Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Lesser Plaited Snood

I've wanted a snood, cowl or neck warmy tube thing for a while now. When I saw a plaited snood in Inside Crochet I knew I'd found just the design to get me whipping one up. 

All I had to do was work three strips up on a chunky 10mm hook. Once they were all finished it was down to the first hard part of pinning, plaiting and then sewing all the strips together in a random way.

The next hard part was trying to take a picture of me wearing the golden neck tube.

Each time my finger clicked down on my camera two little deevils popped up on my shoulders.

So please forgive the up the nostril shot. This is the only picture where you can actually see what I'm trying to show you.  

I'm also trying to get my head around my new do. I love having a falling forward 60's bob most of all. When I idly asked my hairdresser for a slight change it became what we've renamed the mushroom head. Having a long neck and short hair balanced on the top makes having a plaited snood to fill in the gap inbetween more of a necessity.  I also adore the golden yellow shade of that yarn*.

* Rowan Big Wool if you're wondering what it is.


  1. Three cheeky faces! Your snood is lovely - funnily I have just finished crocheting another one in Big Wool too. Mines very basic though as are my crochet skills. Karen xx

  2. Your hair looks lovely, it's a gorgeous colour and the red lipstick looks just beautiful too.

  3. You look beautiful in your golden yellow snood, its perfect x I have snood envy, not every day you say that! x
    Sophie xx

  4. What a lovely colour, contrasts beautifully with your hair colour.
    I crocheted a cowl for myself recently with a 12mm hook, feel ever so proud wearing something I made myself!

  5. It's simply gorgeous Lisa, I too adore that colour and your hair looks just spiffy. I haven't had my hair cut for about 6 months, I often just snip away when I think I'm getting split mad curls allow me to get away with this. Alice has super smooth and silky hair like yours and I hope one day she has a short sharp bob, I think its stylish and sophisticated.
    ps. Love your girlies sense of humour and thanks so much for your comment on my recent post xox P

  6. Love the cowl, it's beautiful! And the hair is lovely.

  7. What a gorgeous colour ... and it looks great on you ... love the hairdo ... Bee xx

  8. Your snood, hair, nostrils and children are lovely!! Love the colour you chose. Also love your hair colour...I used to have really dark hair and decided to go took me 6 months to finally get there. I miss having dark hair but daren;t undo all the hard work now! Lovely post, made me smile. Karen :)

  9. it's lovely, and the end photo! nice colour and pattern! Heather x

  10. Great cowl and lovely colour! It looks warm and cosy. Love the fun photos and your haircut looks very stylish. I,m trying to convince myself to go and get my hair cut short. Its shoulder length at the moment. Its a difficult decision.

    Keep well


  11. It's a gorgeous looking cowl; very snuggly looking which is just what you need in this perishing cold weather

  12. i am working on this one now! any tips for the plaiting stage?

  13. Love that last photo of you and your girls :D


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