Saturday, 2 March 2013


Back on with the usual old routines this week plus a few extras thrown in. All I wanted to do was make things and get lost in fabric, yarn and colour, but it wasn't to be. I'm at Little Vintage Lover Fair in Dragon Hall in oohhhh three weeks time and I've not even started on the making for that yet. Best get my bum into action had I not. 

Do you ever get that thing where colours beckon you? For a couple of weeks I've been thinking about a colour mix I don't usually go for. All blues, brown, coffee, pink and hopefully a spot of mustard thrown in. I want to crochet something with these colours, but I'm not sure what yet. While I work it out I've been searching for the colours. Annoyingly I can't find the exact shades in thick enough yarn (I fancy something soft and spongy if you know what I mean) so I've gone for finer DK.

While I ponder what I'm going to do with these balls I'm trying to get past this blip where I don't know what to start on next. There are tons of unfinished's around, but they're not inspiring me (that's why they're unfinished things). I was being constantly asked by my Mr when his seagulls scarf would be finished. Realistically - never - I thought. After three colour changes I'd got really bored with it. Making it for the love of him didn't inspire me either so I handed it over to my mum who knits quickly. In a week it's done and dusted. I imagine he's wearing it right now as he's over there having breakfast while Miss Rosey plays netball. I'll be doing the dance class shift with Little Bun later on.

When all else fails I grab a few bits and bobs scatter them about and have a think. In a spare hour on my day off I gave this a go and do you know it worked.

I tidied up a few scraps from the bag hiding under the kitchen table. Played around with them and then decided a new garland was needed. I think I'll try and get my oompph under way by stitching this up this morning.

Before I go, here are a few token recent finds pictures and shots of pretty flowers.

The ranucula's and anenomes were added to cheer me up after yet another dentisty session yesterday.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to look for inspiration.


  1. The colours of your anenomes are beautiful and look lovely in that jug. Look forward to seeing finished garland. Have a lovely weekend. Julie x

  2. Oooh I LOVE that jug!
    Hope you squeeze some making in this weekend.

  3. The colours of the yarn in your basket are gorgeous! I'm always drawn to blues, denim, slate and duck egg blues especially.

    I adore the Anenomes, they are divine.

    I'm at a Vintage fair at the end of the month too so it's all systems go getting some stitched Eastery items together, I'm loving it.


  4. I know what you mean...I can spend ages flitting from one thing to another, perhaps I'm a 'creative butterfly'! Yep, like that lazy so and so! :) x

  5. I love anemones ... they always remind me of my great Grandma... Have a lovely weekend. Cx

  6. Lovely Jug, great colour. Good luck with the Garland, I have loads of unfinished projects creeping up on me too!

  7. Hope you find your inspiration - I'm sure you will with so much lovely stuff around you x

  8. Ranunculus and and anemones, possibly my two favourite to-look-at flowers (as opposed to freesias and sweet peas to sniff!) How lovely. I have a few organisational things to do tomorrow, lunch to get on the go, then shall be stitch-stitch-stitching at last, and about time too! Each time I read your blog you are whipping up something else - and all this while working and running a family too! I have no excuse!

  9. I know what you mean about unfinished things , my brain goes into hyper-drive but the hands just don't seem to be able to keep up lol xx

    Bev x

  10. Dear Bobo
    I think every crafter will have be nodding in agreement about the many different unfinished projects always floating around. Perhaps they'll get finished one day...
    I have just posted about your lovely Four Happy Things Swap which was fantastic. Thank you so much for doing the hard bit of organising it!
    Best wishes

  11. I also always have lots of UFOs (or I prefer to call them WIPS even if I've done nothing with them for ages!). I love the yarn you have chosen, it looks lovely as do all your fabrics.
    M xxxx

  12. I'm anxious to get into some creativity too, but time is always against me. I have one day to myself (sort of) on the weekend, but end up fussing over house and laundry and never get down to the things I love. I hope you can carve out your time to get your craft fair projects complete :) Wendy


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