Thursday, 28 March 2013


Tommorow our sunshine girl Little Bun turns ELEVEN. To say she's gone to bed very excited is an understatement. How perfect is it that school broke up today and so no school on her birthday. Her birthday has come full circle as she was born at home on Maundy Thursday. 

Alongside birthday plans, there's been Easter to sort out and a farm party with a picnic for 10 kids.

We've enjoyed adding Easter cheer here and there.

The Bun's decorated a few twigs to turn into an Easter Tree and then went all out mental by covering the cupboard with every fluffy chick they could find. I've been editing it down today and they don't seem to have noticed - yet.

I've also added a few new things. Pretty pink straws and delicious stripey cups to add even more cheer to the birthday table.

Anything to bring the sunshine in at the moment wouldn't you say? Right now it's got to the silly cold bit. On Monday I lit the coal fire first thing and Alfie sat on the hearth singeing himself. He didn't argue when I dragged his bed in for him. He has one heck of a good life that boy.

See you over the weekend sometime I'm sure. I'm busy sorting out my etsy shop with tunics and plan to have them all ready before the weeks out. Before that we'll be busy partying hard 11 year old style.


  1. Oh, look at that face - your Alfie is so adorable!!! Happy Birthday to your sunshine girl and hope she has a great party. Mel x

  2. Alfie is so cute!!! We've had our fire lit too, it is just so cold at the moment.

    Happy Birthday to the sunshine girl!

    Nikki x

  3. Alfie knows the right place to be! Lovely sunshine pictures...... we do need that! x

  4. Alfie is certainly in the right place... Harry hasn't left the fireside this week either! Hope Little Bun has a fab birthday and you all have a great easter. Julie x

  5. ~How special for your 'wee' girl to be a celebrating at Easter time...Have a super duper party! with the youngsters...hehe....LOVE Alfie! so cute and so wise too! With 'Twinkles' Maria x

  6. Happy Birthday to your youngest, hope she has the most fantastic time.

    We have just about managed to easter up the dinningroom, some fallen twigs from our local park foraged yesterday in small flurries of snow. A bit of white paint and glitter and press go on the girls with the decs! lol. I have a few more little eggs for them to decorate.

    I love how your house looks, it always looks so happy vibrant and welcoming with the easter decorations it looks even more jolly.

    I don't blame your dog for not wanting to move from the fire. Its too cold brrr.

    Happy Easter to you all.

    P x

  7. Happy birthday wishes to your daughter, hope all have lots of fun at the party!
    Lisa x

  8. Happy birthday to Little Bun ... I hope you all have a lovely day ... and Alfie Blue is so cute ... snuggled up by the fire ... wishing you a wonderful Easter ... Bee xx

  9. Happy Birthday to Little Bun - and who needs sun with all your cheery decorations?!

  10. have fun partying....everything looks gorgeous!;) Happy Easter to you all x

  11. Happy birthday littlest bun! x
    we have two dogs and an old cat vying for prime hearth position here! It's lovely having a proper fire, but I too, long for that lovely open window Spring weather!!
    Happy Easter to you all too x

  12. Just catching up here :) Happy Birthday Littlest Bun ... I do hope you've had an awesome day :D

  13. Have a wonderful birthday, Little Bun. Hope it warms up for that farm visit. Karen xx

  14. Happy birthday sweet little Bun, have a wonderful celebratory day!
    Oh Lisa, Alfie Blue is too adorable, what a life hey....I don't blame him getting cosy with this hideous cold weather. Have a very blessed Easter and family time together xox Penny
    {Always love visiting here and seeing sneak peeks into all your pretty rooms}

  15. Alfie is the most gorgeous little thing ever. I have bi polar and have been quite down to and after seeing Alfie's little face it cheered me up

  16. Happy Birthday Not-so-little Bun! Hoping you all have a lovely Easter break.

  17. Hope Little Bun had a great birthday, and you've stuffed yourself silly with eggs! :) x


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