Friday, 21 June 2013

Odd Job

Having Monday and Friday off work is the perfect way to break the week up to my mind. This week has been the first in ages that I've had the time to myself. I've been trying hard to use the time to get some much needed repairs done around the house. Not that I can tackle the leaky roof or holes in ceilings on my own, but I'm a dab hand with a brush, hammer or needle.

I have three of the 1930's chairs from my aunt and uncles house in our dining room.. Sadly we just couldn't squeeze in the table so that had to go. I've already taken the plunge and painted one blue. I love it, but know my dad would be horrified. Each time I covered something else in paint he would shake his head and ask how could I cover up perfectly good wood. Well two answers there, sometimes just because I like colour more than I like brown and sometimes because the said object looked hideous unpainted. To be honest these chairs look lovely in their natural state too, which is why I've not set to on the others - yet. The original seats are leather, but as I desire something with a bit more cheer I've always recovered them. As the last covers were absolutely filthy, I got out the nails hammer and a new/old sheet and off I went. One job done off a very very long list.

Lily slept through all the banging in of nails and woke up just as I got my crochet out. Rather than actually finishing anything else I've been distracted once again by a new thing. Inside Crochet has some fabulous patterns most of which grab my interest in a way that Simply Crochet never has. When I saw the Dahlia Stole I was smitten. I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous mix of colours and the swirliness of the stitches.

I'm using slightly different colours as I'm using what I have rather than buying yet more yarn. Although the more I look at the green, orange and lilac shades in the original I realise it's these colours that have drawn me in the most.

I have had a fiddle with another spot of crochet recently. While Miss Rosey and I watched Miss Marple on Sunday evening I fancied having a try at making up some yarny versions of anenomes to go with my felt ones. Looking at these pictures I realise I need to scale down the black middles which looked ok to me at the time. All in all though I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out so far.

Final shot goes to Little Bun's moment of pride with her first ever cherry cake which was delicious.

Now I'm off to see if I can squeeze some sewing time in before the inevitable chores beckon me.


  1. Well Lovely Lisa, I've just finished my 'inevitable chores!' Our home is spick and span, well ish! So spot of blog reading and coffee sipping me thinks!
    I LOVE your chair, my Dad would have said the same although Mum loved a little colour, she was always painting our stuff, Dad usually tutting behind her!
    Your crochet is to die for, I'm wanting to get a little braver, I feel confident with the chain, slip, bobble and treble now! I'd like to cover a few jam jars I think! Just need to pluck up the courage!
    Happy weekend! :) x

  2. DIY, crochet and baking? I love it! I haven't sat down to crochet in far too long, I might pop out for the magazine and get myself into a new project :)

  3. Yes as lovely as timber is sometimes a bright shade brings life to it. The blue you've painted the pretty chair is lovely.

  4. Love the anenomes!
    My heart is always in my throat whenever I paint something brown and wooden. I try to calm myself by saying I can always strip it later!


  6. Love the chair what a wonderful colour ~ Sarah x

  7. Love the chairs... I spent years stripping paint off anything that didn't move years ago and now I'm repainting it! Lovely cherry cake too, very impressed with little buns baking, my cherries always sink to the bottom! Julie x

  8. Clever Little Bun, Alice is a very keen baker at the moment, lovely for us but not for the waist line! I really love what you have done with your dinning chair Lisa, I bet it looks so different from it's original state and yes, as much as I love natural wood, sometimes a splash of colour is so suited to the wooden object. Your chair is a true testiment to that too! Also loving all your hooky projects, you never cease to amaze me with all your great colour choices, happy week ending to you all xxx Penny

  9. Your chair looks beautiful for having a little makeover, I bet you'll all be fighting to sit in it!
    Your new kittycat looks like a mini version of our Malcolm, quite the pretty little thing.
    I think I need to persevere a bit more in my learning of crochet, I would love to be able to make that shawl, the combination of those colours and the pattern is dreamy.
    Well done to your little one on the cake bake, just the thing for a cuppa accompaniment.
    Lisa x

  10. Lovely, lovely, blue chair! It's lived its life perfectly well being brown and serviceable, now it's got a new lease of life wearing a party frock ... A very pretty one at that!

    Love the anemones too ... Very clever

    Have a wondeful weekend

    Love Claire xx

  11. Ha, Lisa, your dad's comment re the wood is EXACTLY how my Other HAlf feels, too! I have to just go ahead and paint and he always likes the finished effect, just can't 'see' it before hand. I love your blue chair. I am still unfinished on my dining room chair progress...too much other stuff going on. One day, I shall have the time! Love that your Little Bun is becoming a good baker! That's another household job you can hive off!

  12. The chair looks great, are they going to be multi coloured? Cake looks delicious, well done! Sarah x

  13. I have the same dilemma with wood and paint. Honestly, I like the paint so much more. I dress relatively conservative most days and need to live in a mash of color. Can't wait to see what you decide.

    Have a great weekend.


  14. Well done with the cake Little Bun, and well done with the chair to her mum! My husband would have got on so well with your dad, he doesn't understand why you'd ever paint wood either, though I have to say my inclination is toward more muted colours than you. But that blue is really pretty :)

  15. Wow that cake looks good! Love the chair makeover, am a big fan of the painted wood look, we have a lot of teak which i am not allowed to touch which is very annoying. You just reminded me that i started a bag project in that lovely crochet pattern, one of the many "on the go" things i start and never finish, the anenomes look great. Have dropped you an email-i think, iam not the greatest with the technical things! Catx

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