Monday, 7 January 2013

Bobbity Bobbity Bob, Here Comes the galloping Major

All change again tommorow. The real world beckons once more and so at an hour we'd all rather be snoozing through, we'll be up and about off to school and work. I've been going to bed later and later this holiday, I just don't feel tired at 1am, I rarely have. Miss Rosey had me in training this morning and dragged me from bed at 7am. I was up to wave my man onto the oddball express that stops outside our cottage. Being fascinated by people he certainly has a whole lot of strange folk to enjoy listening to and watching every day. He tells a good tale and has us in stitches when he gets home. 

Anyway's back to 7am. I found out it's quite a good time to be up when there's no need to leave the house. I nearly finished the dress I've been making here and there and so I'll show you that at the end of the week.

This past weekend has been mainly about tidying and yarny things. Last night I dressed the hyancinth bulbs in their jacket (pattern from here). Mr B, who is most supportive and encouraging of just about everything I make and do, made a sarky remark on the way past the fridge about yarnbombing and wondered if I might be doing the taps next.

I always feel the need for early spring bulbs once the Christmas things are packed away.

As much as I adore Christmas and sprinkling extra stuff about, I'm always glad to be clearing it all away on 12th night. There was a heck of a lot of dust to get shot of which had been stockpiling under the cards and decorations.

In the middle of cleaning up I got distracted by having a fiddle with the settings on my camera. It took a while to undo whatever I'd done to get effects like this.

Then back on to cleaning and clearing. For once I've decided to have only a few things on here. This is my minimalist look.

Now that's the excitement of the cleaning up done, which to be honest I did enjoy doing. I like switching off and whizzing about. Around all of this I came by some new books on Saturday. I spent vouchers and used up some of my shop profits on three books that I felt I just couldn't put back on the shelf.

The first one is already a favourite of mine. It's called 30 minute knits which really depends on your speed (I'm a slow knitter, but a quick hooker, I'd only say that out loud here). The 30 minutes is neither here nor there anyway as the main joy of this book is it has tons of absolutely gorgeous tiny projects and I want to make nearly all of them. Most books only have a few things that ring my bell.

Late on Saturday night I gave into the charms of this wee teddy and whipped up one for our home. Bobby Bear was born on the cusp of Sunday morning. Laziness stopped me looking for finer yarn hence his booby eyes. Little Bun got very upset on Bobby's behalf when I said I was going to cut them off and start again. I was told to apologise to him for being rude about his eyes.

I'm now fiddling about with another project from the book which will hopefully be finished by the end of the week (everytime I have a spare 30 minutes I guess).

The rest of my book choice will get good use over time. The Vintage Pattern Selector really impressed me too. I love making clothes now I've found the bug again, but I've always hated searching through pattern books. I know what style I'm after and rarely find what I want. I've always preferred to dress in a mix of handmade and clothes from the past. Now I have girlies who are after this look aswell and as Miss Rosey and I are too tall for most clothes, making your own is really the way to go. This book has everything in it from tops to jackets, dresses and skirts all inspired from the 20's onwards. As I've been asked to come up with a circle skirt and a full net petticoat this book might help me on my way to making this happen.

My other book is Quilting Step by Step. This is by far the bestest ever quilting book I've seen to actually help me understand how I can make quilts out of complicated shapes. Most books that explain stuff really clearly do it in a really boring way and I give up. This one is straightforward without too much guff. I've never got over scan reading from my days of marking 500 A'level scripts just before christmas so I like to cut to the chase. There's also tons of really useful illustrations that show you how to cut the shapes out. I feel ready to get braver with quilting.

However, and that should be a big HOWEVER, I've a ton of started last year, started before that year and started just at the beginning of this year things to finish before I let my imagination run away with me. I'm determined to finish the Bubblegum blanket and then get back to the Dots & Spots blanket I started an age ago. I'm now on row 5 of the Bubblegum which makes it 50 squares made, 70 more to go. 

Now at nearly midnight the real world is tap tap tapping on my shoulder. So I'd best be off to iron the uniforms and get my work bag ready. See you later in the week.


  1. I have the same book : 30 minutes knits!!! I agree totally with you : I would love to knit all the projects illustrated!!! ;oD
    Your blanket is amazing!!!
    Happy 2013!
    xxx Ale

  2. It is nice to get the decorations down once the children are back to school isn't it. I'm like you in I need to get bulbs and flowers in the house, it makes you feel like Spring isn't too far away. Julie x

  3. Thanks for the tip on the quilting book, I'm the same ...skip to the best bits :) Your crochet blanket is GORGEOUS! I have granny blanket envy and crochet envy, I don't know if I have the staying power for crochet, I just love sewing so much....
    Good luck with back to real life, hope all goes well xx

  4. Your bubblegum blanket, oh i adore it Lisa. I have a blanket in this pattern up in the attic which i started last spring, in 3 differen colours. I must persevere with it now before planning my next...oh help I need therpay for all the plans and ideas floating in my head! I had to smile when i saw your 30 minute knits, I bought this book back in October and haven't had time to do any knits from it with all my Christmas making, but hey whats stopping me know! There are some really sweet little things in there which i am longing to knit too. Love the bobbly eyed ted xox Penelope
    ps. hope your first day went ok, these dark mornings are hideous. I was so chuffed to see some of the daffodils that Andy bought for me had opened up their perky yellow heads when i ambles out of bed this morning. So cheery and SO ESSENTIAL at this time of the year :o)

  5. Bad typo's on my quick coffee break at work! sorry

  6. although it was hard getting up early today, it does feel as though there is more time in the day now! nice to clear up and move on with january. Your books look interesting, Heather x

  7. I just love your bubblegum blanket too! The colours a really amazing!
    But I must admit, it is your wee teddy who has stolen my heart today- he is so sweet!
    Have a great week.

  8. I had a little trial run alarm wake up call yesterday. I am too mostly a night owl. Not so much a morning bird though as one of my new Christmas p.j's informs folk! lol.

    I love your bubblegum blanket, is that the Jane Brocket pattern? I have been getting a bit familar with those lovely bubbly flowers in recent weeks too. And the bear is too cute! bobbly eyes and all.

    I know what you mean about craft books, a lot of the time I get seduced by the pretty pictures but all to often find the patterns either not really to my taste or too tricky and waffly. I have the vintage crochet book as a christmas pressie and although there are a few lovely shrugs etc I would love to have a bash at reading the instructions I feel bored after a few minutes. Though I might have to really concentrate as one of the projects are really calling to me.

    Hope the return to 'normal' is kind to you this week Lisa.

    P x

  9. Hello! Parcel arrived today, thank you for the little extras! Eggs in little hats, can't wait to see Eldest Beas face! She will love it! I was going to ask you about crochet books actually. I've got the cute and easy crochet book, is there any other, easy crochet books you would recommend? My blanket is coming along nicely, but it's a really easy patten to follow, something just the next step on? Thanks again for that lovely little parcel, will share soon! :) x

  10. The bubblegum blanket is a visual treat, and l'm with you on the subject f spring bulbs ... Every available vessel s full to bursting of mini daffs, muscari and crocuses!

    Love Claire xx

  11. Hi Lisa, well, children back at school today, the whole village feels a different place. Aren't I the lucky one not to have to be zipping off to work at stupid-o'clock any more!
    Just as well, as I too have been going to bed later and later. I have a ten minute 'unconscious' interlude around 3pm and perhaps feel a bit sleepy around 9pm then I'm wide awake for ages. I have been sitching felt to felt and embroidering, and watching old youtube interviews with Christopher Hitchins...getting to bed around 2am some nights/mornings. It really isn't good for me but I've got into a habit. Several of my friends say they are the same. I will make a concerted effort ot get myself OUT of this habit!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    Happy New Year, just catching up here. Love these pretty photos but especially that bubblegum blanket. Ooh serious green eyes! Hope you have a good first week back.
    Hen x

  13. Evening Lisa, or afternoon to night owls like you and I! Hope first day back went well.
    I laughed when I saw your fridge photo! Until recently that could have been my home - same fridge, same radio, same Beryl jugs and would have bulbs on the fridge if the new weren't too darn tall.
    Have a good week

  14. Hope your first day back went really well.

    I too feel the need to buy bulbs after Christmas - I popped out at lunch to the local flower shop near where I work yesterday and got daffs and some hyacynths, as well as a polyanthus and a cyclamen.

    They look so bright and cheeful!


  15. Hope your day went well - soon be Friday again. I'm not sleepy at 3am but getting up in the morning is sooooo hard. I am doing a big clean at the moment starting with youngest son's bedroom which needs decorating too. Can't be bothered at the mo. Its too wet and cold to do anything except read and knit - I wish. Karen xx

  16. Happy Happy New Year to you Lisa. So sorry to have been so bad at keeping in touch in 2012. I think it had tricky times for both of u. I do hope you're well. Much love to you xxx

  17. I'd be so tempted to add a few pompoms to the taps ...!

    I hear good things about the Vintage Pattern Selector although I've yet top spot it myself. As I'm also far too lanky for most shop clothes and look like I'm producing a couple of little girls headed in the same direction I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

  18. Envious of your hooker abilities.....!
    Best wishes


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