Saturday, 1 June 2013

Weebles make for Happy Days

A snippet of a tune floats around in my head "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down". A girly weeble saved from my childhood sits happily beside ginger bear on our bedroom mantlepiece. I'm reminded of how I wished and wished for the weebles playset where I could sit my eggy pals in the roundabout or push them on a swing shaped just for their round bums.

Our home is filled with bits and bobs from our childhoods, things from our parents lives and memories added from our family life.  Shells, flowers and stones are collected up on our outings and stuffed into pockets for pouring over later when we return. New things are made to add to the collections as an when the urge demands.

Sometimes we head off to carboots, charity shops, fleamarkets and emporiums of old stuff in the hope of finding some of those things we have on the lists in our heads. Miss Rosey wishes for a 1950's picnic set, Little Bun loves dresses, toys and books, Mr Bun has wanted for so many years one of those collecting boys you used to see outside shops. You know the wee lad with his leg in callipers. God knows why, but he loves the design of these - I've said if we ever ever come across one then the boy can live in the garden. Me - well my list is endless, but I always know when I've seen just the thing that is on it.

This afternoon we headed off in search of treasure after Little Bun had some of her Rapunzel locks shorn at the hairdressers. It's all very well wanting hair down to your bum, but it's a swine to brush out. She feels very swish with her hair a bit shorter.

At the emporium we saw lots to take our fancy and had a fabulous browse. I collected up a jolly tin and a few more buttons before I saw the wee weather house Little Bun had had her eye on waiting in the corner.

I had one of these when I was small and loved it so. At the till I spied this most perfect plastic kitty and so I quickly added that to my things. More new things that have already found their places in our home and remind us of good days together. 

This week we've had a wonderful half-term, just gone at our own pace and made the most of our days. We had a fabulous day in Cambridge mooching, eating and then ending up at the Fitzwilliam. I adored seeing the pre-Raphaelites and then moving on to the world of Stanley Spencer. I also treated myself to a wee bit of fabric because it was irresistible.

On Thursday the girls and I had a home day. I found time in the afternoon to make up a brooch that's been kicking around in my head for far too long now. My wedding bouquet was made up of anenomes which contrasted with my deep blue velvet dress, I've wanted some lasting anenomes ever since. I'm so thrilled with how it's turned out, in fact I've worn it ever since. Today at the emporium it was the first thing Daniella the owner noticed. I was thrilled when she asked if I'd be happy to have a few for sale in the shop.

Now finally in memory of that rare blast of sunshine that appeared again at the end of the week I'll show you where we went for a wander with picnic in hand. Fairhaven Gardens is a magical place where fairies most definately live set within the Broads. Alongside the inland waterways are masses of these Candleabra plants.

After walking through paths made into tunnels by the trees overhead we came out onto the Broad where we ate our lunch.

We waited awhile to see this beautiful boat sail past before heading back into the woods in search of bluebells.

Tommorow Miss Rosey and I will be in Hatfield while she plays in a netball tournament. I'm filling my bag with knitting, hexies, books and memories as it's going to be a long old day. Please lets have some more of this here sun as it won't be much fun out in the rain for seven hours will it.

See you soon.


  1. Have a fab day at the netball - hope they win. Takes me back as I used to play. I had one of those little weather houses too - often wonder what happened to all my old stuff. Karen xx

  2. I love your brooch - have fun and good luck for tomorrow x

  3. Some lovely finds! Love your brooch too Julie x

  4. ooh - I LOVED weebles - great fun, and I remember the song too!

  5. What great finds. Love the weather house and the kitty. We are coming on a bus trip to the broads at the end of June. Hope the weather is as good as your piccies. It looks stunning.

  6. My little boy now plays with his daddies webble playset, I never hadspecially it he loves them especially when he fires one out like a cannonball. I think it's a circus playset?

  7. I love your brooch Lisa, my mum had some plastic ones and whilst I'm not a fan of plastic flowers I wish I had them! Some great little finds there too :) x

  8. What a fun home you must have! I have stuff from four generations but it is mostly packed up as out house is teeny.
    Your post cheered me up - I'm in hospital and bored sill so it is fun to take a peek at your collection.
    Thank you,

  9. I'm not a collector of anything except yarn, but I do love your tales of nostalgia dominated shopping trips.

    And yes, weebles wobble but they don't fall down is a favourite saying of mine too (doesn't everyone between 40 and 50 have that stuck in their heads somewhere?) ... I'm a bit of a weeble myself!

  10. Just had a giggle at Anne's previous comment - I'm sure she's not weeble like at all! Maybe you could put the collection boy outside your front door and see what happens - every penny counts! Love the brooch - how great that you've been asked to make more. The sun's shining here so I'm hoping you've got yourself a comfortable chair, set up your hexies and enjoying it x Jane

  11. Ahhhh, Weebles. I had these as a child, in fact my mum still has a box of them in her attic. They must have been passed down from my cousin's or possibly even my mum!! The fabric is gorgeous, I have the same fabric that has been sitting on my sewing table for the past 2 months(I also have the green colour way). I can't decide wether to make a cushion cover or a summer skirt for my daughter. So far i have used it for my blogger heading!!

  12. Oh my ... memories!!! I had Weebles and loved them ... My Nan brought us, all my cousins and I, the roundabout to play with which stayed at her house along with more Weebles ... !! I will have to ask if she still has it now! x

  13. My grandparents had one of those weather houses. I was thinking about it just the other day, and wondering what happened to it.

    Eleanor xx

  14. Lovely photos, Lisa - what a difference a bit of sunshine makes, eh?

    Ah, anemones, I had them in my posy when I was bride's maid as a youngster, and have always loved them, so they were my wedding bouquet as well. I'm never too successful at growing them, they either get eaten, or, as this time, I over-soaked the corms before planting them, duh!

  15. Being Australian we missed the weeble phase but I can imagine the fun. I also have a place where I can have a collection of whatever I so want, sadly my family are not collectors...but they allow me my fun. Lastly my girl was a netball girl, ohh the the hours I have spent on the sidelines......they do love the fact you are there, and then one day it stops.......I never thought it would but it did....enjoy!!!!! :-) your countryside ramble.

  16. lovely bright way to start the day thanks hx

  17. Some lovely finds and the brooch is beautiful ... have a happy week x

  18. I used to love weebles! I was reciting the exact same thing (that they don't fall down) to Florrie at the weekend...we saw an exhibition and some statues looked just like weebles.

    No probs about not replying to my email - technology! I'm so distracted these days with other stuff that I'm officially useless.

    Nina x

  19. That weeble tune is right in my head now and will be stuck for some time I think! A lovely collection of photographs and makes - fingers crossed for more sunshine
    Best wishes

  20. Just noticed your cuckoo strange I have posted one too.....I have only just read your post and I promise I did not copy!!!!

    I guess its that 'zeitgeist' thingy or simply put... great minds think alike!....or I've found soul sister??????
    Bestets D x

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