Thursday, 21 March 2013

This was the Day

Sometimes I wish and I wish that I had a posh camera that would do fabulous things for me. Then I could have all those amazing photos that I see in my head. Instead I know I'll have to bumble along with what I've got and settle for every now and again taking a photo that hits the mark for me. I just love a picture that's all sharp focus in the foreground and all fuzzy wuzzy in the background. In my hurry today I took one of those sort of pictures without even trying. Now isn't that an odd thing the hit and missness of it.

I picked up these wee plants up on the way home from work this afternoon. A couple of hours free between teaching and school pick up time. As I whizzed along, getting nearer to a spot of knitting and fireside cosying, I remembered the lack of henfood and corn for the ducks (who've returned again this year). They'd be mad as hell if I came back without grub so a quick detour and I'd ended up with a large broom, straw, layers pellets, corn and a few plants to make it a more exciting shop.

When I got back the postie had left me a squishy pink parcel. I'd seen a lovely floral fabric at Jane's place and here it was all wrapped up lovely with a few snippets of wallpaper.

I found a moment to squeeze in a spot knitting as I'd just been seduced by a new yarn. On Monday I went back to get enough Rowan Softknit cotton to make myself a candy pink cardi. I'm loving knitting with this. There are some fabulous strong shades to choose from, it's incredibly soft (clue in the name I guess) and looks quite ropelike which means no splitty nonsense. I'd say weight wise it's heavier than a handknit cotton and lighter than All Seasons Cotton if that helps. Whichever way I'll definately use this again if I actually finish this cardi. I love knitting and yarn, but lack the staying power needed.

Below my cardi is another new yarn, Rowan Summer Tweed. I felt drawn to this wrap in Inside Crochet and so I'm trying out a few yarns to get the right sort of drape. I've also had a wee go with some Louisa Harding Thistle that has been hanging around here for an age.

Not sure either are the One as yet, but it's a break from knitting row upon row so my eyes go all funny after a while.

When I picked up that yarn I spied some patterns for sale, shapes that would be perfect for all the girlies in the house. I like both, Little Bun likes the halter-neck and Miss Rosey is plumping for the dress.

So on the subject of stitching I have to say I was thrilled with your comments after I asked you about the Tunics. Thrilled that you like them, thrilled that some of you said you'd want one. I wore the aster print with a low belt slung round the other day. I love how easy it is to change the style of these so simply. 

I'll be adding these to my etsy shop very very soon. I will keep you posted I promise. 

After tommorow I've three whole weeks off (apart from Little Bun's 11th next week, her party and Easter that is) so stitching plans will get the go ahead. I also plan to catch up with all the wonderful blogposts I'm missing reading. It's all I can do to fit in a post of my own at the moment. To be honest my eyes are nodding off right now and my body wants to join in so with that I'll say ta ta, night night and see you soon. X


  1. Such a gorgeous post full of lovely things, craft and colour. Loving your outfit too, you look fabulous.
    Anne xx

  2. Lovely flowers, Lisa I could have the poshest camera ever and my photos would still look cr**! Enjoy your time off! :) x

  3. have a fun packed break can't wait to see all of your new creations - although you seem to have tons on the go :)

  4. All so pretty. I missed out on your last post (switching feed readers and getting horribly confused) but just wanted to add my love for your tunics. Such beautiful colours!

  5. Lovely piccys - love the fabrics and the tunic is great xx

  6. I've been looking everywhere for a tunic style dress to go over skinny jeans. Yours look great! I've used both those yarns you mention. The cotton one is lovely and soft and doesn't split but I missed the springiness of wool while I was using it. The tweed one is slightly splitty but looks and feels so lovely. Happy making!xx

  7. The tunic looks even lovelier actually worn. Love the look of the belt around it. I could definitely do with one or two in my wardrobe. Since having two babies I like the bottom covered up! Really like your primulas in the assorted containers. Fiona x

  8. Oh my ... I will be visiting your esty shop!! xxx

  9. Your tunics are most lovely - I wish I could wear such things.
    RE: camera - I bought a new one before Christmas and though not cheap, cheap, it was cheaper. First bought via the cheapest on-line site - initially thought it very, very dodgy and then read reviews and thought that I had lost my money. However, after a bit of argy-bargy, it did arrive. I also bought it through Quidco and got more money off that way and then I sold my old camera for a few pounds too! In fact my new camera was nearly free! HO ho
    Best wishes

  10. Your tunic looks lovely I can't wait to see them in your shop. Loving the wools aswell such pretty colours. Can I ask where you got the cardigan pattern from please, Lucey x

  11. Lucky you nearly at the Easter Hols! A week left here... tunic looks fab as does the cardi. I'm coveting the skirt the model is wearing with the green cardi - just my colours.
    Keep us posted on tunic status please!

  12. Love the tunic, colours and pattern are gorgeous.
    M xxxx

  13. You always have nice photos, and half the 'luck' is just having a good eye for composition. Lots of spring fabrics and yarn here today! Have a great holiday :)


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