Monday, 17 June 2013

Here & Now

Not being able to blog for a while has given me bloggers block. I'm hoping that as I write the words will start to flow and my brain will become blogging fit once more.

The reason I blog is made up of so many things. I read an interesting post recently written by Annie about why we blog. I wanted to comment as like so many of her posts it got me thinking and I wanted to chat back. The moment was lost though as I was reading it on my phone waiting outside the school for Miss Rosey. The usual round of rushing to collect Miss Millie next, buying food, sorting out life when we get in at 6 so we can get through the next day means any intention I had to catch up with a comment is lost. Having to grab time here and there, coupled with failing pooters at home has forced me to step outside of blogging world. That's led to me questioning more why I really do it, what spurs me on to take photos and try to order my thoughts into something enjoyable to read. Essentially why keep on, when it would be so much easier to stop?

To be absolutely honest I can't imagine not writing here. It's a place where I order my life into some of the more cheery elements and reflect on all that I love the most in life. When I feel truly moany it's nigh on impossible to write a post as I don't want to share all of my innermost feelings and I can't imagine anyone else would want to read that kind of thing. Blogging is a two-way thing. I write and take pictures to record my creative life for myself, but to be really enjoyable I chose to share it with a whole host of people. Some are friends who catch up with my news, some are people who are blogging pals - people who I've met through this lark, then there are people who are kind enough to leave comments and share a bit of themselves, lastly there are all the unknown people who stop by have a read (and I hope enjoy it as I do all the blogs I pop into), but leave no trace of their visit.

When I write a post I have in mind different bloggers who I think will find something interesting. In essence it then becomes a bit of a chat in my head with them. There are so many wonderful women that I have chatted with through comments or emails that I sometimes wish I could literally pop over for a cuppa and say hello. Instead through blogging I pop into their edited worlds as they do mine.

Because I've been unable to visit many blogs lately I feel like a party's been going on and I'm behind with all the news. I'm going to cut a big slab of the cherry cake Little Bun made for Father's Day and pop on over this morning if my pooter lets me.

Around some horrible jobs that need doing too I'm hoping to squeeze in a spot of sewing, knitting or crochet. I haven't quite decided yet what mood I'm in.  Having this one day off before the working week gets going is fabulous, but it also means I want to achieve so much in it and then end up doing little. This morning I thought I could clear the garden, garage, make a dress, do the weeks food shop and fly to the moon. Now I realise I might have to settle for washing up and fiddling about as major achievements for my day as we have a new tiny furry distraction. 

Lily is three months old and arrived here on Friday morning. Little Bun's schoolfriends cat had a few kittens and it turned out the people who were having Lily changed their minds. Well we didn't even hesitate. A perfect kitten, small cheeky and loving who is toilet trained already, the ideal package. Olly is banned from seeing her as he has gone pretty feral (only turning up for meals and grumping at everyone), Pip our older cat is pretending she doesn't exist and Alfie Blue would like to be friends, but clearly Lily's mum told her dogs were bad. She'll soon learn this one is the bestest boy ever.

Around all of this we've seen Little Bun's end of year dance school show which was a great evening. rounded off perfectly by a man in the tightest skinny jeans and very high heeled boots singing Ring of Fire. My man has visited No 10 and had a chat with Dave himself. Ironically he got in with his British Library card as he couldn't find his driving licence. I think they'd checked him out for any dodgy aspects beforehand anyways. Miss Rosey has been going great guns in her sport and so we've been invited to a sports prize dinner with her on Friday. Me - well I've just been being me, no fancy achievements other than ticking along and discovering on Saturday night just how much I like cocktails.

In two weeks I'll be off work for six whole weeks. Scary and lovely at the same time as it means no pay until September so I'll be trying to fit in a few fairs to up the pennies. Two whole weeks on my own before Miss Rosey breaks up and then another week and a half for Little Bun. Sadly I'll only have two weeks off with the pair of them before I head back to work as we've changed all of our term dates at work.

Well it's been great getting back into the swing of things. I'll try and make it a more regular thing again as I think blogging does my head good. See you soon as I'm now off to go visiting.


  1. Oh I love Lily, she's so like my Minnie, who was a naughty cat and stayed out ALL NIGHT, I told her off whilst she was eating her breakfast, she gave me a quick meow then off she went!
    I read Annie's post too, much food for thought, blogging really is like a chat over the garden fence to me, it's like I'm only talking to a few. I looked at my pageview the other day and was a little freaked out by how many people stop by so I don't think I'll look again in case I get frightened by it all!
    As you know I love my visits here, chat away Lisa, I'm listening!!! :) x

  2. Great post, good to have your back :)

    Bee happy x

  3. lovely chatty catch up post! i think we all have those doubts and writers block sometimes.....but i cant imagine not blogging now either! Have a lovely peaceful day x

  4. Fab post, good to have you back ... I too think I can do a million things in a few small hours and end up achieving very little, good to know I'm not the only one. Sarah x

  5. Lily is adorable and I do love the green fabric in the bottom photo!

  6. A lovely post, a visual feast as usual!

    I agree with you about blogging in that I too want a record of what I've done, and always try to do positive posts, with the people who are hopefully reading in mind.

    I don't ever want it to be me a chore, and nowadays I do only tend to post when I have something to talk about, and not just for the sake of it!

    I am always amazed that people are interested in what I have to say though, and love to receive comments. I just love the whole blogging thing really, it's like catching up with old friends and getting crafty inspiration at the same time!

    Please don't ever stop!

    Love Claire xx

  7. Glad that you are back, reading your posts spurs me on to keep creating! Very cute Kitten, i would love a cat but my hubby is allergic(and hates them!) Catx

  8. Well I love your blog and glad you are not giving up! Phew for a bit there I thought maybe the time had come for you.

    But do understand the flip flop feelings that blogging can invoke. For me its all about connections and writing I love to write. And even though it seems harder and harder sometimes to feel motivated in regards to blogging I push a bit as I love it and it helped me when I first started a fair few years ago now through a rough patch in my life.

    Awwww now that kitty is just too cute! She will be a joy to your household I am sure.

    Wow sounds like a lot of exciting achievements are happening for you all. And remember that you are the glue that helps along all the achieving. Its easy for us mums and wives to forget our part in our family's lives. And those seemingly small things we do that have a greater impact than we all realise.

    But a visit to number 10? How exciting is that.

    Hope the computer problems get solved soon for you.

    P x

  9. Hello....I Love your words...I am here and have been visiting you for a long time now...I used to pop in on your world when mine was sad...and look at your pretty pictures and read your colourful words....I was here when your world was sad also....I love my blog world and have 'met' so many like minded souls that like you, I couldn't imagine not having my small voice on here...Today I smiled with joy at your new addition.... Enjoy her as kittens bring their own kind of love with them....I know I have 'four' large kittens....Take time to dream, lovely blogging lady. Hugs Maria x

  10. Like Maria, I pop in to view your blog when I'm feeling low.
    Health problems are the pits as I'm, by nature, an outdoors-on-fine-days/indoors-crafting-in-bad-weather sort of person, but this has forced me to look for a new way of enjoying myself and bloggers like you are proving to be it! Your lovely photos and a little glimpse into your life and interests keeps me cheerful.
    Thank you!

  11. Keep on blogging ... we all love reading, especially when you go and pop in a photo of the cutest little kitten! M x

  12. Hello,
    Like Maria and Jenana I too read your pages and the other blogs on your page to cheer myself up. Today is my birthday and it is not going well, the husband is having a massive strop.

    It makes me sad that lots of other Lovely Bloggers have Gone Away, I miss them and I would miss you too. Though it would not be fair to keep you here for my own selfish needs. I too write a blog tho it is about my battle with depression and Life and all that stuff. It is not always pretty reading but I do make some people laugh.

    I don't always comment because I don't know what to write, so I am invisible in virtual life as well as real life..

    You new kitty is cute and looks like our Mollie.

    I think working mums should have one day a week that no-one else knows about or even 3 or 4 hours in Narnia Time. Unfortunately all mine are at home during the day because of uni/shift/college/ill health so I don't get any Time Off at all.

    I'll stop moaning now. sorry.
    Susan x

  13. Goodness me, so much going on here, Lisa! I agree with all you say about blogging but I too, find less time for it, but enjoy it just as much when I do. But most of all, I LOVE your new furry friend. What a cutie. I bet the girls are very chuffed with that addition. Good luck with the fairs, from the snippets you've been making in your photos, you have some lovely things to offer. Particularly hanker after some of those knitted hangers, myself!
    Hen xxx

  14. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about blogging, thank you for expressing so well what most of us think!
    Lovely kitty!

  15. awwwwww Lily is so lovely. I love your blog too!!!

  16. Have missed your blog Lisa! Missed all your bright, colourful photographs; your crafty bits and news. Glad you have decided to come back!

  17. Welcome back Mrs Bun, we've missed you and your colourful world. Now that is a cute little kitten. In fact I'm having kitten envy... hope Hectic's covered her ears.
    Ellie x

  18. My husband said what's Dexter doing on your blog, we have a very similar cat but Lily is very cute and small, Dexter is not and has taken up rabbit hunting much like Olly I suppose.
    I too end up wanting to do so much in a little spare time that I don't really achieve anything, I blame not enough time for thinking clearly I must fix that. Have a lovely week,Sarah

  19. Hi Lisa, been there, done that! In fact I swing between having too many posts up my sleeve, and going for days and days without nothing to say - or at least, no time to sit down and say it. And I get far behind in keeping up with all my favourite blogs - and yes, it is EXACTLY like being away from he party! But you know, you can only do what you can do, and we all beat ourselves up too much. We aren't going to forsake our favourite bloggers if they are absent for a little while - well, I hope not! The thing is, it's so easy to slip out of the habit of blogging, isn't it?

    I, like you, read and (eventually) responded to Annie's post. We blog for all kinds of reasons, and we speak with different voices because we are different folks; i do as you do, I have in my head the handful of regulars and my close friends who read but seldom comment, and direct my words to them. Can't do better than that! So keep on, when you can, and we will be here to read and comment. Job done! Lx

  20. Well you have been filling your days well and I love to read about what you all get up to - what an interesting experience Mr Bun had! I think you cheer many of us up with all your colourful makes and positive outlook on life. Long may you continue sharing. Karen xx

  21. It's lovely to have you back here blogging.
    welcome to the new furry family member too. x

  22. Great catch up post lovely Lisa, your sweet Lily is just the cutest little fur ball. We have been enjoying our dwarf rabbit we adopted, Poppy, she is too cute.
    You are so right about blogging and I too find myself having little conversations in my head to some of the lovely ladies I have met here, including you. I love it when I see something that reminds me of the different styles and what our different bloggy friends might like.
    Lucky you having the 6 weeks of Summer off, I have a 2 week then a 1 week annual leave slot which I am so looking forward to. We are off to Barcelona in early August and I can't wait. So lovely to have a chat with you, hope to see you soon xox Penny

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