Friday, 8 March 2013

Minnie the Moocher

Coughs, sneezes and very achey bones have taken over my body this week. Little Bun has been hit too, just in time for my day off, which is good timing for her to have a sofa day with mumma. My Mr has taken Miss Rosey to school in the car so we're well and truly at home today with no means of escape. I'm not moaning in any way shape or form as I've wanted a proper home day where I can rest, stitch and do as I please for a long old while now. 

I have managed to get a wee bit of stitchery done lately, but to be honest I've been lacking motivation and inspiration. I'm not sure if being motivated leads to inspiration or if failing to be inspired saps any motivation I might otherwise have had. All week I've planned today as being the day I get it back as I miss my making mojo. I've quite a few things I can be getting on with. I just need to focus on which one and not get easily distracted, apart from cuddles with my sweet girl.

The sunny weather we had over the weekend did give me a wee push to look out my sunshine fabrics and run up a taking projects out and about bag. I've held on to the blue, orange and yellow floral fabric for a while now. Do you have fabric you love so much that you put off cutting into it in case you regret it? This is one of them for me, but in the end I settled on a bag so I'd have it all the time. There's still a fair bit left which could make a tunic for me or if I'm feeling superbly generous - a dress for Miss Rosey - who also likes it.

With my cheery bag in hand I just need to sort myself out now. I'm not sad or low, just not myself you see. I'm in an ok in the middle kind of mood and I want to be a more woohoo lets get on with life kind of me again.

I usually try to avoid talking in too much depth about my feelings, family happenings and life in general for several reasons (which I'm sure is the same for all of us) -
  • My blog is a place I choose to write about all the good stuff and the creative parts of my life.
  • I don't like having a public moan for obvious reasons. Ironically this can lead to some people thinking the person who only talks about the good has a star spangled life in blogland.
  • I also think anyone who visits my blog doesn't come to hear a moaning minnie.
So don't be afeared, I'm not going to moan, but I do feel I need to explain myself a bit so my mood makes sense. I thought I would just say how I feel at the moment.  It's all something and nothing really. I've struggled to write an upbeat post all week, although I've wanted to blog. I've not commented on other blogs for a while and have barely read any lately as I just can't find the time or inclination to do anything much. I race from thing to thing not accomplishing half the stuff I want and need to do. All life feels like at the moment is school run, work, buy food, clean the house, feed people and animals then fall asleep on the sofa. I want to find my va voom for thinking up new ideas, hatching plans, seeing friends, wasting time just because I'm having fun and not just dealing with all the have to do stuff.

I'm hoping that hormones are the reason for my oddness as I can't quite put my finger on it. I really do want to find a solution soon as I'm sure life wasn't always so busy that there was little time left for any of the feel good things. I decided on a Dr trip next week for blood tests and whatnot. I think I last went to the Dr for me when I was pregnant with Little Bun.

Right I've got to the stage where I'm fed up writing this, you've probably got fed up before me reading it so let's move on. I just thought a bit of honesty might not be a bad thing for a change and some of you might say don't worry I feel just the same, then I would think that's ok then. Reading this back, it sounds like self-indulgent nonsense now anyway. 

Before I pop off here's the proof that my mum's a much quicker knitter than me. Mr Bun was given his Seagulls scarf last Saturday, much to his delight. Even better Alfie Blue was given one to match his best ever mate in the whole wide worlds scarf. Two happy fella's indeed.


  1. Totally agree, I love an upbeat blog & try to do the same on mine...we've all got our own problems and dont kinda think anyone else wants to hear them but sometimes you've just gotta let rip and shout from the roof tops and hopefully your fine self will shine on through....take care my dear and soon you will be feeling tip top & crafting like a demon Rxxxx

  2. Oh Lisa ... I do hope you feel better and get your va voom back soon ... do you think it might be the time of year ... waiting so patiently for spring and all the happiness and buzz it brings ... we were treated with lovely weather last week and popped off to the beach for the day ... it was the first proper outdoor time we had in an age and it was lovely ... now again the rain is pouring down, it is cold and miserable and my mood has changed with it ... I think we are more attune to the seasons than we imagine.

    Wishing you heaps of happiness ... and fun too ... Bee xx

  3. I try to do the same as you and keep upbeat on my blog but sometimes you just can't do that and I think its better to be honest with readers that life isn't always wonderful - most understand and those that don't weren't worth worrying about to be honest.

    Here's hoping the sunshine and your va-va-voom come back very soon :)

  4. I hope that you are better soon. I suffered from excessive tiredness after being ill last year and blood tests showed lack of iron. Also, get B12 tested as this apparantly according to a recent radio programme can cause tiredness.

  5. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a little chunter on your blog from time to time - it is, after all, your very own corner of the internet.

    If it's any consolation, I feel quite lack lustre at the moment too. I'm sure it's cyclical - not necessarily hormones, just a natural cycle of highs and lows. It's a funny time of year too - we're perched on the edge of Spring and it's new beginnings but just ... not ... quite ... there ... yet!!!

    Your va va voom will return, I'm sure. In the meantime, enjoy your moochy day.

    I love your bag. That fabric is quite simply the loveliest I've seen for a while.

    Heather x

  6. Hello Lisa, just say it like it is, and get it off your chest, it's not like you do it all the time, in fact, you never do!

    we all lose our mojo sometimes, hope you get yours back soon ... after all, spring's just round the corner!

    Lots of love, Claire xxx

  7. Hey Lisa,

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling yourself at the mo. I do agree with the others and it could be this time of year. Being treated to some sunshine for a few days then plunged back into what feels very much like winter can cause havoc with our moods I think.

    As for having a "moan" on your blog (not that I thought your post was moany at all just telling it like it is. It is your space and sometimes you just need to either vent or explain. And judging by other bloggers and commenters around blogland a bit of RL is seen as being just honest rather than keeping everything light all the time. But like all things its upto the individual what they put out there.

    We've certainly had a few ups and downs lately and I didnt blog for a little while, sometimes you just need to step back.

    Hope you and Little bun feel better soon. And that you get your creative energy (and energy in general) back.

    Take care.

    P x

    p.s Well done to your mum, your man and his best friend look very happy with their scarves!

  8. Totally agree! Blogs are our happy places but acknowledging their partial couverage of our lives is important sometimes. It is very easy to get bogged down in the need-to-do and not make it as far as the want-to-do. Or equally as unsettling be lured into the want-to-do so much that the need-to-do falls by the wayside and you have the stress of trying to squeeze it all in at once. As in all things I suppose it is balance balance balance. I wish I could listen to myself sometimes!

    Eleanor xx

  9. Hoping it is a lack of Iron or B12 easily sorted to renew you to your former vigour... hugs to you... Love the fabric and yes I'm still at the too scared to cut stage with all my larger bits of fabric... but not found a dress od skirt pattern yet either...

  10. Hi Lisa - I am feeling the same at the moment hence I haven't posted for a while as I am also caught up in a continual treadmill household chores. I also feel like I could do with more exercise, fresh air etc etc but lack the motivation to get on with it. I am hoping that a trip to the sea will put me back on track. I find that cold like viruses can hang about ages and make me feel all lethargic and just not quite right. Hope things go well at the doctor's. Lily. xxx

  11. Good on you for getting it off your chest, I think you're not alone in feeling rather lack lustre at this difficult time of year. I do agree, blog reading is about being cheery for me but the odd heart to heart or moan just shows you're human. Love those bright colours you've shown and also that rare (half!) photo of your other half and Mr Alfie Blue. Hope you have a relaxing and inspiring weekend. Give it time and Im sure you'll be back to your old self.
    Hen x

  12. It's a grotty time of year when the weather's like this PLUS sounds like you've had a grotty virus PLUS as us women know hormones can make you feel grottier than ever - but it sounds like you've done the right thing to get it checked out. Your photo at the end made me chuckle - I thought little Alfie was sticking his tongue out in protest - then I saw it was a stripe on the scarf (think I need stronger glasses!) Big hugs x Jane

  13. It's not just me then!
    Hopefully when the sun starts to shine we will be back to our happy selves, until then we are entitled to a little moan now and again

    : )

  14. Hi Lisa, oh, y'know, the odd rant doesn't hurt, as long as you don't make a meal of it. I think we are all feeling a bit ..... ready for spring, probably, a bit overwhelmed by the ton of stuff we have on our plates, throw in the hormones and splat, there you are, fed up, de-motivated and stuck in a rut.

    Everything changes, we get over it. And no-one is the worse for you having a bit of a chunter, as Heather put it.Your mojo will return. When it does, ask it where mine is, willya?

  15. I am soooooo ready for some sunshine and warmer temperatures, think most of us feel a bit fed up, out of sorts at this time of year. Indulge away Lisa, after all most of your posts are full of joyful stuff, a little moaning won't hurt us!
    I swear by Vitamin D, since I started taking it, 3years now I haven't had one cold! The consultant at the hospital calls me Miss Sunshine, I radiate so much Vit D! Have a restful weekend Sweetheart, hope things start to get better soon for you! :) x

  16. Hell Lisa - gosh that struck a chord. I've been lacking va-va-voom for eons, hence my recent lack of blogging too. Can really empathise with you. So admire you for keeping at it and brightening the week with your lovely creations.

    I am just about emerging I feel, I think this cold weather has put me of photographing much and my inspiration as been severely lacking. I'm hoping March will bring "madness" and lift me from the malaise.

    Hope the doc helps you out. Take care of yourself and have a cosy, creative weekend.
    Love Steph xxx

  17. oops - that'll be hello. Not hell!

  18. Tell Mr Bun to put his tongue away!
    Hope that made you smile. We had a sunny start to the week down here and that makes a huge difference to my motivation levels. Like you I'm a virtual stranger at the docs and I'm amazed at all the recommendations you've had on here for potions and the like. Personally I'd recommend a few large drinks, some sunshine and a spot of time by yourself to make and potter uninterrupted.
    Hoping you have a cheery weekend.

  19. I hope you are feeling better soon, full of the joys of Spring so to speak. Hang in there, be a little self indulgent. I think it's quite o.k. to be self indulgent once in a while after all you spend an awful amount of time caring for the needs of others in mothering, the wife thing, teaching in your case.
    Wishing you sunshine and warm days.
    Anne xx

  20. Hope you feel better soon and rediscover your mojo! Life can be utterly draining can't it. Wishing you happier healthier days soon :-)

  21. I think it's been a weary sort of winter; too much gloom and dank for anyone. I hope you feel more yourself soon and that we all get some sunshine!

  22. Dearest Lisa
    I sometimes have to rant a bit on my blog and its completely fine I think. I was feeling so tired and uninspired this week too and last night I wanted to start to crochet something but had zero desire and I know that i am just sooooo tired at the end of the week. I had grand plans for my evenings this past week but had to give into needing the sleep. I am So fed up with the grey and gloom its driving me dotty. I really thinks this dampens us creative souls, we need liht and sunny shine to lift us into creativity. Hopefully your GP will do a thorough set of bloods for you, you might even be a little iron deficient which not only makes you tired but can dampen your spirits too. Do take care and know that you can always be yourself and honest on your blog. Its the human-ness that I like about blogs.
    Loving the fabric for your bag and well done on your mum completing the seagulls scarf. I am ashamed to say we have a bought one from the club shop which Alice wears and will be tomorrow when she and Andy go to the Palace game. I think I might show Andy Mr. Bun's and see if he's like something similar. Love Alfie blue's one, too sweet.
    Take care and be gentle with yourself,big hugs xox P
    ps.So sorry but M's parcel will be sent this week, I just didn't have time to go to the post office x

  23. OMG you could be me, I having been thinking it's time to stop blogging.....still not sure what to do. I haven't made anything creative for ages, I'm floundering really. Like you I try and keep my blog positive, but am not very positive at the moment. Oddly enough I thing it might be the end of season thing, for me end of Summer, and the beginning of Autumn, I love Autumn, but it is still very hot one day, and much cooler the next.I'm going now to pull my fabrics out and make something, not sure what, but something that might be the cure. I hope you feeling better and more centred, time to give yourself a treat, Aunt Bee.

  24. I really hope you feel back to normal soon; could well be hormones (sounds horribly familiar) and hopefully the doc can help you next week. To be far the relentless grey of this week is not helping - I've felt positively angry most of the day and none of my family having done anything to warrant such a level of grump from me. Even time spent doing my favourite hobbies hasn't helped. I think maybe an early night is in order for me!

    Have a lovely Mothers Day tomorrow regardless!

  25. I see I've been beaten to the vitamin D recommendation ... I'd put money on it helping. We're all sun deprived!!

    And there is a huge difference between just talking about stuff that's happening and moaning about it. The former is what keeps it real :D

    Hugs x

  26. It sounds to me as if you have the pre-spring blues...they do exist although others scoff at this! Its nothing mystical except the change of seasons, the moon also has a lot to do with it the same as it has to do with the tides. It is also supposed to effect women more than men! If you add a nasty bout of flu or other virus to this as well then you have super pre-spring blues so you have a good excuse to feel strange!
    When the sun shines nicely ,the birds tweet about joy and the spring officially arrives you have to feel better. :-)

    keep well



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