Saturday, 23 February 2013

Weekly Woohoo

It's getting icy cold around these parts. A seriously silly cold that makes our teeth chatter whenever we're brave enough to go outside. This week I thought a bit of pretend spring and summer was needed so I dotted a few primulas about and plonked pink roses in a vase.

We've had a lovely week taking it easy, having time away from routine and rush. In the middle of the week we went to see a lovely exhibition at the castle with exhibits from the V & A about magic and children's literature. We also had a look at some landscapes as Miss Rosey needs to learn how to paint clouds for her art project at school

Afterwards I'd booked us into a family creative writing workshop run by lecturers from the University. As the UEA has a renowned MA in Creative Writing I thought it might be good. First sight of the Phd student wearing a t-shirt which shouted Trust me I'm a Jedi and I did a huge inward groan. The lecturer, who specialised in children's literature, claimed that adults don't appreciate the pictures in children's books. Well I had something to say about that one. She pronounced me unusual for enjoying the pictures as much as the story. We had a bit of a debate on that one too. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous. The whole thing was pretty uninspiring, the Bun's joined in and seemed to enjoy it, I ate a lot of mints and looked at my watch.

Another important thing we had to do this week was go and rescue a wee bear we'd seen in a charity shop. No pictures as he's snuggled away in Miss Rosey's bed. While we were there I found a leafy glass and three pretty fruit bowls hidden at the back of the shop. Just the right size for tinned peaches and cream.

Apart from that it's been a lazy kind of old week which we needed. All the same I made sure I spent most of Monday finishing off the Spring Windmills quilt. I've really got into this quilt making malarkey and am already itching to make up the other two that are playing about in my head. Mr Bun asked me in a mock sad voice to not make anymore for a bit. Quilting means I'm tucked away at the table ignoring everyone in my obsession. Knitting and crochet mean I can be a bit more sociable.

I opted for handtying the middle of the windmills with yellow floss and stitched in the ditch along both sides of the squares.

I backed this one with a cream and pink striped Witney blanket. I love the warmth and weight, but also how much easier it is to work with two layers instead of three. I now need to search out a few more blankets as I've only got three left to quilt with. That's if I let this obsession run away with me.

For binding I'm pretty much always drawn to spots. Nothing else seems to look right to me. Handstitching the binding onto the back of the quilt is my favourite part. I get to snuggle under the quilt and just switch off as I race along each of the edges with my needle. Then all of a sudden it's finished and my silly brain is wandering off to dream of new shapes and colours.


  1. Your home and quilts look so lovely and cheerful, we need it today, it's very cold and grey and snowing in Suffolk! Julie x

  2. I love your quilt Lisa. I'm enjoying patchwork at the moment but I can feel a quilt coming on!

  3. I love the colours of your quilts; my favourite bit is the tiny secret tufts at the centre of the windmills! I agree about hand stitching the binding - I recently finished two vast (2m each side) quilts fir my girls and hand finishing thiose was glorious - and excuse to sit wrapped up in a great big quilt for hours and hours. Lovely!

  4. I have been reading your lovely blog for a while, it's always so lovely and colourful and inspiring! Just love your quilts.
    M xxx

  5. What an absolute beauty Lisa, I love the windmills as they whirl through all those pretty fabric combinations. Clever idea using Witney blankets, they are so warm and weighty which I'm sure helps. As for the lecturer I think i would have had a serious word with her about illustrations in childrens books,my goodness this is mostly the reason why we still continue to buy them! I have spent many hours cumulatively over the years of Alice's life chatting through the illustrations sometimes more than the story! It's so bad to say things like this to our kids, when last did she get out of the Uni and actually speak to parents? Grrr it makes me get on my high horse....
    Really pleased that you all have had a lovely week together, enjoy these last couple of days xox Penelope

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I also enjoy your colourful and crafty space you have here. Your quilt is just lovely and I adore the pinwheels. I'm only just learning to sew and find it tricky to get that time away from the family so agree with what you say about knitting and crocheting being a bit more social. Have a lovely weekend!

    Mel x

  7. I agree with your comments about the lecturer! There are many who appreciate the illustrations in childrens books. How many people love Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh, Rupert and others not just for the stories. Whenever I go to a bookshop I always look at the books for youngsters as I love the bright illustrations even though KP is now 12. Love your blanket.

  8. What a beautiful quilt, I know where you are coming from with red and white polka dots, It seems to match most colours and patterns and really finishes off a crafty project just right. It looks so cosy and love the windmills.

    As for the lecturer Pah! Of course illustrations are appealing to adults as much as children. How many books do my girls own that I would never part with because of the gorgeous sometimes magical other whimsical illustrations. They make a story come alive for parents and children alike. And although yes I read novel and the such like as a grownup and don't necessarily need visual reference I am sucker for a good home mag for visual pleasure. I dont think you ever really grow out of enjoying these pleasures. Daft woman no wonder you pulled her up short about it.

    Sounds like you guys had a great week nothing like slowing the pace down for awhile.

    P x

  9. Your quilt is gorgeous. I overheard a lady in a charity shop the other day asking if they had any wool blankets - I was dying to ask her if she was using them to back a quilt but thought she might be a little bit taken aback! And as someone who adores children's book illustration I can only imagine the person who said adults don't has no children and is therefore unaware of the mass of artistic talent out there - silly lady. Loving your kitchen dresser x Jane

  10. LOVING that quilt, Lisa! And what a spiffing idea to back it with a much easier to layer up that way.

    Is it my imagination or have you tinkered with your blog layout? It looks very crisp and new today. (Cleaned my specs too....coincidence???)

    What a load of twaddle that lecturer spoke! I buy LOADS of childrens' books mostly for the illustrations! And not just because the grandchildren enjoy reading/having them read to them. I buy them just to drool over, or to inspire my appliqué motif-drawing. Where was she coming from??

  11. I agree with every one else's comments......bah humbug!!! Oh I'd love a snuggle under your quilt backed with a blanket what a good idea,love the little primula such a pretty face, Lucy xxx

  12. Silly lecturer! I have to admit that when choosing children's books I'm always drawn into the illustrations first, then I read the story hoping that it is a lovely as the pictures. It's tough when the story is a little weak and, I have overlooked that fact sometimes if the illustrations are really fab.
    Your photos are so pretty that I've gone into skippy mode around the house :)


  13. I just love the way you use colour! The fabrics that you choose and the way you mix and match them ... fubuloso (as my daughter has taken to saying ... clearly it's rubbed off on me!)

    How's the not so itchy Alfie Blue these days? All recovered?

  14. Oops, meant to say, I collect unusual children's picture books for the pictures! Pah! What do PhD students know!!

  15. Hi, sorry to hear you had a bad experience at your local uni, I've met my fair share of closed minded lecturers and socially awkward PhD students too but don't let it put you off visiting universities in future because not everyone is like that. Plus it's good for these lecturers to hear some real opinions which differ from their own sweeping generalisations, many of them get so complacent in what they do with very little basis in reality, it's good for them to hear something that takes them out of their comfort zone.

    Love your blog and always enjoy reading your posts x

  16. No wonder you disagreed with that silly statement about children's books, they must be living in a bubble! Gorgeous needlework as ever.xx

  17. Sounds like you have had a lovely week. I made my first ever skirt this week, with a made up pattern in my is a bit wonky but won't show under a cardy. Love the colours in your quilt and the idea of using a blanket....saves fabric on the back and also more cosy! ..great idea! Karen x

  18. Your quilt is beautiful, totally agree about the spots. And all the colour at your place is superb, we are having torrential rain all week, it is muggy and in about two minutes everything will be mouldy. mel x

  19. Totally agree with you about the pictures in children's books. I love the illustrations in many of my boys books. Your quilt is looking gorgeous. I'm desperate to start on one myself but finding it tricky with two little ones to look after now and I've been spending my evenings stitching small things for my etsy shop. But must get started on quilt. Love the idea of a blanket back. Fiona x

  20. What a lovely colurful your choice of fabrics & with you all the way for abit of spotty edging.
    How is the equally lovely Alfie Blue? Always nice to see his pics - looking cutsie with his little tongue hanging out.
    Have a good week!

  21. That lecturer obviously didn't know WHAT she was talking about, I'm glad you were able to discuss the issue with her!
    Your quilt is fab, I love all those colours together! It reminds me of a circus! Have a good week! :) x

  22. Ha ha - that creative writing session sounds exactly like I imagined it would be...but what a shame. It should be a BRILLIANT thing to do.
    Who doesn't like the pictures as much as/more than the words? weirdo.
    I have indeed got the bug...the wool was the Amy Butler organic for Rowan I scooped up at half price in the JL sale. Some is aaran and some just cotton/wool.
    Jane is also addicted to making these wonderful patchworky blankets - I've told her in no uncertain terms to say NO when I beg her to teach me.
    Fee x

  23. What a disappointment the creative writing must've been. I too thought it sounded like a special endeavor to get into with your own kids! Silly lecturer ... of course adults love the pictures, and appreciate them even more than kids sometimes! It's adults who created the pictures in the first place, so of course some of us would appreciate that! Anyway ... your quilt looks so snuggly and warm, and I love the way you quilted it, 'quick and easy' (I know it took time really to do all that work). I hope your family can bear to 'lose' you again in your next projects! Wendy

  24. What an extraordinary statement by the lecturer; who do they think chooses to buy illustrated picture books if not the adults and we're drawn to the pictures just as much as the little ones! Hmm glad you had the chance to present an alternative point of view.

    As for the quilting; yes I think you're going to need more blankets'

  25. The quilts are beautiful, I like the idea of only using a blanket to back it, much easier i would have thought. One day....! Heather x


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