Monday, 10 December 2012

The Power of the Rug

This weekend our cottage has been the cosiest and toastiest place ever to be. I only had to do a few simple things and life was just made even better.

I sprinkled a few more fairy lights here and there, I ordered our first ever pile of logs and sorted a chimney sweep so we can have a coal fire in the Jolly room over christmas.

The biggest and bestest thing of all was getting a soft and furry rug for the sitting room.

An idea suggested by my mum to stop all those draughts whizzing through the floorboards and over us. Not a difficult idea to come up with I admit, but we feel as if we've won the lottery from the amount of joy we've all had from just a couple of days with the rug.

The room instantly feels and looks cosier, the floor feels all squishy and squashy underfoot and we have enjoyed being in our home even more than ever.

The Bun's loved finally being able to roll about on a soft floor and not get splinters in them. Alfie thinks it's the best thing ever as he can usually only get a good manic roll and back rub upstairs (carpets up there you see).

On Saturday I barely left the room, which for a fidget like me is unusual. I plonked myself down on the rug with paper, felt and notions, lit the fire and settled down for what I thought would be just a wee spot of stitching. The wood man came and dumped a pile of logs on our drive. I sat and stitched away while Mr Bun lugged barrow after barrow load round to the log store. I only felt briefly naughty keeping my head down remembering the endless bags of logs I usually lug home each week to keep us all toasty.

Stitching inspiration came from a book I bought in the summer. I thought Laura Howard's Super Cute Felt had a great choice of things to make for and with the Bun's. Although I'm not overly keen on Scandi Style christmas decorations I was really taken with the gingerbread garland. So on Saturday I gathered together the bits I'd bought the day before and got cutting and stitching. The Bun's joined me to finish up their felt tree decorations and we spent a peaceful while stitching together.

Somehow, apart from stopping to eat and to feed the animals, I managed to stitch my way through the whole of Saturday. We watched Elf and I stitched sequins on, then the radio came on drinks were poured and my lovelies made paper chains while I still stitched away.  Last stitches were put in while I chatted to Miss Rosey in her bath. By the end of the last dance on Strictly all the biscuits were hung on a ribbon with jingly bells tied either side. I've never stuck my head down to one thing like this before. Usually I flit here and there.

I think the rug made it impossible for any of us to leave the room. Such a simple thing to give us such pure joy and fall in love with home all over again. 

On a previous note. Thanks for your lovely comments about the deer bunting I made this week. I'm thinking of adding some bobble trim and bells as it's looking too restrained for me at the moment. Not sure if it'll work, but I'm going to have a fiddle and see. Interesting to see I'm not as alone in my feelings as regards Ms CK. I wondered if it was going to the equivalent of saying the naughtiest swear word ever on here to say I wasn't as enamoured as I could be. Saying that Little Bun was really excited to be visiting the shop today on her christmas shopping trip with my mum so I haven't brainwashed anyone around here honestly.


  1. hello Lisa,
    The cosiness of rugs and carpets in the home is something I miss so much here and most particularly at this time of the year. Having a fireplace and fire going....scunching up by the fire with the family brings back great childhood memories....all this has come to mind as I admire these gorgeous photos of your home....that and the adorable stocking feet...Christmas styled :-). I also find it amazing what a lovely bunting you can create with felt and some sparkle....all that and the fairy lights makes it a perfect setting. Enjoy!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Your garland is so sweet and I love all your pretty decorations!! xo Heather

  3. can i move in? i wont get in the way- id fit nicely under the stairs, just get me out now and again to admire your home and that will keep me happy! hehehehe x...OH' my wordy your home is just sooooo beautiful- i love your vintage style and colour combinations- so bright and happy xx

  4. What a lovely home you have, Mrs Bun! It all looks so cosy and homely, just my sort of place ... lots of pretty things to look at, very stylish but in a comfy and welcoming way

    Claire xx

  5. Lovely cosy pictures ... you have inspired me to get my book out and make the little garland ... thank you ... Bee xx

  6. What a gorgeous, cosy room! Don't think I'd want to go anywhere if I had a room like that!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Mmm I want to sit on your rug and make stuff! I'd forgotten we had a very similar rug in our old house and I left it because it was on a cream carpet, or rather a grey carpet with a cream rectangle had I taken the rug!
    Love that garland, with bells on.

  8. ...the garland is gorgeous ...isn't it wonderful when you get 'caught' in a crafty project and time just flies.....? your house looks so cosy and there are some rather lovely bits and bobs i can spy on your mantelpiece.....thank you for sharing x

  9. oh that furry rug and the fire and that's you made for the rest of christmas! The new garland is lovely, it's all looking magical, Heather x

  10. We are cosying down in our little cottage - despite 2 radiator leaks last week and a complete overhaul being required this week!

    Rugs make all the difference, and also add such colour to the place I wouldn't be without ours!

    I laugh when you say you worried about criticising CK, as I did the other week - adn even dared to have a pop at the Blessed Mollie Makes! Hey, we have oppinions, we have blogs.....we have taste.....(??) ;)

    1. I have mixed views on Mollie Makes too Lynne, but shhussh don't tell anyone.

  11. It's all looking cosy there Lisa! We have a rug like that too, I have tobe honest, I wasn't too sure when we brought it home, I'm not usually into the 'shaggy' look, but we love it! It still looks great 3 years on, although we haven't got an Alfie! Love your mantles, very Christmassy, we've been paper chaining too but the girls have pinched them for their rooms! :)

  12. Love the rug, Elf, your decs and Alfie!!!
    Know what you mean about getting the right rug too!

  13. Your garland looks wonderful very clever and your home looks so cozy and warm..Thank you for sharing
    Special warm wishes
    Thea x

  14. What a great idea. beautifully executed and your pug is super cute.

  15. ooooh your living room looks so cosy, it's gonna be perfect with the fire lit.

  16. Oh, how those jolly striped socks and slippers on your darling girls make me smile. With those and the new rug, they can't help but be cozy.

    And that garland, oh MY!! I know it's already too late to make w/my great-niece this year (we have dates for card- and cookie-making, Festival of Lights viewing, etc.), but it will definitely be on our agenda next year. One for her, one for me. :))

  17. I love your felt gingerbread garland, it's beautiful. As for CK, I like quite a bit, too expensive all the way over here in Oz though and the newer stuff is not as nice I think. mel x

  18. Gorgeous garland, very snuggly rug, and a totally smoochable Alfie Blue ... looks like bliss to me!

  19. Your home looks really cosy. Bare floorboards look great, but are very draughty so the rug is perfect.

  20. I have just put a rug like yours by my Mum's bed - lovely to curl your toes in when you get up. I totally agree with Kazzy (Country Rabbits) comment - you have wonderful style. Hope your Christmas preps are going well. Karen xx

  21. Ah, it's so nice to see the gingerbread garland you made from my book! Thanks for the mention xxx

  22. What a very nice and cosy living rooms. So colourful and so many happy things. Lucky you.


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