Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Tale of Three Things

Towards the end of the summer I found a sheet and a couple of pairs of curtains at a lovely vintage fair in a magical garden. All three things have now been used and made into new and useful things.

The worn and gently faded red rose curtains solved the problem I'd been having of finding the right fabric for Miss Rosey's wardrobe doors.

The pink floral sheet became a new bedskirt to replace the old and torn one. I threw it under the mattress so it would hang down either side of her metal bedstead. I saw this somewhere (can't remember where now? and thought that looks perfect, no measuring, cutting or stitching required just throwing it over).

Around the same time I cut out the pieces for a new dress from the remaining Liberty curtains. A dress that I thought might see me through the whole winter.

It hasn't worked out that way though as I wasn't concentrating properly. I ended up cutting out two skirt panels, four sleeves and two interfacings all the same shape, facing the same way. Once I realised what a numpty I was and that I didn't have enough material left to sort my stupidly stupid mistake out I put the pieces on the fed up with you now pile.

Then just after Christmas I had a sort out of my makings things. I found the zips I'd been looking for and so a cowboy pouch got made. Then I spied the cast aside dress pieces and I felt the urge to try and sort the problem out. With a bit of careful patching on a front panel and slightly altering the cuts of the pieces I'd screwed up it started to look like a wearable dress might be made after all.

On Monday morning I got up early (for me) and stitched and stitched away until I'd got enough of a dress made to try it on at last.

I've still not fitted the zip or hemmed the bottom, but I can see the cut isn't too bad after al. To be honest I'm really pleased and can't wait to get finished and then wearing it.

It's exactly the same pattern I used for the cotton dress I made in the summer. I might not stop at making just these two as it's a pattern that's perfect for my shape and style. I've always loved 1950's style dresses loaded with colourful petticoats underneath. As I've a long neck, v-necks look hideous on me, boat necks the best. I'm busty, but narrow and this dress just fits in all the right places because it's easy to play about with the sizings.

I'm so glad I got my interest back in making this dress. Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish it on Friday either side of my crown fitting and then I'll be dressing up in it next week. The crown is for my teeth sadly and not about me being a princess for the day. 

Now about the Four Happy Things Swap, I'm really glad so many of you want to join in. Looks like a lot of happiness will get spread about. There's been a couple of interesting twists on this as we now have a couple of youngsters joining in (which is really exciting for us the mum's and them) also my best matey who now lives in the land of Oz has signed up too. She's very creative and finds great stuff on her travels. Turns out in a funny roundabout way that when she stayed in Sydney this christmas and met up with her aunt, her aunt reads my blog, but didn't know we knew each other. The world gets smaller and smaller if you're in blogland doesn't it.

 See you again at the weekend I guess.


  1. Oh, Mrs B! The dress is beautiful - I just love the colour! x

  2. How right you are. The dress style seems to be just for you. Isn't it so nice to make something to wear that looks nice, is comfortable to wear and so enjoyable? Now if I could just follow in your footsteps.

  3. I was put off dressmaking at school, keep this going and I could be persuaded again! That Libery print is gorgeous! :) x

  4. I was so pleased to see it's not just me that makes stupid mistakes when cutting out patterns, but really pleased you adjusted it... it looks amazing. What is the pattern? I love the style. Julie x

  5. gorgeous prints and gorgeous results......the dress looks perfect to me!x

  6. It's so pretty Lisa and suites your lovely shape perfectly. As for the fabric...well I'm every shade blue with envy! x P

  7. Isnt that great!! Vintage fabric just adds something to a home that new stuff cant. I made some curtains recently from a vintage piece, they look so expensive!

  8. oh' your dresses look fabulous- you have a wonderful figure ;0) I got my mothers tall figure 5'8 but my dads waist since being a mother (was a size 10 most of my twenties) hehe...I think i need to shift some weight as i have two very pretty vintage dresses that i used to wear but now cannot zip up...very depressing!...I love the fabrics used on the wardrobes- wonderful x

  9. The fabric is amazing ... and the dress is gorgeous too ... the belt is perfect ... Bee xx

  10. Hello Mrs B - I wish I had the right kind of figure to show off such gorgeous frocks and feel fabulous. With such voluptuous curves I always feel like a bit of a frump in any kind of tea dress. They are truly gorgeous.

    Nina x

  11. What a beautiful dress ... well done you!! I am looking forward to taking part in four happy things!! x

  12. Love the dress, I dream of one day having sewing skills that are good enough to produce wearable garments...........

  13. The sheet inside that cupboard looks fantastic and the dress is just sublime and so so flattering. Love the belt you have put it with too. Your clothes sewing is so inspiring. mel x

  14. Such a beautiful dress the fabric is so pretty and i love the shape but well the 50's is very close to my heart. Happy sewing, dee x

  15. Blue Dress is a wonder to behold, sooo inspiring too.
    Right I'm off to sort out my Fabric...
    bestest D
    Ps i have your swap on my sidebar too

  16. I just love the way that you have of making such beautiful things from nothing very much ... the dress looks a dream Lisa (in fact if you hadn't told us about the mistake I'm quite sure no one would have noticed!)

  17. Beautiful dresses, and I'm going to try the bed skirt idea too!

    Thanks for that...

    Claire xxx

  18. Wow your dress is amazing. It was a great find to get enough material for the dress. That doesn't happen often. I'm also really loving the curtains on the wardrobe doors. Perfect for a little girls room.

  19. Love the blue dress. I think it's great when you find a pattern that's just right for you so you can use it over and over. I've still got dresses that I started making for my big girl when she was 18 months old - she's just gone to uni! Looks like I'll be waiting for the grandchildren to come along before they get finished x

  20. What a beautiful dress you've created! Love the fabric and the cut! I also adore the fabric on the cupboard doors - something I'm also considering in a small oak cabinet, so thanks for your bit of inspiration. Wendy

  21. Wow, I do really love the dress, looks gorgeous on you! And the fabric on the wardrobe doors is lovely, bet your daughter is pleased! xxx
    ps, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, Kim is fab! Have a lovely weekend xx

  22. What a gorgeous dress - I'm so pleased you were able to rescue the pieces.

  23. OH MY I love those dresses, love the fabric and they look fab on you!! you are just too talented for words.... I'm still searching for my perfect dress pattern to start my clothes sewing debut.

  24. So Robert the Bruce was right!!
    Lovely and well done (that sounds patronising - not meant that way!)
    Best wishes


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