Friday, 26 April 2013

Small Pockets of Joy

Last weekend I needed a treasure hunt fix. While Little Bun danced her socks off at her final Strictly show rehearsal I whizzed off to a favourite place of mine. In the morning the car boot next to Miss Rosey's netball practice had been completely lacking in any goodies. A lack of treasure there left me with the need to find something, just a wee joyful ancient thing. I knew I'd find something I'd like at Junk & Gems and I was right.

Zingy citrus orange plastic jam pots all shiny and lovely lured me in. To be true there were quite a few things that called my name, but as I was whisper away from my pay day I had to behave so we could stretch those pennies we had left just that bit further. I did gather up some needed white buttons and a sunshine floral bed sheet while I was at it though. That's it - honest.

I love these bright plastic pots. I've still not decided what I'll store in them. For now they are a thing of joy and need do no more than bring pleasure every time I look at them.

My need for treasure met I still wanted to find a spot of joyful sewing time. On Sunday afternoon I jumped straight in and got on with a project I've had in my head for only a short while.

I chopped up some fabric to make a halter neck top, just in case the summer really does come. I originally bought this sheeting to make a dress for Little Bun, I really must get on with that too. For now it seemed the perfect fabric for what I had in mind.

As I whizzed along and was nearly done with making my new top, I realised the fact I don't own any halter necks is that I just don't like them. The shape doesn't suit me at all and I find the neck tie uncomfortable. Instead I played with a change of direction for the neck ties and ended up with a completely different shaped top.

I crossed the straps at the back and thought that's just the thing for me. After stitching in some buttonholes and adding a pair of zingy yellow buttons I was thrilled with how my top ended up.

It's such a comfy shape and I felt really good in it so an all round top of joy I'd say. Little Bun fancies one long enough to be a dress and has already placed her order. I'll try to get going this weekend as there's a definate need for summery dresses for our girls these warmer days.

My most joyful thing this past week to be sure was watching our girl dance last night in the Strictly Dance tour of Pasha and Katya. It was a truly surreal evening with a cheesy compere. The highlights were the two performances from Little Bun's dance troupe. Girls from 9 - 18yrs had been chosen and they gave it their all. Our eyes were pretty soggy with pride and admiration by the end.


  1. Love that top and you're right it looks so much nicer like that, it's great when you change things and they work out isn't it! Julie x

  2. What a great way to change a halter to something more you - they don't suit me either I'm too tall and too pear shaped but your version looks like it has all the good bits and none of the things that make it unwearable

  3. The strap design is lovely. and the perfect top for layering.

  4. Brilliant wheeze, Lisa, your top looks much more substantial now - sorry, that's not meant as it sounds! It looks much more like a garment now and I love the contrast buttons. I also love the fact that these days it is perfectly acceptable to wear a little top underneath tops like this - or in fact dresses too - I don't like to fully bare my arms these days!

  5. What a pretty top, the fabric is yummy and love the yellow buttons. Sarah x

  6. Performances on the stage, what joy!we went to watch Little Bea in her school performance last week, I was really well controlled, well more than usual- cried my eyes out when I watched it again on video! Little Bea was relieved we were in the safety of our own home, oh how I embarrass my girls!
    Love your top, the colour and style are very you! :) x

  7. I love your new top the fabric is really pretty, I love the way you design and change to your needs as you go.

    Well done to your little Bun too with her wonderful dancing. Nothing quite like pride in your offspring.

    Hope you have a fab weekend.

    P x

  8. Love the top and small chucks of joy are how I get through the days

  9. Lovely top really suits you too! What about string or ribbon in your yummy orange containers? The spoon holes are where you can pull the ribbon/wool/string through si it doesn't get knotted or pick up cake crumbs!

  10. Love your cross over top and well done to Little Bun ... Bee xx

  11. Ooh, gorgeous top! I love the way you've made the straps, very you somehow.

    Hurrah for Little Bun and the rest of her dance troupe :)


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