Monday, 8 April 2013

Ball & Chain

I can honestly say that this Saturday was glorious for quite a few reasons. My man and I were celebrating 12 years of this marriage malarkey. We've been best mates for 14 mind you. I've never stuck at anything quite this long so he's definately the man for me. 

We planned to head off to the coast with the added hope that there might be a vintage market for me. The sun did the right thing and shone and shone some more all day long. We parked up by the pier and then headed inland in search of a money machine.

Opposite the money place was a big sign announcing Vintage Market Here. Well I was off like a terrier down a fox hole in search of goodies. The market turned out to be run by a couple of ladies I know of old. After some pleasant chat (with me being polite, but straining to have a look see) I found a few wonderful things.

I grabbed a delicate pink swan and another pastel jug to add to the growing pile. Most exciting of all were the pink and yellow cotton mix M & S curtains. Tons of fabric for clothes making, bag making, quilting or just hanging at the window as they were made for.

With my finds all bagged up I rushed outside and we headed coastward again. We were so lucky to get a table at our favourite beach hut nestled in a sunny spot. Hot chocolates and cheese toasties with the smell of the sea and the sun on our faces, pure bliss.

After lunch and with the promise of icecreams at the next cafe up the prom, we raced up the steps to head to the canons on the hill.

I can't think of a more perfect way to spend a sunny anniversary in April.

Back at home the postie had delivered a magazine that had intrigued me when I saw it on Millefeuilles so I was able to snuggle up with a coffee for a read. Pom Pom Quarterly is far more expensive than any other magazine I've ever bought, but there's a good reason I was tempted. Not only is it beautifully packaged, but really it is just full of knitting patterns, all of which I want to make (therefore making it the same price as pattern books really). The cover cardigan is one I'll definately be having a go at, although it's quite a complicated pattern so I'll have to really concentrate for once.

I was also impressed by the personal touch. It had been wrapped in pink tissue paper and had a thankyou note tied to the front signed by one of the editors. This added to the delight of receiving this quirky wee mag for me.

This cardigan is knitted all in one piece, with the sleeves then being worked as you go along. The raglan is stunning with the floral motifs and I adore the cable patterned rib. This really deserves exactly  the right yarn so I won't rush into this one, besides I have a pink cardi to finish first before I get all distracted again.

After a restfull moment with Pom Pom, it was then time to watch Dr Who while we waited for nanny to arrive. We headed off to a favourite veggie restaurant of ours, one where I take an age to choose a meal because it's all so delicious. Sipping G & T's and laughing with my gorgeous man brought a very good day to the perfect end.

Waking this morning I found the sun was shining still. My goodness me we're just not used to this. I made some choccy cookies and then dragged everyone into the garden for a big clearup. When Little Bun and I chopped the trees near the henhouse we found a big pile of eggs. The maths are simple. We have three hens, but get two eggs every day so we knew they were being laid somewhere else, we just couldn't find them.

We chopped, swept and tidied so much that my arm muscles are very painful indeed. All in all it was a good spring day when new fabric is drying on the line, plans are being made and cookies are there to be munched all day long.

Hope you're getting some of this happy weather too.


  1. Happy anniversary and what a splendid way to celebrate. Love the fabric you found, patterns and colours are lovely and the swan is beautiful too, haven't seen a pink one before. mel x

  2. Happy times all around and super fabric ! Hope to see you soon it's been way to long !

  3. Happy Anniversary, can't think of a nicer place to spend it than Southwold! Sounds like a lovely weekend. Look forward to seeing that gorgeous cardigan knitted, the detailing on the back is beautiful. Julie x

  4. It was just gorgeous this weekend wasn't it - such a change from recent weeks.

    We headed to Southwold yesterday - just lovely - lunch by the harbour then a long circular walk around the town - for once we didn't head to the Pier!!

    Happy Anniversary :)

  5. Happy Anniversary ... and what a wonderful day full of loveliness you all had!! xxx

  6. What a lovely way to spend your anniversary x

  7. Happy Anniversary Buns - what a fab day you all had. We had a lovely day by the sea too on saturday with lunch at Beachy Head. We still have the garden to tidy - too cold again now! Karen xx

  8. What a great way to spend you anniversary, we are about to celebrate our 26th this week although we have been in love for 29 years, it was a love at first sight! Love your little vintage finds....lets hope the sun keeps shining! :) x

  9. Lovely post...the pictures were great. I love the fabric blowing on the washing line and the lost eggs - cheeky chicken!! xx

  10. Happy Anniversary ... what a gorgeous post ... full of really happy spring things ... long may the sunshine continue :) ... Bee xxx

  11. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! Happy Anniversary.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Perfect. I must say I've never heard of pompom quarterly but that cardigan looks stunning - definitely one to mull over and choose the correct yarn. And to top it all finding the eggs! Happy anniversary to you and Mr Bun x Jane

  13. Happy, happy anniversary to you! I'm so glad the sun is shining and that you are inspired by Pom Pom! That cardigan is really adorable, isn't it?


  14. Lovely curtains! How funny I found 3 swans yesterday at the boot sale. They've just been through the dishwasher and are ready for a spray.
    Have a lovely (sunny??) week.

  15. We did indeed get some happy weather, in fact we still have it!

    Huge congrats on your anniversary, and what a fabulous way to celebrate it :D

  16. It just sounds beautiful and perfect and delicious! Congrats on the long-haul xx

  17. Happy anniversary!
    and well done for running up the steps!! think I would have managed only a slow walk......!
    Daisy j x

  18. Happy Anniversary! Your day sounds like it was perfect for a wander around a seaside town. Congrats on all your finds ... the cardigan looks so delicate and pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing your own knit up. Happy Monday! Wendy :)

  19. Hello mrs B and happy Anniversary! ooh that sounds like my kind of day too...soooo wish we lived by the sea it must be lovely. That little cardi is gorgeous as are you fab finds! xx

  20. A belated happy anniversary to you both! It does sound like a lovely day; how lucky to finally see some sun!

  21. Happy Anniversary - looks like you had a lovely day!

    Nikki x

  22. What a lovely day, happy anniversary! Sarah x

  23. What a lovely way to spend a day, and Happy Anniversary too! Those beach steps look very familiar, I'm in Norfolk too - glad the sun shone for you.

  24. your blog is so jolly and bright . thanks hx

  25. Love that pom pom mag Lisa, stunning looking cardy. Glad to hear that you are persevering with the pink one still :o) Happy anniversary too, we got married on 5th April so celebrated ours too. We are heading off to Brighton for the rest of the week and hope to have an evening out, just the two of us why granny babysits! How I long to stumble across a vintage fair too, brilliant that your family love these adventures too xxx Penny

    1. oops typo I meant while granny babysits!

  26. oooh Lisa - you've described a perfect day!
    Happy anniversary to you both.
    We have a couple of days away looming (July) to celebrate our 20th (how?!) and I'm resisting counting the sleeps!
    Wonderful finds too
    fee xx

  27. What a lovely way to spend an anniversary. Is there anything nicer than vintage sheets drying in the sunshine. What a lovely blog. Sarah x

  28. Happy Anniversary Lisa x I have just been reading a few of your posts and hope that the boiler and car are sorted now. We've been battling with our old boiler too! sounds like its about to explode when we use it and are back to trying to trick it by turning heating on and then water just to get it to run hot. Love reading about your day and please slip me the name of that veggie restaurant sometime.. I'd love to try it xx Gabs


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