Thursday, 3 January 2013


Where to I start when I've so many different things to say? At the beginning would probably be the best place wouldn't it and then have the odd diversion here and there every now and then.

Well I'm thrilled that so many of you have shown an interest in the Four Happy Things Swap. There's still oodles of time to pop your name down if you fancy joining in, the more the merrier I say. It's been a wonderful chance for me to hear from some of you who visit who I didn't already know.  I'll say a hello here to those of you who don't have a link to follow and I'll definately be popping over to say hello to everyone else. Hello also to new followers. 

Now on to what's been happening around here. I did a quick stitch job the other evening and made a belated christmas present for Mr B. As I only had a really small amount of this elderly cowboy fabric patching with it seemed the best way to get the most out of it.

Cowboys doing cowboy things on the front. Inside I patched a wee mule (or donkey) as Mr adores these and has a grand desire for one one day alongside making cheese and daydreaming the days away in his own shepherd's hut.

For now the world of work beckons so a handy Boys Bits & Bobs Pouch for glasses, pennies and keys will have to do. I asked him if he showed anyone his cowboy pouch today. He said funnily enough in all the meetings he was at today it just would have sounded plain wrong. Ho Ho Ho.

Now before this work stuff came back for Mr B we made sure we had a grand end of the christmas hols for us all being together. On Wednesday we headed off to the coast rain or no (and boy did it rain). First stop to sit the rain out was the harbour pub on the estuary for fish and chips and a veggie version (halloumi in chilli and coriander batter - delicious).

Then we walked into the town for I had a mission to search for an antiques place I'd spied in the summer.

In an old shed tucked behind a wall was a pretty unexciting collection of stuff which was a disappointment to be sure. The setting promised so much.

However, I did find a lovely bit of fabric with 25% off and Little Bun found a ring with a small leather moustache on. Both of us were happy indeed.

Still refusing to let the rain call off play, we headed towards the pier for our last stop of new year hot choc and games. On the walk back to the car I was so cold it felt like knives were being thrown at my skin. Bliss then to come in and light the woodburner and the coal fire in our other sitting about room.

Today has been a day of Build-a-Bear Factory, uniform shopping and visiting friends. I also managed to squeeze in a C.Shop visit which added to my new years reading pile. A very mixed bag from intense and intelligent reads to informative and then just ploppy and fun depending on my mood.

At the bottom of the pile you can spy a crafty book. Even though I can knit it's full of some really helpful tips to improve my knitting more. The main reason I bought it is it's full of some great accessory patterns which in the main use only 50g of yarn. Ideal for an impatient knitter like me who prefers quick projects.

I love the diamond pattern on this scarf as much as it makes me feel like wearing red lipstick again.

The Bun's adore wearing fabric bows in their hair so I think a knitted hairband would go down a treat.

Then there's these very simple ribbed wristwarmer's for which I ended up picking up a ball of never before used yarn. I hear again and again how wonderful artesano yarn is so I thought that justified me getting some to try out on a small project.

I still have a glove waiting for a partner so I really should be getting on with making it's mate before I succumb to the temptations of this new yarn.

Well, after a few twists and turns, that's me done for today other than I must just mention I've put a 25% discount on all items in my shop until the end of the month. I fancy having a good old clearout and to start afresh for the new year ahead. 


  1. Ha ha, I recognise sunny Southwold there! With all those lovely books and knitting and a real fire I shouldn't think you'll want to stray far in the next few weeks. Julie x

  2. I'll try making Mr B a similar bag, don't think I would get the same loving reaction though, mind you I would enjoy watching his reaction! I could always make a some bags for his guitars!!!
    Southwold, lovely! When I took Little Bea out for a walk the other day she told me the most wonderful little story about Hoppity the Frog, she suddenly stopped, carry on I said, I want to know what happened! I can't Mum she said, my face has frozen! The joys of winter walks!
    Off to shop! :) x

  3. What a swizz! The antique place looks so promising too ... never mind, the cowboy pouch more than made up for the disappointment. If I were you, I wouldn't venture out any more this weekend, as you have all you need at home, sitting by that lovely fireside.

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Hey Lisa, Happy New Year to you all!

    Love the glassess case you made for Mr B, the cowboy fabric is so lovely.

    Sounds like you all had a great day out despite the rain. I think this past year has made us all determined not to let rain put a stop to our plans and fun.

    Ooo is there anything better in life than a pile of unread books waiting to be devoured!

    P x

  5. Sounds like a fab day today me hun....
    Isn't it exciting when you have so many projects to choose from!

    I love the purple fabric...absolutely gorgeous!

    Have fun playing...
    Tilly x

  6. Well I think I just cleared you out of fabric! :) thank you for the discount. I'll be sure to blog about the arrival! xxxx
    I too have a new year pile ... only six in it so far but I am aiming to read one a month.

  7. Such a fabulous pile of new books and a cozy fire to curl up by - yes content just about sums it up. What a lovely way to begin the new year

  8. Oh look at your fire ... Mmmm can feel its warmth from here!! And those books, wonderful and of course always a crafty book sneaks in ... !! x

  9. Oh love that stack of books ... and if Mr Bun likes donkeys he might enjoy this post ... ... looking forward to the swap ... Bee xx

  10. I can't believe I missed so many of your posts Lisa ... I only looked away for a moment!

    A belated Happy Birthday Lisa ... it sounds like you had a marvellous day! And you know how much I long for the Suffolk coast when I'm away from it, so these pictures of your day out were a delight.

    I'll have to give your lovely swap a miss I'm afraid - there's just too much going on here for me to commit to much at the moment, it's why I'm so behind with my blog reading - but hugest congrats on reaching your four year anniversary. I'll be two again soon ... and I'm beginning to find these bloggy birthdays more exciting than the real thing.

    Hope 2013 is kind to you and yours, Annie x

  11. me too in the missing of posts. I've totally lost touch with all my blogging pals. Gonna sort that out in the new year!
    Hope it's a good one for you (with plenty of hot water!)
    Love the cowboy pouch...and LOVE the idea of Mr BB sharing it with his workmates!
    fee xx

  12. Hi,
    Loving Mr B's cowboy pouch.....gorgeous make! I'm sure his workmates are envious & would one themselves.
    The flowery vintage material is a fab find, bet you are itching to make something out of that.
    I've just read your previous post about your giveaway.....Congratulations by the way on the anniversary of your blog. I would love to be involved, please put my name down. Got loads of ideas racing through my mind already!
    Hope you are having a good weekend

  13. Hello again,Lisa,
    Thanks for Blogtips,most helpful.I have left my email address (for swap) on my reply to your advice and testing to see if I still go blank!(Just like real life!)Eco Ethel, lost in space. xx

  14. Hello Mummy just popped in to say hello

    Little Bun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. A belated but very Happy New Year to you and yours - I have muchly enjoyed reading all of your posts and your delights (sounds a bit strange now that I have written that!). Happy anniversary - from little acorns as they say...
    Love your pouch too (oh my goodness that sounds even worse!!!!!)
    Looking forward to reading more in 2013
    Best wishes



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