Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is it a SHow & Tell?

My laptop is playing ball right now so I'm grabbing my chance. No pennies for a new pooter at the mo so I can only dabble here.

I did say when I was back I'd to show you what I made the other day. The other day was quite a few days ago now and lots more has happened since. No big show and tell really, more do you fancy a look see. Lately I've been hankering after a few changes, getting restless and bored with some things and content with others. In my head most of the house has been re-decorated, in the real world it ain't happening so instead I stitch and make to bring about the small realisable changes.

The Dotty Blanket I'd hooked up for the back of the sofa where cats and a small black dog sleep in the sun was looking tired. I had an image in my head of a patchy throw so I mixed up a few fabric piles and got thinking about which would work best. 

Now while this is all very lovely, me showing and telling, it's not what I feel like chatting about right now. Right now I want to have a think about the whole blogging/creative thing. Lately I've felt rather overwhelmed by all the wonderful things I see out there. Too many things to take in and think about, too little time to truly appreciate them all. My laptop being poorly has forced me away from blogging world so I can't keep up with all of the new posts as they happen. It leaves me feeling separate from something that I really enjoy being part of. However, this world that we live in moves forward so quickly that we can get lost in the slipstream and find the moment has gone. I'm trying to slow down and appreciate as much as I can, even when it races elusively ahead of me.

Being able to give a whole day over to making a patchy throw became an impossible plan I had to think around. I made it on a day off when Miss Millie came out with a rash which meant late dr's appointments and then just a half day at school. I set myself to choosing the fabrics before the dr's and then decided the stitching was going to be all done and dusted by the afternoon no less.

A very quick stitchy throw followed. Only a simple stripy backing sheet folded over the edges to act as the binding and then it was finished within a hairs breadth of school pick up time.

No beds made, washing up done, food bought and house still as dirty as it was the day before. Sometimes it's good to just say let's be self-indulgent with our time and do what we want to do, not what we should do. I always catch up with everything in the end. So I've decided I'm going to have to be slow and patient about this blogging experience as I will with life for now. Always rushing isn't good.

I've been taking pictures of all that's caught my eye, so slowly slowly as my pooter allows I'll urge it onto my blog and show you. If you're interested that is. With my sitemeter broken so I can't see who's visited and it being hard to connect with your blogs easily, other than on my kindle (which isn't as easy for me somehow) I feel disconnected and that leads me to question the whole blogging thing more than I probably should. I try hard to keep the blog as the place I'm never too analytical. My worklife is analytical and depressing at times so I enjoy the fluff, beauty and fun I can have on here. I'm probably not making any sense at all am I. I'll be off before I waffle anymore. Ta ta for now.


  1. Hi, I'm a visitor from Texas and I have you on my reader. I enjoy every post you make! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wise words indeed. And as for the house stuff - I've just spent two days devoting all my time to the garden (got to make the most of the weather!) the ironing can wait until a rainy afternoon (which probably won't be too far away!) Love your patchwork throw - lucky pets x Jane

  3. Beautiful fabrics making up your patchwork throw Lisa. Sometimes i think when we can no longer have instant access to the internet and blogging it can initially make you feel a little disconnected but then I think its ultimately freeing in a way. I wonder often if I should carry on blogging, its the new friendships and conversation I like. I sometimes worry that it's a little hedonistic or even egotistical at times. Who really wants to see what i make? Am I looking for compliments? Am I showing off? I worry that this is how I come across at times. Strange isn't it,but yet i continue to blog because of the sense of inspiration and community out there in cyberland....I am going on a bit here, forgive me. I'll keep quiet now :o) Enjoy your slowing down and appreciating all the little things xox big hugs, Penny

    1. You'd show chums that popped in for coffee what you'd made, surely? Just think of us all that way. If we weren't interested in what our fellow bloggers had to show and tell we'd stop reading!

  4. Boy, is this a universal conscious thing? Because I have just gone through the same feelings, as a newbie and very few followers I questioned who?, why? and did anyone even care? Then I reread my words and posts and thought you know what, let's just do this for ME. My blog has become a bit diary like for me, if no one reads it, it doesn't matter really. Then I continue to be inspired by others and love reading these type of posts where someone feels like me, then I get it again. It's not about traffic, followers, number and complexity of projects, it is a place to express YOURSELF. The rest will follow and you do reach others......I am assisting a lady in Germany finish a turtle pincushion she saw on my blog.:-)

  5. Waffle away Mrs Bobo Bun all you like, I'm listening and so are many others! I can appreciate your feelings though, it's hard because although we are all connected by our creativity and love of colourful things it takes the technology to connect us!! I do hope you find some solutions to you computer annoyances soon! In the meantime, just keep doing what you do, whipping up a blanket in a flash! A true marvel, if you don't mind me saying!!! :) x

  6. Love your patchy throw, the colour combo is gorgeous. I miss wandering around other blogs as sometimes life is just to busy to fit much creativity in so I just live vicariously through others, like yours today. mel x

  7. I love your patchwork throw. The fact that you did it in one day blows my mind. It would have taken me 3 days of uninterrupted work to come close. I totally understand about the blogging. I'm having issues right now with my bod and have been away from my blog for quite a while but I know it's there when I'm ready. I so enjoy your posts so do when you can. We, your bloggy friends, will be here when you are. :)

  8. ha ha... love that particular waffle Lisa. I often have the same internal monologue - the realise it's come out of my mouth. Cleggy will be heard asking 'soooo, are you saying you are going to blog more often...or stop altogether???'!
    Same with my little business (currently in hibernation mode - can't decide whether it needs to stay there or be revived!)
    Anyway - I'm waffling now. Love you blanket.
    fee x

  9. I agree with Susan..... my blog is for me! I love reading past post to see how I've/life has changed. I love the quilt, you're very clever :) x

  10. That quilt looks perfect and I will read anything you write with great pleasure even if you feel like a big/little moan about life! I think slowing down is a good thing - its just not possible to get everything done that we may think needs to be done and your creativity makes your house a lovely home for the four of you. Karen xx

  11. Lovely, lovely pics Lisa ... and monologue! Never mind about the housework ... it'll still be there tomorrow.

    Don't try analysing the bloggy thing either ... it should be fun not something to get stressed about ... your blogs are always lovely and something to look forward to, but shouldn't ever be a chore or all the fun goes out of it. Just go with the flow, that's what I'm doing lately ... if I start thinking I haven't done a post for at least a week I get blogger's block, so now I just wait for inspiration!

    Enjoy your day

    Claire xx

  12. Oh Mrs Bobo....Youe children will never remember that the house wasn't dusted...but they will always remember that patchwork throw on the back of the sofa that Mummy made......Daisy xxxxx

  13. Lisa, your post reflects what many of us are feeling; I've been saying recently on my blog that I just can't keep up reading and commenting on blogs when people post so frequently (this is not a criticism of those bloggers, merely my feelings of being overwhelmed.) I also think heck, I haven't done much to warrant being called Textile Treasury - no sign of a piece of stitching for several posts, I got into the kitchen organisation, and the furniture painting, and the Wild Garlic gathering and processing.....oh it just goes on. But then I think, hang on, the blogs I love to read come along when they come along - I mean if they don't post for a week that isn't a problem, I just enjoy them when I see them. And I enjoy whatever they have to say even when it may be "off topic" as it were.
    And I now just enjoy blogging about whatever I want to blog about.

    As regards the housework --- well I think a day hardly constitutes major neglect and social breakdown! (Or even 2 or 3!) And if you spend it doing something that has you on a roll, and results in the creation of something useful or beautiful (or both) then you shouldn't be beating yourself up about ti. Go with the flowOh, and keep on blogging, Lisa, just whatever and whenever you like!

  14. No Lisa it makes perfect sense. I'm really new to this blogging world and started when I was recuperating from surgery. I had all the time in the world to take beautiful pictures and think about the words. Now I'm back at work it's harder to find the time and my little corner of the blogging world is looking a little neglected. But as Susan C says above, I do it for me and if someone visits or comments that's just the cherry on the cake. Keep blogging ... Sarah x

  15. I have days I sew and let the rest go. The patchwork is wonderful! So happy to hear from you whenever you get the chance...just don't go away permanently!

  16. I always love your colourful bright posts Lisa.

    I think we all have the to blog not to blog moments. I know I have more frequently recently. And sometimes the longer you are away the harder it is to get back in to it. I know some posts I do get more of a response than others but now I just do it for me because I like to sometimes look back and remember that time. And I think most people are like that these days. I do know though how sometimes too much inspiration can over load your mind. But I think you are doing the right thing and just going with the flow. Much like that gorgeous throw you have just made. Sometimes life is about pleasing yourself and letting the chores hang about a bit. As I always say the cleaning will be waiting for me tomorrow!

    Hope you carry on blogging it would be a less colourful world without your posts.

    P x

  17. Sometimes letting everything else go hang and doing a little crafty is good for the soul. I played hooky from the cleaning last week so I should really be doing it now but I'm procrastinating as usual. Your patchy throw is pure sunshine so definitely worth the time it took!


  19. You are making perfect sense to me!! There is not enough hours in the day for all the new projects and fun makes! I demand a 48 hour day so I can fit everything in please, hehe! Your throw is lovely, great fabric! Karen x

  20. I have been busy working over the last few weeks and have come back to 800 unread posts in my feed reader. I think I am going to take a deep breath, mark all as read and move on. Stressful blogging is a complete waste of energy, I think.

    And your throw is perfectly lovely.

  21. Hello Lisa
    Firstly, the patchwork throw is gorgeous. I love the colours and patterns. And I also like the look of your glasses sitting there - very nice!
    As for the whole blogging thing ... well, I'm coming back to blogging having been in a brief and flirtatious affair with Instagram. Blogging is a great forum for working out the creative thoughts, for offloading something heavy on the soul, and general to see how our internet friends are doing. But I also find blogs and instagram and all those other 'pretty places' can lead to a lack of gratitude and contentment with what we've already got. There's so much 'pretty' in the techno world, that I find, if I'm not careful, I become a "want, want, want!" person rather than a "thank you for the life I have" person. Does that make sense?
    Well, I'll stop now, as I suspect that the chain of thought I've just started is really a blog post of my own!
    I hope you're well and that your computer issues are soon sorted out.
    Take care and happy days to you and yours,
    Josie x

  22. What Lynne said!

    And my own two pennorth ... there really is a great deal to be said for blogging without obligation. If I tried to keep completely up to date with everyone reading my blog, while also blogging and doing the stuff I blog about, I'd probably blow a fuse. So I read what others are writing as often as I can, and if I miss a few posts well I miss a few posts. Insomnia helps mind ... hence commenting on blogs at 2.30 am!

    That throw is lovely, and you did it in a day?! go you!!!

  23. oooh thats a stunning patchwork x

  24. I love your quilt, I'm very inspired! I like the way you used the backing cloth around the edge, I will do that when i make one! heather x


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