Sunday, 27 January 2013

Old Bag

When I first set up Bobo Bun (the selling Bobo Bun came before the Bloggy bit) I made all sorts of bags from messenger to bucket bags; I appliqued childrens t-shirts with cowboys and butterflies and knitted animal beanie hats with floppy ears. This all seems a long time ago, as the Bun's have grown up so the things I make have grown with them.

I enjoy making bags mind you and still make a few every now and again. I do love wearing a splash of a bright print every day, having a bag in a jolly print sorts me out if there's nothing ready in the cupboard to wear.

I bought the French fabric from Pomme de Jour recently with the plan to make up a new everyday messenger bag. On Saturday I thought I might have a fighting chance of whipping up a bag before I took Miss Rosey to the hairdresser. I'd no clue where the old patterns I made up were so I used Jane's great design in Mollie Makes.

I chose the green Les Anenomes for the main fabric and the floral splash for the lining. I lined the front pocket and then stitched down the middle to make two separate pockets. The white lace trim is the strap of an Edwardian slip.

For a Bobo Bun label I used the lining fabric trimmed with pink and a monogrammed B which is also from France. Seems to be a very Gallic bag this one. Not too sure of the provenance of the yellow button bought from Diane the fabulous button seller.

To secure the strap I used a brass buckle from an old completely trashed CK bag strap and added an elderly plastic buckle. I used to have loads of these buckles, but sold them at market years ago. I now kick myself everytime I think of this, just as I do when I remember the two Rosa pink coffee jugs I said goodbye to too.

In reality the bag took until Sunday to finish as Saturday afternoon disappeared. Miss Rosey wanted her long hair cut back into a bob, so we were in the hairdressers a long old time. I've now caught up fully on OK and Hello which was strange as I had little idea of who most of the people in it were. After breakfast I stitched at my machine, Mr Bun sat opposite planning work, Miss Rosey attacked her homework. Maths first (she knows there's no point asking us for help as our brains go stupidly blank with numbers) and then her art homework (we got interested again), Little Bun went off to sit in her new weekend home. All in all a very lovely Sunday morning.

By lunchtime the bag was finished. Little Bun kindly took a picture of me in full bag wearing mode and then I went off to pack it for the week ahead.

Not long after this Little Bun retired back to her den. I went off to whip up Butternut Squash Soup, choccy chip buns and a leek and dolcelatte tart for the evening. After two weeks of hideous toothache I think I can finally enjoy eating again. My temporary crown moved the nerve and so I ended up with a root filling on Friday. Now two more dentist trips to go. Bloody teef. 

Now then on to the Four Happy Things Swap. Thank you so much each and everyone of you who has decided to take part. Doors are officially shut now. I've sat here with my notebook and pen this evening and paired you all up as best I can. I'm going to add a page where I'll list all the pairings up. About to go off and write that very soon. 

Lastly, before I head off. Hello to the new followers who have popped by and found me. Thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. Oh blimey more coincidences - I take it by Rosa you mean the gorgeous Meakin Rosa pink... love it, eat from it every day!
    The messenger bag is stunning. I love green. In fact the children in my class comment if I don't wear green. I made myself that bag back in November in an alpine barkcloth and I'm sure I must have used it everyday since. Time for a spring version soon methinks.
    Can't wait to hear about the swap. Thanks for organising it.
    Have a good week

  2. Love your new bag ... the green is gorgeous ... I will definitely have to try making one ... looking forward to the swap ... Bee xx

  3. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  4. Gorgeous bag - I just love those fabrics. Sorry you've had toothache - very tedious to have to slurp soup and not much else. That den looks perfect - could crawl in there myself and hide! Have a good week. Karen xx

  5. Beautiful bag, love the material.
    Looking forward to the swap.
    Carol xx

  6. I love your bag, and I like the look of the gorgeous brooch you have on, is it another of your makes? I'd love to see that close up. Julie x

  7. Great bag beautifully made, smashing fabric and a lovely weekend you enjoyed. Your post made me smile and your Sunday menu has made me feel hungry so I'm off to plan dinner!
    Stinking toothache, falsies sound tempting at times don't they? :D

    Beckah X

  8. P.s I love the den, I miss my kiddlings making dens, so cute :)

  9. My sympathies re. the teef Lisa, I'm waiting to have another wisdom tooth pulled and I feel your pain. As you said blimmin teef!! But I bet that lovely bag has cheered you up :D

  10. Can't wait to find out who I am paired with!!!
    D x

  11. Another thing for my to do list! I am also a 'greenophile' so am loving the fabric. Is there a link to the pattern? x

  12. The fabrics both inside and out are very pretty just right for a nice new bag, I love that brooch you're wearing looks like a springtime posy, Lucey x

  13. Lovely bag....I too would rather like a closeup of that sweet broach too!
    Poor you... teeth and gums are not mentioned in this home...
    I await the 4 happy things list...

  14. Fab bag, love the green cloth, got me wanting to make one myself, been stuck in wih the snow and now my little one has the pox so looking at blogland is keeping me sane, thanks Lulumama x

  15. WoW what an amazing with envy! Ha!
    Best wishes for the coming week

  16. Yay! Spring it's on it's way!!!! :) beautiful bag, love it! :) x

  17. lovely bag lisa! i can't wait to find out who I have for my swap! .... i could do with four happy things! x

  18. the bags lovely and thanks for the reminder of the pattern! your saturday sounds lovely, Heather x

  19. Such pretty fabrics for your bag! Your weekend hanging out with your kids sounds like old times with my kids ... especially the math homework. My daughter once got so frustrated with ME trying to figure out HER math, she yelled at me "It's only grade 5 math!!!" But oh so different than what I was taught at her age. :) Wendy

  20. Lovely spring bag, I love a splash of green, I also like the sound of the chocolate chip buns!

  21. Your work is awesome, what a beautiful bag, I love it.

  22. Lovely coloured fabrics
    When I read about your crown I thought that you had been making crowns too...sorry as that must be very painful.
    Best wishes

  23. Lovely post, Lisa, blummin' love that bag you've made, fab fabric!

    My daughter-in-law and I are working our way through Jamie's 15 minute meals (taking a tad longer it must be said!) and it is a little homesick-making to hear about butternut squash soup..but your leek and dolcelatte tart sounds gorgeous. Unfortunately leeks are the priciest thing on the planet here in NZ. Tonight we are makingFlashy Fish Stew with saffron sauce..mmmmmmmm. (But will def try the leek and dolcelatte when I get home!

  24. Ooooh I LOVE your bag, the colour and florals are just all kinds of wonderful. mel x


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