for culture and spectacle!

  7. Wow we must have been very near you at the Lord Mayor's procession, us grandparents two children and the six grandchildren!!
    What good weather we had this year.
    Good to find a blog to follow from Norfolk, there seems to be many in Yorkshire!
    I will watch out for a tall lady in a lovely frock!

  8. lovely post bobo, ive been catching up...lovely print on that dress and love the ones you make too ;0)x looks like a wonderful day out~ the weather has been grand...but today i was finding the heat too much...but im not complaining hehex have fun x i feel like your cat x

  9. Two of my favourite things Shakespeare and Paul O'Grady. We are off to an outdoor Much Ado About Nothing later this month. That title always makes me laugh as it describes this household frequently! Love your dress but I'm not a fan of Joules style either. I can go into White Stuff and want to buy everything though. Good luck with the sports day Little Bun. Karen xx

  10. Love the vintage print on your dress. I've not been into Joules for ages, probably for the best!

  11. That dress is dreamy! I can "sea" why you liked the fabric. Thanks for showing pictures of a fab day out. It's all the armchair traveling I need right now.

  12. Your dress is lovely :) Sounds like you had a great weekend x

  13. What a fantastic weekend, thanks for sharing the sights and sounds ~ Sarah x

  14. I adore Paul O'Grady too, if you adopt him can I come over for a cuppa with you all?! I'm afraid I'm one of those who just doesn't get Shakespeare, although I've just been listening to Lenny Henry do a few lines and it sounds fantastic in a Caribbean accent so perhaps there's hope for me yet! Glad you're having fun in the sun! :) x


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