Sunday, 30 December 2012

Still Feels the Same

Well the day dawned. I hit 44 and surprisingly I don't feel (or look) any different from the day before. I remember when I was much smaller than I am now I thought I would feel my age the next day and then felt quite cheated when eight felt pretty much the same as seven did.

The night before we all got the chance to be as young as we wanted. We discovered a wonderful Edwardian Theatre by the sea and so we went to see the panto. Instead of sitting neatly in rows we all had our own table to sit around with our drinks and nibbles. Highly civilised to my thinking. At the interval icecream, coffee and packets of three bourbon biscuits were the delights on offer. Ever since reading Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Island we chuckle each time we see a packet of custard creams or a bourbon. He said part of his love of the English stemmed from our ability to be delighted by the smallest of things. A small packet of biscuits really is scraping the barrell of joy isn't it.

Anyways I've digressed. Yesterday I was woken by all my lovelies piling into bed for the present opening ceremony.

They know me so well and had found me all sorts of wonderful things. I was thrilled to have pink dog return again. I always had one nodding on the front dashboard of my car until he got smooshed. Miss Rosey found a new pink dog to grace my car once more.

Mid-morning a dear friend popped over with a parcel of stuff that made my head immediately start planning new year makes.

Later I suggested lunch out and then a treaure trail around the Cathedral. While the Bun's tried to find the beasties and birds on the map we wandered. An elderly guide chatted to us and told us an interesting tale about a statue that Mr Bun adores. I'll save that story for another post.

In the evening we popped out to eat with my mum and then rolled home feeling especially full before having to find a bit more room for birthday cake.

Now completely unrelated to a birthday post, but stuff I wanted to show you. My gorgeous brooch from Hen. A hanky and comb from my man so I'm always ready for a buff and polish.

A perfect pre-christmas find of a wee 1950's anenome tin. If you look carefully you can just make out the faded letters of the word sweets on the tin. I kept the tradition going and have filled this as well as our Santa biscuit tin. We're working out way through the contents as I write this.


Cat twins and a birdy hair slide were some more goodies from Mr Bun too. He didn't do much venturing near the real shops, but kept to the out of the way ones I love.

Now talking of buffing and polishing, I must go and do some as we have a friend coming for lunch and here I still am in my jammies


  1. What a lovely birthday and all those special things you were bought.Lots more crafting coming up methinks.

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa! What fabby looking presents.
    Have a great rest of the year.

  3. Glad you had a great birthday, lovely pressies too! Wonder what you might make with all that fabulous fabric! :) x

  4. Happy Birthday to you!
    What a lot of lovely goodies too :-)
    The theatre sounds perfect I wish we had something like that nearby.
    Have a fun day xxxxx
    Ps: I've posted about my birthday too ;-)

  5. What a perfectly lovely birthday. With so many treasures and treats.
    My husband and I are both Decembers, too. We celebrate for a week each.
    Here's to the beginning of a wonderful new crafty year. e

  6. Happy birthday and what pretty things you have had! Xx

  7. Happy birthday!! Love the red kitty in the first pic :-) I have her standing in my livingroom as well :-)

  8. Happy birthday!
    great prezzies, I received the little cottage tin of bins from little H for Christmas.
    Enjoy your day
    : )

  9. Happy birthday wishes from one Lisa to another.
    Lisa x

  10. Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all Lisa ... lovely presents too! I'm a fan of Bill Bryson too and loved that book ... when I have nothing to read I'll root one if his out, they always have me laughing out loud!

    Love Claire xxx

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a lovely day x

  12. Glad you had a good birthday! All the best for 2012, we must have that rea and cakes get-together soon,
    love Penny xxx

  13. Happy Birthday. Fabulous, thoughtful gifts. Hope you have had a lovely day.
    Carol xx

  14. Happy, happy birthday Lisa. What beautiful things you've had. Talking of which, your brooch is an absolute treasure of mine and I absolutely love it, been wearing it lots.

    Hope you all have a great New Year. We're going out tomorrow night for a party at the community arts centre in town. First Nye out for more than a decade! Hoping it'll be good.
    Lots of love

  15. Happy birthday it's looks like you were very lucky with pressies and had a lovely day. Sarah x

  16. Dearest Lisa
    Many happy returns for your 44th birthday. Wishing you a special year filled with all you hope and dream for.
    I love all of your special gifts and it looks like you have your little buns and Mr.Bun "well trained" in their choice of heavenly pressies for you. There is nothing more wonderful than having family really know "what gets you" with sweet gifts!
    It sounds like you had a glorious day and one that was full of celebratory fun. Hope you all have a special and memorable new year xox Penelope

  17. Hi Lisa. Thank you for coming over and telling me about the lovely brooch on Stephs blog. I'm so pleased because now I've found your lovely blog! Happy birthday. Julie x

  18. True sign that you are well thought of, when the gifts they choose suit you so perfectly! Happy Birthday to you.

  19. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday ... love your gifts ... they suit you so well ... Bee xx

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