Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swapsies & Flushes

It's been an absolute whirlimagig this week with after school girlies activities every single night. We screech into the weekend with two sets of netball training and a dance rehearsal to relax with. When did their lives overtake ours. It snuck up on us quietly before we had time to realise what was going on.

On Monday I found a spot of time to cut out some tunics to brighten up this nasty and horrid weather that's been attacking us. I'd hoped there might be a moment or two to finish them in the evenings, but instead I fell asleep on the sofa only to wake up cold and disorientated a while later.

I've rushed through the stitching of them today with only a wee bit to finish off so a full reveal as soon as they're all done. I decided to make a tunic to match my making bag so that will definately be a look for those days when I want to just blend in a bit.

Little Bun and I wrapped up some parcels early in the week as it was time to send off her Four Happy Things Swap to Alice (whose mum is Penny) and my swap to Bee. I won't show anything on here as Little Bun wants to mention it on her blog. She asked if she could join in when I first came up with the idea, so I asked Penny if Alice would be interested in swapping with her. They've really enjoyed coming up with their parcels and have put so much thought into them. Big excitement on Wednesday night when we saw that the postie had left Alice's parcel by the door for her.

Only that morning I'd collected Bee's parcel to me from the post office. When I got to work I was met with cries of you've got to open it up now before the students get in. What a wonderful start to my day. Bee had put in some wonderful things for me. The most beautiful cup and saucer, a handmade birdie brooch, fabric, cutters, buttons and sweeties. I like this swapsie thing very much indeed.

Penny sent me a gift made by her fair hands so I wouldn't be too jealous when Little Bun opened her parcel.  Mabel did a wee jig of delight in the fading sunlight.

A string of bunting worked up in the other Penny's fabulous cotton (which you can purchase from her if you prefer your cotton bright and not splitty at all). I'd asked Penny if it was shiny when I last saw her, because I don't like shiny yarn. Now I know it's not so I really like the look of this and the other Penny said it's great to work with too. So there you go.

Alongside all of this Little Bun has been planning a small fundraiser with her friends this week for Comic Relief. They decided to wear their onesies to school on Thursday. Before the day itself they raised around £60 in sponsor money. I'm immensely proud of her for getting on with it and doing something important like this, for being aware of the world we live in that needs people like her to help out. She looks out for other children at school making sure everyone is happy, she tries her best to sort arguments out calmly and checks little ones have a friend to play with if they're all alone. She takes her job of Peer Supporter very seriously, but it's always been her nature to empathise and know when someone needs a bit of kindness. She's my sunshine girl (although in this photo she's a bit sleepy as it's 7am).

Now a few quick announcements. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed my last post. I wasn't too sure if spoons would be everyone's cup of tea, but you shared some really interesting thoughts about your own family bits and bobs which I really enjoyed reading.

I have a few subtle tweaks I want to make to my blog (more a sticky note to myself to remind myself to do what I'm thinking of if I can remember what that thing was). Because as it turns out my fuzzy mind and the strange things that are happening to me are down to the thing I suspected they were. The Dr confirmed  that I'm in the peri-menopause part of my life. I'm way too early for it actually, but hey ho that's what you get for being impatient I guess.

See you soon.


  1. I love reading your blog - it's always filled with beautiful "stuff" !

  2. Love your swaps but most of all, wanted to say what a lovely girl you have. Nice to hear of "young'uns" still with a sweet nature. Golly to the menopausal bit, hope it's not too much of a pain. Have a lovely weekend (with some rest!)
    Hen x

  3. It's a sad day when you realise your children have better social lives than you isn't it! Love your swapsies, what an exciting parcel to receive. As for the menopausal stuff, I guess the sooner you get to it the sooner it's over! Have a lovely weekend. Julie x

  4. Can't wait to see your tunics Lisa! The fabrics are gorgeous! Is it your own pattern?
    Victoria xx

  5. What a fab swap, lovely tunic making - where did you find your pattern?
    As for Early Menopause yep been there...due to my health situation I nose dived into it at 39... game over... luckily I have a great Medical Herbalist because it really complicated my situation... simple herbs work really well to support the body through normal peri/menopausal symptoms... Just wish I'd known it might have happened to me sooner so I could have prepared my body.
    At least you now know and there is loads you can do to support your body through this change...
    Smiles and hugs Cx

  6. Oh Lisa, We moved on from our sons' sporting activities taking over our weekend lives, to helping out with running around with the grandchildren (now in NZ) any day of the week; now I feel my mum has taken over! As they say, if it's not one thing it's your Mother!!

    Another lovely colourful post, brightened up my dull blustery Saturday morning! Ta-ta, I'm off to sort mum out!!

  7. A plethora of delights as always - lovely crochet bunting. Colour lends itself to this time of year (especially if it is a dank day like today!). Re: Spoons - they are lovely and an dip back into times past. I use our pickle fork all the time and really tarnished, bent ones I use as markers in the garden!
    Best wishes

  8. What an exciting week! How sweet that Penny put a little extra in just for you - it just goes to show what a generous bunch of people are out there. Well done to Little Bun on raising all that money - she should be very proud. 'Boo' to the menopause. Take care x Jane

  9. I'm feeling confused with all these Penny's ;o) Your mini bunting looks good in your beautiful home, I'm so pleased you like it. Love your swaps from Bee too and your fabric collection never cease to amaze me at their beauty Lisa.
    I'm so pleased that your GP got down to the bottom of what was going on with your feeling low and sometimes fuzzy. I was just talking to a colleague about menopause yesterday, she is 50 and she had some interesting stories to enlighten me with. All of a sudden my age dawned on me again, I think I am in serious denial about aging as surely I'm no older than 18?!! Oh and having Alice and her crazy social life is a gentle reminder that the circle of life carries on.
    Take care and I hope you have a restful weekend after such a whizzy week xox Penny

    1. ps. I meant to say that Little Bun is truly a sunshine girl,showing empathy and being kind is one of the most important characteristics in life as far as I am concerned, something I hope I have instilled in Alice's life too x

  10. What pretty bright bunting! You are deservedly proud of such a lovely smiley girl with a kind heart and the prettiest onesie!

  11. Your swaps look fab, I'm still to put mine together, hopefully rectified this week, I'm very lax these days I'm at the sticky note stage too, just waiting for the day I definitely loose my marbles! Not long now I think!
    We watched Comic Relief last night and Eldest Bea donated a good chunk of her pocket money that's she's been saving up, she's very generous with things like this, oh and she always shares her chocolate! I've just dragged another old suitcase into the house, much to the dismay of Mr Bea and the girls.....yep definitely at the sticky note stage in my life! :) x

  12. Hi I would love to know what little bun's blog is so I can on over and see her swap pressies?

  13. Snap!!! I have the same onesie!! xxx

  14. Because I absolutely adore your blog (so many colourful pictures) I've become a Bobo Bun-follower.

    If you're interested in a litte bird-friend for Bobo, you can have a peak at:

    Since I'm desperately looking for new followers, I've organizes a double giveaway. Dealine=20/03.

  15. I'm terribly sorry, just discoverd two mistakes in previous entry:
    "little" of course and "organized" and god knows how many other mistakes.

    English is not my mother language, you see.


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