Saturday, 23 March 2013

Gliding gently into Saturday

Saturday morning bliss. Just a wee moment running from bed - down the stairs, across cold tiles, grabbing a hot coffee and one quick leap back into that cosy bed.

Knitting for a while before grabbing my kindle to watch old tv series I've saved on there (Kingdom today).

Then Mr Bun draws the short straw and he's the chosen one to take Miss Rosey to netball club. Alfie Blue and I decide bed's best for a bit longer as it's blowing a blizzard out there. Little Bun's tucked up in her bed watching One Foot in the Grave on grandad's portable dvd player. They love the oldies our girls.

Finally Little Bun's grumbling tum means I'd better get up and start the day. I light both the fires and feel instantly better about leaving my lovely bed.

After breakfast we Easter up the fridge as the first pressing thing to do. I promise to get something sticky and twiggy for Monday to make an Easter tree. Next week will be a nutty week of end of term stuff, Little Bun's birthday and her party squished in the middle of Easter. Thank goodness I've got the week off work as lots of baking and making to be done.

I've also some more fabric to play with next week. I added a few more bits to the pile yesterday. Always need to grab the spotty stuff when I see some.

I also found some trims that I couldn't resist. I love love love the yellow you know.

So easy to beat that nasty cold weather when you can huddle up inside and keep the world at arms length.

Keep warm and here's to sunshine, warmth and open windows arriving very very soon.


  1. Adore your little knitted egg cozy and chick. I pulled out my crochet hook to get handy with a dog sweater this week and it ended up turning into a bit of a flub BUT a fun post it made. I am off now to check out some of your back posts ~as your new follower :)

  2. Love the bright yellow lace......can I ask where you bought it from ?

  3. Your home's so lovely Lisa, and love all the decorative touches you're adding for Easter. I have the radio too!

    Enjoy your Sunday, hope it gets a bit warmer soon ...

    Love Claire xx

  4. It always feels so indulgent to steal a few extra minutes in bed doesn't it. That just what I'm doing now.

  5. what a lovely start to the day - it sounds like you have lots of fun crafty things up your sleeve for Easter x

  6. ooh that bright yellow lace is gorgeous, as is your pile of fabric!!!

    Nikki x

  7. Sounds like the perfect day, love the trims especially the bright yellow lace, very Easter! catx

  8. I agree with Catherine - perfect! I bet you were thrilled that Mr Bun had to do the netball run. Keep warm and cosy x Jane

  9. It's always so nice to have that extra bit of cozy time in bed in the morning! Sounds like a busy, but fun week ahead of you ... lovely shots of 'corners' of your home :) Wendy

  10. I'm hiding in vintage sheets and refuse to come out until this nasty white stuff disappears, might be hiding a the fabric and trims! :) x

  11. Sounds like a perfect beginning to any Saturday Lisa. I love your bright pink cardy that you are knitting, really cheery in amongst the grey skies. As for all your fabric, you certainly have an eye for beautiful eclectic colours and patterns.
    I bet Miss Rosey is good at netball because of her height, I played all the way through high school and was goal shoot because I was considered one of the taller girls at 5'7". I loved netball and was thinking of maybe joining a group in Hastings this Spring/Summer.
    Have a wonderful week off, I am crazy busy at work this week, up to London for a Dietetics Association committee meeting on Thursday and too many projects to finish and my favourite bit,patients to see. Enjoy your time at home and party prep forlittle Bun xox Penny

  12. We here in Kansas are also having a blizzard overnight and this morning...pretty but ready for it to all go away! I love the fabrics dots are my absolute favorites and I use them for all my bias on my quilt edges and also on my quilt as you go baby quilts. They just brighten my day. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  13. Oh love the floral fabrics and those lovely trims ... gorgeous ... Bee xx

  14. You have some beautiful fabrics there, I hope you're enjoying the rest of the weekend in front of the fire. It's so chilly out! x

  15. Hello. Love the knitted ear egg cosies. Can you tell me where the pattern comes from? There's still time for me to knit a few before next weekend. Thanks so much, Shelley

  16. Sounds like a perfect start to a weekend, hot coffee and back to bed! Love the fabrics you have there too.

  17. Loving those fabrics!! well I found another way to keep warm... invite 19 friends round for the afternoon to play games, crochet and make corsages in a teeny tiny space... bitter outside but very cosy in! Cx


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