Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I can Sing a Rainbow

We rollercoasted into half-term on a wave of vomity sick bugs. Just as the scores were coming in on Eurovision night, Little Bun was the first to fall prey to the nasty that's been hanging about these parts. By the following week Miss Rosey had succumbed. Poor kid bang in the middle of her end of year exams which she'd been revising really hard for. She struggled through a day of three exams and now has six more left undone waiting for her return. I've held all the sick buckets, but so far I've just had a spinning tum. My Mr on the other hand went down crash bang wallop for the whole bank holiday weekend.

We had a wedding to get to on Sunday. The sun shone and I had my oufit all sorted. I was really pleased with my grown-up ensemble as most of my outfits involve jeans of different shapes. On Saturday I got it into my head that I definately needed a purple corsage brooch to finish it off just so. I cut out several wee heart shapes and then pinched and stitched until I was very very happy indeed.

I'm so thrilled with my new brooch, that I've gone into overdrive with colours and am chop chop chopping felt to make a rainbow of brooches to suit each and every outfit.

So, with outfit all sorted (bought for the Queenie garden party last year, but new cardi for the wedding), I was really really hoping my man would pull through and be there by my side for a good time. Sadly the nasty bug kept him home and I went off alone standing very high in my shiny heels.

After a fair few Pimms and suchlike I managed to get my act together to go out and play in the sun the next day. My Mr was feeling delicate, but much better so I packed a basket picnic and off we all headed to Binky Hall. 

We lunched in the park, people watching and feeling joyous to be together with the sun on our faces. It really doesn't take much to make the perfect day does it. Apart from wearing a pair of new shiny red sandals that is. I love shoes, colourful shoes I love the most, but I hardly ever get a new pair as I have big old feet. Not many lovely shoes are in big feet sizes sadly.

After lunch, I insisted we head off to find Little Vintage Lover Fair, which had set up in Binky's gardens for the whole weekend. Mr Bun and Little Bun chose to lay in the orchard making daisy chains while Miss Rosey and I went off treasure hunting. The setting was perfect with marquee's alongside the lake, but no photos I'm afraid as I was too busy chatting and scanning stuff.

I was thrilled to find a pattern with exactly the shape dress Miss Rosey has been after for a while now. After a good old rummage I added a few fabrics to my bag too. My head's been turning to thoughts of making another quilt lately. I think these will be the start of my ideas for it.

Several more bits were gathered up and then we headed back to the orchard with a sweet smelling punnet of strawberries. Sitting there in the sun on lush grass and munching our strawberries felt so good too. 

I had a quick show and tell of my treasures before we headed off for tea, cake and the secondhand bookshop. I found a few Ma and Pa Larkin tales, the Bun's added a Poirot, Bunty annual and Enid's Chimney Corner Tales. All exactly what I was reading at their ages. It made me feel warm inside knowing they choose these books. They also get books which is even better. Little Bun sat in one of the worn armchairs with a pile of books and she explained how much she loves the feel and smell of the different papers. Exactly one of the many things I enjoy about a good book.

Now here we are about to hit mid-week. Today is my mum's birthday and I've still not finished the scarf I'm making for her. I'm making a narrow Japanese Flowers scarf in delicate Debbie Bliss eco baby cotton. I made sure I stuck to the more muted colours she prefers and I have to be honest I'm enjoying playing with them. Just hope I can get it finished some time soon as June is already looking a pretty jam packed month.

Now I must away to my bed as we're up early to catch the train to Cambridge in the morn. See you soon I hope.


  1. Oh dear, hope everyone is back on their pins!
    Love the brooch (nifty idea!) and since I am partial shoes...Good for you! Just the ticket for feeling good!
    All the best,

  2. Love the brooch and those wedges, oh my they are delicious! I have the red salties too and they are my absolute faves, nothing better for a good perk up than some eye popping colour on ones feet. Good to see you have had some sunshine and that you at least kept afloat to hold the bucket for everyone else! mel x

  3. Ooooh, red shoes, such beauties.
    You always find the pretties fabrics. I must be going to all the wrong vintage fairs.

  4. Such a lovely post, glad you are all better now. Shoes are fabby I can't resist red shoes ... I blame Dorothy! The fabrics are so lovely too. Sarah x

  5. I have these very same sandals, they make me feel cheery even on the dullest days (and there have been many of these in Sheffield recently!)
    Glad to hear you are all feeling better.

    : ) x

  6. Oh no the dreaded bug. We have had it here too. Grandsons had a taste but Mr Winnibriggs was bowled over for five long days! Hope you are all well now and glad you enjoyed our small window of sunshine as I expect like us it's back to grey and dismal now. Love love the shoes. Especially the green Fly. Now I have both shoe and fabric envy!

  7. Glad to hear you are all feeling better. Nothing worse than sickness bugs!

    Sounds like Monday was a wonderful day. Sunshine, sitting on the grass and new shoes. Then a vintage fair to scout around and old books! A wonderful day indeed. Hope you caught your early train. Sounds like another adventure is in the offing.

    P x

  8. Glad to hear you are all better ... looks like you managed to have fun on the bank holiday ... isn't the sunshine great ... Bee xx

  9. It's sounds as if your weekend finished perfectly even if it didn't start too well. I hope all the Buns get getter soon.

  10. Hope you're all feeling better, the bug hit my house too. Lovely new shoes, I'm very jealous as I really want the red ones.... I've been looking at them for months but don't have the cash :( x

  11. What a lovely colourful blog post , I need that today. I hope you all get better soon, I have been feeling a bit icky this week - not fun at all :-( Have fun in Cambridge, apologies in advance for the grey skies we have here today and tomorrow :-(

  12. Ooooh I'm off to a wedding party this evening - I wonder if I can make one of those brooches? So sorry to hear the lurgy's been to visit - but it sounds like you were still able to enjoy most of the weekend. Lovely finds x Jane

  13. Love love love coloured shoes, and yours are fab. WHat a shame the family has been ill over the SECOND BANK HOLIDAY ON A ROW to be sunshiney and warm.

    I also love that your girls are loving books for exactly the same reason as I do (and you obviously). It's why kindle, although useful, will never replace the Real Thing in our house. Lx

  14. Love your brooch - and dress, purple = perfect.
    Isn't that a great bookshop, I can spend hours in there.

  15. Well you managed to pack lots into the weekend despite the hovering sickness! I hope all the afflicted have recovered.

    Lovely shoes ;-) I love Fly shoes too xx

  16. Great red sandals, bet you were skipping in them! Hope germs disappear soon and you have a great half term, and I hope the weather is better than it is here! :) x

  17. I love red shoes too.What a great post.I really enjoyed reading it.

  18. Very impressed with how much you did despite illness in the family! I love your corsage and your shoes... and your nail polish matches your shoes perfectly!! Julie x

  19. I love your corsage Lisa, you are too clever indeed. I'm like you, prefer to be comfy in laid back jeans and layers of pretty fabrics, cardy's etc. I love going to weddings but never feel comfortable getting too dressed up :o)
    So sorry to hear about the nasty bugs and hope that you can enjoy the rest of half term together. I have a few pairs of "Fly" shoes too, so comfy. I tend to buy Birkenstock sandals and clogs but I have had my eye on a pair of those salt water one's, the red ones in fact! Hope you had a fab jolly up to Cambridge xxx Penny

  20. Mmm just catching up on your news and pics. Lovely outfit and stunning shoes. I'm a bit of a clumper when it comes to shoes - not much good with dainty stuff. Yours are lovely. My eldest at 12 has now just about caught me up and I've a feeling I'll be wearing her cast offs soon.
    Hope you're all fully recovered and ready term!


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