Monday, 20 May 2013


Good day to you.
As this is is the first time I've tried to use my pooter since my last post, it feels like a slightly strange thing to be doing. It cuts the power off so many times as I try to do anything that in the end I usually give up the battle with it. Today I'm home doing paperwork and I felt a need to write, so I powered up the old girl and here I am giving it a go. Writing a post quickly is about all the time it will allow me. With that said I'll have to keep it short and sweet. There's so many things buzzing around in my head that I want to chat about, but my pooter doesn't like wordy at the moment I'm afraid.

Little connection to a creative world that I love being a part of has felt unsettling at times. I feel out of the loop as it were. I do try and read your blogs on my phone, but I keep mucking up the reply bit, please don't think me rude that you have left your lovely thoughts here and that I'm ignoring you. It's the technology that's making me absent - honest injuns.


The most annoying part is that I can't run my etsy shop properly. I got excited about filling it with new makes and now I'm having to be patient and wait a while.

Between times that means I've been getting my stitching machine out more and more.

The other day I fiddled with a few trims, buttons and lovely fabrics to run up a couple of new Happy Shoppers. One is made from some gorgeous fabric from Jane, the other from a pair of teacloths via Ms Kidston's shop.

I liked the print too much to waste it on drying the dishes. One print for the front and one for the back to make it even cheerier.

I especially love making the labels to go inside. I enjoy making things to sell as much as I do making personal things.

As soon as I can get my shop running properly once more I'll be popping these bags straight onto the shelves.


  1. Ooooh those bags are yummy! When I win the lottery (note to self buy a ticket....I never buy one!) I'll get you a state of the art computer, or at the very least one that works! Take care! :) x

  2. Don't computers just drive you mad. The bags are lovely! M x

  3. The bags are totally fabulous! I love the buttons on the front. They finish them off brilliantly. Hope your computer gets better soon.
    Rosie xx

  4. Love love love the fabrics and what you've done with them. I had a real pain of a session with my laptop this morning trying to write my latest blog post - but I suspect it was dear old Blogger that was to blame. Kept cutting me off and in the end I lost half the post and had to re-write the darned thing. Grrrrrrrr! But that's only a fraction of the frustration you have been experiencing. Hope things buck up soon. Lx

  5. Just wanted to say your bags look great, it would cheer up any shopping trip,If Blogger was a person it would be a 15yr old teenager, moody and not doing what it was told!!!!Mine will not load photos in the right order to day..

  6. The bags are gorgeous and the giant buttons just make me smile - what a way to cheer up the shopping!

  7. Technology "bless it" great while it's working, nightmare when it's not! Great bags too x

  8. They are lovely, I am sure they will fly straight off the "shelf"!
    Carol xx

  9. love the bags x
    P.S I made the dress and it turned out great, much better than I expected although my friend did have to put the zip in for me!
    hope the pooter gets sorted soon
    : ) xxx

  10. Adoring from afar those delicious cake size buttons.....yummy!!

    ...Daisy x

  11. Lush! See you next week for cake ! X

  12. Those are just two fine and dandy bags Mrs. Bobobun! Gorgeously embellished and beautifully made by your fair hands x Penny

  13. Oh, that blue and yellow darling is singing to me!!

    Just out of curiosity, are you a Mac or PC person?

  14. They're gorgeous I love the big chunk buttons ... Sarah x

  15. Far better use for CK tea towels than drying dishes! Hope computer is soonest mended
    Best wishes

  16. I do hope your computer woes can be sorted soon Lisa :D

  17. hello, heres a new follower
    lovethe fabrics that you use
    makes me feel good

    greetings from holland

  18. Your bags are sooo beautiful Lisa! xxxxx


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