Monday, 31 December 2012

One out One in

I felt the need to write something to end my blogging year of 2012. A quick post of reflection and forward thinking.

It's been a hard year in parts, a year of significant changes, a year that's seen so much joy, friendship and laughter alongside supporting those that I love come to terms with all that the year has brought. I have a wonderful photo of my parents sitting in the armchair behind me wearing 3d specs and laughing at midnight last year. Dad won't be with us physically, but I still feel his prescence very strongly amongst us all. Everytime I think of him I see him chuckling away. Tonight we'll be celebrating with my mum and putting this year to rest with the leftover fireworks from Bonfire Night. Big Bang and ta ta to 2012.

Now onto a completely different note because I'm not one for dwelling too long on my inner thoughts in public. Today we've been major slobs. Still not dressed and loving it. Big cooked brunch to stop rumbling tums mid morning and then we all went our own ways for a while. I sorted my threads and fabrics and finally found the zip I'd bought to make a Bits & Bobs pouch for Mr Bun. Patchy squares are all cut and ready for stitching.

After much gorgeous eye pleading I gave in and started making a Seagulls footie scarf for him. My own quick pattern of casting on and then ribbing as I go.

I got out the pile of fabrics that are waiting to become clothes and got excited thinking how lovely they could look if only I could get motivated.

Then I wrote a list of all I want to make over the next however long. Well that's the start of 2013 planned in the making department at least. 

See you on January 2nd when I've planned a 4th birthday post and a celebration of things bloggy. 

Happy New Year to you all x


  1. Happy New Year to you Lisa - hope it brings lots of smiles your way x

  2. Sending blessings and love and light to you and your precious family Lisa. Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!
    ps. Andy is a HUGE seagulls fan and has a season ticket for himself and Alipops who can make about 1/3 of the games because sadly Sat afternoons clash with her ballet. Andy gets the best of both worlds then, either goes with Alice or meets up with a friend who has the ticket. Its a Daddy/Daughter thing that I stay clear of and pretend to be ignorant about as it cuts me out of all the footie conversations!! ha ha, have a cheeful eve with your mama and family and thanks for all your bloggy friendship this year xox Penelope

  3. A very happy New Year to you and yours with lots of best wishes.

  4. Wishing you a truly lovely New Year ... looking forward to seeing your makes in 2013 ... Bee xx

  5. A very Happy New year to you and yours and a hope that it will bring new joys to you all. x

  6. That's a long list! Happy New Year and I look forward to reading more of your gorgeous blog in 2013 now i've found it. Julie x

  7. Happy New Year to you, may 2013 be all you dream it will be.


  8. Happy New Year Wishes...

    I have my list ready like you!
    Here's to a lovely year of crafting happiness for both of us...

    Tilly x

  9. Hope your 2013 is a very Happy one indeed xx

  10. Happy New Year, thank you for all those lovely images you've shared with us over the year! :) x

  11. Hi Lisa !
    Happy new year to you and the lovely Bun family !
    Wishing you a creative and healthy year ahead,

  12. Happy New Year Lisa! Wishing you much happiness and good health in 2013.

    Amanda :-)

    Giveaway closes 6th January...early evening.

  13. Happy Happy new year!
    thats brighton isn't it?
    i used to live there.... hurrah for the seagulls
    D x

  14. Happy New Year Lisa and all the buns xx Gabs

  15. Happy new year to the Bun household.
    Lisa x

  16. Happy new year....good idea to make a plan....think I might do the very same thing!have a great day x

  17. Happy New Year Lisa,I hope this years a good one.


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