Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fair Isles

This has most definately been a time of trying new things. Whilst it's been snowing outside and slowing our lives down I sat awhile and tackled not only machine quilting, but jumped in and had a go at fairisle knitting. I've wanted to make something in a fairisle knit for such a long time now. I really really, really want to knit up a fairisle cardi with a patterned yoke. The only problem is I can't settle on the main colour. Sometimes I think apple green, then I move on to rose pink and from there to palest cream or slate grey. Until I can make my mind up the cardi will have to stay as a one day desire.

Now hats are a different matter altogether. They don't use up as much yarn or take as much time so I thought a hat would be a great place to start. It's also blinking stinking freezin' at the moment and as Little Bun lost her favourite tam with a bobble on top I thought she needed a new one.  I picked her favourite colour purple and matched it up with a grey and green before starting on a pattern I fancied from Mel Clark's Knitting Everyday Finery

I do enjoy knitting in the round so that made this pattern even better. I get bored quickly knitting up and down, row upon row, but somehow going round and round chasing the yarn tail is soothing to me.

Over the weekend a pattern has slowly emerged. My knitting doesn't have any noticeable holes in it so I must be winding it along ok in a fairisle kind of way. The first things I ever knitted were in intarsia (pictures if you're not a knitter) as I couldn't face knitting rows in the same colour. I knitted a wee pink cardi for Miss Rosey with white ducks and then an ambitious cardi with butterflies and flowers all over it. That's when I learnt that you really should hide knitting from two year olds. Mr Bun broke the news to me that Miss Rosey had found and unwound the nearly finished back of the cardi. I can only guess that seeing all those birds, butterflies and flowers melt away into bits of colourful yarn was very exciting to her. I wasn't as calm and understanding as this at the time mind you.

Now here I am again wrapping different threads, learning a new technique and loving it. Looking at this picture I'm probably pulling the thread along too tightly, but hey ho, I'm pleased and as long as it fits a head I'll be pleased.

I'm enjoying knitting this pattern so much already that I've bought some more to make another one. Why don't I ever just think about the thing I'm doing right now?

I made sure I found time for a few more rows either side of the yet another day off school entertainment. We had a snowball fight planned with kids in the village which seemed a grand way to kick off the week. When we got home there was a package with an Aussie postmark sticking out of our postbox. How very exciting is that to have belated birthday gifts arrive the same day you find out that same wonderful mate is making it back to this wee island this summertime. 

Oh how I've loved this slowed up time we've had ending with a gift before we headed back to the usual routines. 


  1. Love the colours and your reverse is very neat! I knitted a Fair Isle waistcoat years ago - not sure I'd have the patience now. No snow here just rain and mud. Karen xx

  2. Yes, sounds like 2yr olds and knitting are not a good combination, like cats and crochet, but that's another story.......love the colours you've chosen, happy knitting! :) x

  3. Oh my it's going to be a real beauty Lisa, I love your colour choices for little Bun. I love those beautiful Nordic jumpers with a fairisle yolk too, there is something so 70's about them for me!
    Nothing better than coming home to a parcel from far away. My bestest friend has literally just immigrated to Melbourne this week from South Africa, a perfect reason to start saving the pennies to go and see her xox P

  4. Hi

    I too have felt some fairisle coming on for a while. Must be something in the ether...

    I gleaned a tip (that I confess I have not tried) from both Kate at http://katedaviesdesigns.com/ and the mason dixon books http://www.masondixonknitting.com/ for stopping the carried threads becoming too tight. Knit inside out. You carry round the outside which stretches the carried threads. You can still follow the pattern and see the right side but it is the side of the circle away from you with the rest passing between you and the needle tips. I am not sure I have explained that very well.I hope you get what I mean!

    Eleanor x

  5. Hello, love your blog, you have so much patience to quilt and knit so intricately, I am in awe!
    I haven't knitted anything other than a basic scarf for myself for probably 20 years, then it was just a little pumpkin and a ghost!
    I've just typed up my very first blog and so now feel it's above board to comment here, there and everywhere.
    You have a beautifully colourful life and I'm thankful to you for sharing.
    I hope I don't tire you with my comments now that I've actually dared to join in!

    Beckah X

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Well its always nice to hear of old friends returning for visits. I bet you cant wait!

    I think I have probably said before with wistful sigh that I wish I could knit more than a square of plain and pearl. I love the look of fair Isle. I think a cardigan of apple green as the main colour but a rosy pink as the detail sounds quite delicious, mind so does red to acompany the green too, to me! lol. I am not being much help am I.

    Hope the usual routines are not to speedy for you all after your nice slow start to the week.

    P x

  7. Wow that looks fab it definitely the weather for hat making , i am just learning to knit and have started with a very simple thing, would love to make something fair isle-y one day, your stuff is very inspiring! lulumama x

  8. Gorgeous knitting ... I'm sure you felt like spontaneously combusting when you learnt about the mischeivous 2 year old ... what a rascal :) ... Bee xx

  9. I'm loving the fairisle! !!!, I just dont have the patience to do it myself, nor the ability to follow destructions :-)

  10. Your colour choice is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished product(s)!

  11. You're awesome. I've always been a bit afraid of trying. Well done you.

    PS Gorgeous colour choices

    Lisa xo


  13. Your knitting is fantastic. I have no idea how to knit and it is probably completely silly to learn when you live in a subtropical climate. Even crochet is a bit ridiculous but so fast and colourful. Loved your last introduction to quilting post, just what I needed, could not get over to comment as school holidays ate me up and spat me out. only a few days to go before normal transmission resumes. mel x

  14. The hat looks wonderful. I'm so very jealous as I love fair isle but I'm not brave enough to try something yet.
    Lucky you getting such a fantastic parcel.
    Rosie xx


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