Monday, 18 February 2013

Slowing to a Lovely Stop

Here we are skidding into a lovely fat big stop for half-term. A proper meant to be off work and school week to enjoy at long last. I'm juggling in my head which days I should try and deal with the house falling to bits problems, which days to go out and have fun and which days I'll try and get stuff made for the fairs I've booked into.

I want to finish off the Spring Windmills Quilt tommorow before I'll be able to think about anything else mind you. Every spare minute I've chopped up squares and turned them into more triangles. I've been loving making this one in a pretty addicted kind of way. Miss Rosey is going to have this quilt. She fell in love with it so how could I say no.

The Bun's arranged all the blocks. They took their job really seriously and spent a long old time making sure everything was balanced out. All I had to do was number the rows and start stitching them together. We decided to use another blanket as a backing so I can just get on with it. I've a few old blankets kicking around in cupboards, but not loads of wadding so that seems a good plan.

I was going to hand quilt this one, but I'm feeling too impatient. I will get back to hand quilting on the next one though as I love sewing with all the different coloured threads and the softer effect it makes.

Either side of finishing up the quilt top we managed to get out of the house all together for a day of fun. Two weekends of poorliness have kept us all in so it was a joy to be doing something different.

We headed to the workhouse farm where we were promised behind the scenes tours. None of these seemed to be happening, but we had a lovely mooch about pretty much having the place to ourselves.

Our favourite place to be was down on the farm where two boys were desperate for attention. The Billy Goat bleated and bleated until we came to give him scratches and strokes.

Then there was the most handsome ram I've ever seen. He was very hard to walk away from as he kept running after us for more loving and chats. Little Bun said can you see why I want my own flock, they're the best animals ever.

After the farm we had another poke about in the museum and I found two framed collages I'd not seen before.

I really like the effect of scraps of personal history all carefully laid out and then framed. Something to try one day with my family memories.

With farms and contentment in mind we curled up to watch Cold Comfort Farm when we got back. I even managed to finish making the three strips for the plaited snood I'm making while we watched the Starkadder clan sort their lives out. I'll show you how that's turned out next time. 

Here's to a lovely week off from the madness of rushing here and there.


  1. The pinwheel quilt is gorgeous!! So bright and cheery. I'm partial to goats myself, and love the pic of the billy goat ... Enjoy your "free" week :) Wendy

  2. Ooh the quilt is gorgeous, lucky Miss Rosey! Enjoy your half term week, ours was last week so back to normal today ...

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Your windmill quilt is looking so pretty, no wonder little Bun wants it. My daughter wants nothing to do with anything I make *sigh*... X

  4. Dear Bobo
    Your quilt is looking beautiful and the animals were very photogenic. I really enjoy the adaptation of Cold Comfort Farm too - one of my favourites! Enjoy your week.
    Best wishes

  5. The pinwheels are lovely, I'm not surprised it's already been claimed. Did you machine quilt it or tie it?

  6. Loving especially the pinwheel photos, Lisa, I like this patchwork pattern as the triangles add a dynamic you just don't get with squares, I use it quite frequently in my quilts (the ones I don't appliqué!)

    Was interested in the collages too, how lovely, I've done some with papers etc but when I come to make them with vintage fabrics I always have to push myself to cut them up small!

    Have a lovely week. Lx

  7. Those collages are beautiful - I want to zoom in and read every bit x Jane

  8. The collages are so interesting...and that looks like a very pretty quilt....will await the unveiling of the plaited snood with bated breath!
    bestest to you this week..

  9. I love the colours in the patchwork, it all just sings! Have a lovely half term and maybe we'll get that coffee in eventually! P x

  10. Your girls are certainly on the right track, they've arranged the "windmills" beautifully, Lucey x

  11. Wow Lisa it's lovely! Have a great week, we're on half term too, hope we get some decent weather to get out and about! :) x

  12. The patchwork's beautiful! The handstitching looks pretty too! We had half term last week, lots of sunny days. I hope you all have a lovely time.xx

  13. wonderful quilts Lisa. And those collages are really inspiring. We too are trying to fit (too) many things into this half term...did the beach yesterday and have had a screen ban (that's a future post when I've recovered!)
    Hope you are all well...fee x

  14. Your quilt is brilliant, well done, they scare me!

  15. The quilt is so lovely! It's nice to see other peoples work when you're trying to sort out your own scraps for projects. How come my scraps don't inspire me but I think all yours go together just perfectly?

  16. Yay hope you are having a fab half term...and finding time for more quilty goings on :) now i see your lovely windmills you have got me thinking ;) always lovely to visit over here x x x x x

  17. hello, I'm slightly in awe of all the things you manage to fit into your life! and it all looks good fun. I'm really quite inspired by your quilts, especially the hand sewn one, I wonder if I could do this. The stitching very pretty, it's all kind of shabby chic! I wonder if this would work with vintage sheets of the retro kind! The collage is a lovely idea, Heather x


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