Thursday, 4 July 2013

At Home

First thing Monday I simply had to have a go at the new/old pattern I bought on Saturday. I like the square and scoop neck dresses best. With big boobies I avoid v-necks as they seem to make my Bristols look bigger and more matronly. I'm just not up for a Hattie Jacques look. I have a big suspicion that if I actually lost some weight they might shrink a wee bit.

As the pattern is a size 12 and I'm a mish mash of 12 and 14 I added a few inches all round and just went for it. Once I'd got the basic shape sewn up I thought I could fiddle here and there reducing where needed.

Fittingly I chose a sheet of limes, blues and lilacs bought from the same lovely friend from whom the pattern came. The dress so far has been quick to whip up, the longer bits have been trying to pin the back and sides whilst wearing it with no one around to help. Now I finally have a dress shaped to fit me so all it needs now is for the sleeves to be finished, the hem stitched and the sun to shine.

I really like the puffy sleeves in the pattern, but when I put the dress on as it is it sits really well as a sleeveless dress. To solve my dilemma of to add sleeves or not I asked my man for his opinion. He started singing the theme tune to Heidi and thought he was very witty indeed. No sensible answers there then. I've decided on my own to go for it with the sleeveless version which saves time and fabric too.

When all is done I promise to show.

My other new interests this week have been tackling a wrap pattern from Debbie Bliss' Crochet Living. I really love the effect, but I'm not sure I have the patience for the endless repeats.

Halfway through my head started wandering and I wondered how the pattern would look if I mixed up the colours a bit. Ideal for a cushion or scarf I think, but not a wrap. This isn't to be anything, it's just a trying things thing.

Despite my impatience with endless repeats in knitting and crochet, I have been keeping at it with my pink cardigan which now needs only one more sleeve and then I can sew it up, knit the button band and hope and pray it fits after all that knitting hard work. 

My other bit of news is that after nearly three weeks of no eggs, two friends made it their mission yesterday to find them in our big nettly overgrown garden. After a search pre-lunch, then loads of food and another search the eggs were found. My mate claims she got inside the mind of a hen to think where she would lay her eggs. Maybe it's true as she did find them didn't she.
Now I'm off to kick myself up the bum because there's a whole host of jobs that just won't get done while I'm on here. 

See you soon.


  1. Love your newly made dress. Maybe doily cap sleeves might work-
    I need to finish the floral sheet dress I started over a month ago. x

  2. Love the dress and the gorgeous blue colour in your crochet.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Great dress! From the forecast it sounds like it'll be perfect for this weekend x Jane

  4. Loving the dress.... how about crocheting some blue lacy 1/2 cap sleeves???

    oooh I've given myself all sorts of ideas now!

    bestest d x

  5. Oh Lisa, a dress in my favourite vintage sheet.....fabulous, can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for your encouraging words with my crochet, Granny Squares arrived today and I'm devouring every page! :) x

  6. Love the shade of that blue wool just like the sky today, Lucey x

  7. Beautiful dress, i agree with the shell repeat pattern it is a bit boring to do but just think how wonderful it will be when you finish. I did a baby cardi in a similar pattern and did get a bit fed up with the repeating but it was worth it in the end although the blasted cardi still doesnt fit her ---- grrr its too big! Sarah x

  8. Oh what lovely stuff you're making! That dress is going to be great. I'd definitely leave it sleeveless. Love the colours of your wrap thingy, all my faves. Have a lovely weekend, Ellie x
    PS matronly boobs are the stuff of dreams for some of us!

  9. Reading your blog makes me very happy indeed!!!
    I found some pieces of the same fabric you've used for your dress in pink this week.

  10. The multi coloured try it out piece would look fabulous as a twisted cowl! It's a gorgeous stitch pattern so hopefully willpower and maybe a little cake will carry you to the finish line on the wrap.

  11. My first visit to your blog and loved it. I have made a dress from a vintage pattern and realised that women in 1967 were a little smaller than now! My favourite colour is green especially that olive green colour you are crocheting with. Anyway back to the tennis... Check out my blog here

  12. Your new dress looks fabulous and the fabric you chose is so sweet.
    Lisa x


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