Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Tray Game

I'm now officially off work for six whole weeks. Six weeks to plan other money making schemes, to try and mend some of the house, re-vamp other bits of it, garden, create and generally enjoy being a full-time mum for a while.

I've a couple of new books to inspire me to yet more new projects before I even see the finishing line with all of the others. Granny Squares only cost a couple of pounds as I'd managed to get all the stamps filled in with the bookshop loyalty card and I found the other in a very old fashioned haberdashers.

Whilst there's nothing essentially different in granny squares, I was drawn to it for the inspiration I get from seeing all the yarny colours together in the different patterns. Craft Time takes me straight back to the 70's with all of it's comforting patterns.

I'm drawn to all of these cosies, although I loathe tea and have never drunk a full cup in my life, one sip was enough for me thank you. Not being a tea drinker shouldn't preclude me from tea cosy loving. I also have three tea drinkers in the family so it would be unfair not to decorate a pot properly. I've had a go at the pink and red version, but I keep mucking up one of the stitches. Until I work out a solution it'll have to wait awhile.

Now this afternoon, after netball practice, we headed off to an idyllic village fete. One we go to each year as the setting is so magical and it has a theme. Last year was the 40's this year was the 60's. I forgot my camera so all pictures of the beautiful cottages around the village green are stored on my phone and I'm yet to work out how they get on here.

A friend of mine has a stall there which is a big temptation for us as we'd willingly re-home most of her goodies. I took her a brooch I'd made for her, pennies were exchanged and then I picked up a few bits and the same pennies were handed back. I'm so thrilled with each and every thing we've brought home.

Jimmy was bought on our third turn around the green. Mr spied him and instantly fell for his charms. Miss Rosey announced he was creepy. His maracca's look like a pair of yellow boobies too and with a turn of the rusty key he can still bang them together don't you know.

I couldn't resist the wee christmas baby. Normally I can't stand soft dolls with plastic faces, but I really like this one and so there was no contest, she had to come home with us.

Later licking our icecreams and hugging the bottle of fizz we won on the tombola we headed happy homeward bound. The end of a very good start to the weekend.


  1. I'm with Miss Rosey, what on earth is he holding, looks a little rude, or is that just my thinking!! ;) I've just ordered the granny squares book too, can't wait for it to arrive!
    I've made some coasters, very similar to the ones you sent me, I can't believe I've made them. I always look at your and think I wish I could make them! And guess what, (can you tell I'm just a tad excited!) Rowan yarn and King Cole wool yarn....£2.00 a ball, I've broke the bank but got lots, well I can't miss an opportunity like that can I?!
    Enjoy your holiday, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make! :) x

  2. What gorgeous finds, but I think I may have left the monkey with the big boobies behind ~ Sarah x

  3. Happy holiday times to you! I love old monkeys but have never seen one quite like that before...
    Ellie x

  4. What lovely finds ... I love the tray ... the pattern is gorgeous ... Bee xx

  5. Enjoy those 6 weeks off my dear. You'll be kept busy with all those delightful crochet projects. x

  6. There's nothing quite like the feeling of the start of the summer holidays with those weeks stretching ahead full of promise is there? Looking forward to seeing what is achieved! Julie x

  7. Enjoy your time off - and what a great start you had to the hols!


  8. Have a fantastic holiday don't forget to tell us of your adventures. I wish we had a cute themed fair near us it sounds idyllic. Sarah x

  9. Hmm, I'm doubtful about those yellow boobies too, and coupled with that sinister!
    Enjoy your time off, maybe we could manage that cuppa (coffee of course) one day?
    Penny x

  10. P.S. love the new look of the blog! P x

  11. Nothing beats a proper village fete for simple fun does it.

    Hope you have the best six weeks ever :D

  12. Love that book i have it myself, although i haven't managed to make any thing yet. Boobie monkey made me smile!catx

  13. Lovely to see you Saturday and so pleased I can count on you to re home my weird delights ! Thanks so my for my beautiful brooch - you really are a talented lady !
    See you in a few weeks
    Love Emmie x ( vintage magpie )

  14. Hellooo... I love that pattern...any plans to make something soon....?
    d x

  15. Sounds wonderful, and good stash too :) xx

  16. I love the idea of a good village fete...sadly lacking around here,they are more like something off Father Ted and a little bit sinister...I'm not joking by the way ;) your treasures are fab:)
    So happy to find you on instagram x enjoy your hols x x x x x x

  17. Enjoy your 6 weeks.
    I love the spice jars and the little glass dishes too.
    The dress pattern is in a very pretty style too, something else to keep you busy!
    Lisa x

  18. I loved seeing the craft magazine I still have it and crochet the dog for putting along the bottom of the door. I made it when I got married and it lasted a good while . The children loved it ! I have only just read this entry because I have been away . Thank you for a wonderful blog and allowing me to enjoy your daily happenings.

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