Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nasty Stuff

The awful white stuff turned up on Monday evening as promised. Through the window it all looked fairly pleasant. The Bun's wished and wished their schools would be closed the next day. They had plans for a big snowball fight, but the next day it was business as usual. Snow is only fun at the weekend.

By midday it snowed so heavily that I sent my students home and grabbed Mr Bun from his classroom so we could get home before it got any worse. I stupidly thought we'd be at Miss Rosey's school in 30 mins and then on our way to get Little Bun before the cosiness of home. What a dim dim I was, everyone else had the same plan. In the end I had to phone someone else to collect Little Bun. She had a marvellous afternoon with friends throwing snowballs and making snow angels and Mr Bun and I had a lovely afternoon chatting uninterrupted in the car. Over four hours later, after pushing cars up hills, milkfloats across the road and generally watching how great some people are and how incredibly selfish and stupid others are, we rolled into our driveway.

This is why I hate weekday snow, it's scary to be out in; makes it impossible to plan much; you have to go out in it rather than snuggle at home and ignore it and the kids don't get a whole day off sledging.

They've now gone to bed believing tommorow is definately a stay at home day. I hope so too as I can't face another long icy drive like that. I also need to do some hen and rabbit fussing. The hens like their warm porridge on a wintery morning and usually need carrying across the snow to the patio. Then there's sitting by the fire catching up on all those yarny projects once I've done the obligatory outside snow stuff with the Bun's (can you guess I prefer the indoor stuff?). I'm going to cross my fingers too I think.


  1. Please send that nasty white stuff to me ????LOL

  2. We'd happily welcome any spare over here too! But I agree it's not much fun to drive in because we're just not set up for it in the uk. Copious amounts of water on the other hand ... But I'd still prefer the snow!

  3. Not much over here in Sheffield, yet the few flakes we did have still managed to cause complete chaos!
    Hopefully we will get some at the weekend when we get out and enjoy it.

  4. Yes mid week snow causes much distress to those trying to get anywhere! It looks lovely but a nightmare for travel especially in the good old UK! Keep by the fire and crochet, that's a great plan! :) x

  5. I used to hate it when I worked, but selfishly am enjoying this lot because I can go out when I choose and it does look lovely out of the window, while I sit inside sewing. Hope you get a day off today! Julie x

  6. SLightly further east we were anxiously watching the skies yesterday - it sounds like you had a rotten time of it. Hope you et to home safe and warm today. They're currently forecasting ore snow for us on Friday/Saturday which would be just about perfect for trying to get our girl calmly to her entrance exam. Not.

  7. Take care and stay safe Mrs B - I heard it was quite bad in your area. Fingers crossed were all snowed in at the weekend - stock the log pile up just in case.

    Nina x

  8. Hi
    I've gor a lovely image in my head of your hens eating their warm porridge. I too live in Norfolk, absolute nightmare too get home yesterday. It took 3.5hrs when it normally takes 40mins max.....was very glad to finally make it home. Having a working from home morning as couldn't face the icy roads near us first thing but got to venture out this afternoon. Dreading it....as you say it's not usually you but others on the roads.
    Hope you've managed a stay at home day too?
    Keep warm & crafting by the fire is the best choice today by far

  9. I love a good heavy snowfall, but know what a pain it is to slog through it to get to work. No fun in that! We've had very little snow (despite early predictions that we'd be buried by February! But it does make the indoors that much cozier after you've travelled through or played in good deep fresh cold snow :) Wendy

  10. Glad you all got home safe! It always amazes me that what brings out the best in some brings out the worse in others... Sadly the nice seem to give more and the selfish... well get horrid. l love that you care for your hens so well. Cass x Ps I love my material too thank you!

  11. Oh Lisa I've been thinking of you, knowing how you hate the snow! Glad you got home ok eventually.

    Looks like we're in for it again on Friday. Thanks for the porridge idea for the hens, our girls are looking forlorn

    You cosy upx

  12. I agree it is lovely to look at, but not if you have to go out
    Stay Warm
    Thea x

  13. More snow forecast soon - get the fire on, put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy your yarn!

  14. No snow here in North Wales but a lot expected on friday.

  15. Now Mrs bun, what is going on in that first picture? Did I imagine a little blue boy running across the treetops kicking a football?!
    Still no snow down here in the South West. My jammers are keeping everything crossed for Friday when they are certain it'll arrive. A day off work appeals but my school only shuts if we really really have to, which is practically never!


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