Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hanging the Stocking

At the tail end of Wednesday, just before collecting Little Bun from school I got a very big urge to sew up something that I'd had rattling around in my head. There are quite a few plans in my head, but they all have to wait their turn. With christmas looming it was the turn of a few wee stockings. In my head I could see mini decorated stockings made from 60's and 70's sheeting and I really wanted to see if they looked as good in reality. You know when the itch hits you to see how something will look and you just can't wait another minute.

Years ago I used to make and sell huge felt stockings that I appliqued all sorts of christmassy things on. The Bun's have super large ones I made from old cream blankets with their names sewn on. When I was a child I had a crisp cool white pillowslip which I would drag into my parents bed. I like the look of a stocking, but it's far easier to get an annual into a pillowslip. 

My idea for the wee stockings was that they'd make another jolly decoration and they could hold small afternoon gifts.

I've made one for each of us, but still need to whip one up for my mum. The colours Jane used in the Mollie Makes book inspired my colour choice for the yellow and dark blue spot stocking.

I'll fill them all with tiny treats to open later on christmas day. Some years we've had a lucky dip, others we've played Bingo to win prizes.

Sadly this week the school carol service was cancelled. I felt especially saddened as it's our last primary school one and Little Bun had been chosen to make a reading as a shepherd. It was cancelled as the Head thought it was too rainy for the kids to walk to church - mmm I think the teachers didn't fancy the walk actually. I was really looking forward to a good old sing song as we didn't get to Miss Rosey's either as she refused to go. It would have been great as it was in the Cathedral with a candlelit service, full choir, the works.

Around all of this and the christmas plans I've been gathering a fair bit of fabric for new year projects. After a few sales in my etsy shop I recycled some of my pennies into fabric. I saw Jessie had a 25% sale in her shop which had me pushing the pile it into your pretend basket button in a jiffy. She's not long opened her shop Sew and Quilt so if you've not visited before I reckon you should. She already has a great selection of fabrics from vintage to Liberty and repro feedsack amongst others.

Wrapped in bluebird paper is a small selection of Miss CK's cotton's Despite what I said about the lady previously my hand kept hovering over these on Friday and so I thought to hell with it I like them, it's pay day so I'll have them. 

Now it's the end of term for all of us so we kicked off by having friends over. We ate tons of cheese, drank quite a lot of fizzy stuff and felt rather tiddly pom pom by the end of it all.  My friend came with a box of these boozy wee treats knocked up from a Nigella christmas book. They're like eating mini christmas puds and are delicious. I don't have that book, but if you do I'd recommend making these most definately.

Now I'm not sure if I'll have time to pop by again before the big day so I'll wish you all a very very Merry Christmas now just in case. Sometimes the urge to write a post comes over me and so I have to make time for it late at night.


  1. Lovely stockings!!
    Buon Natale,
    xxx Ale

  2. I love your little stockings, they are just i little bit different from the traditional green and red...merry Christmas!

  3. I spy that gorgeous snowman on the mirror in the 4th pic....I do love him!! Merry christmas love Lucey xx

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family, I had the urge to make stocking late last night too for my little baby and my sisters new born. I think it's a great idea to have some gifts to open later on in the day, I might try that... Although with four children under 6 it may be difficult to stop them. Sarah x

  5. Lovely stockings. Merry Christmas :) x

  6. I love your colourful Christmas!
    Are you allowed to refuse to go to the school carol service? (I obviously had v strict parents/school-teachers!) what a shame to miss the cathedral service.
    Happy Christmas!

  7. Wonderful stockings, Im sure everyone will enjoy diving into them on Christmas Day!

    Im just about to set up the kitchen to make some last minute goodies - but I thought I would have a cuppa and a quick blog browse first!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Helenxx

  8. Merry Christmas to you all in the Bobo Bun household!

    Love your little stockings they are so cute. And the mini chocolate puds look lovely too.

    P x

  9. Those stocking are so lovely! And so nice to start the new year with a pile of new fabric to play with...Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! Rachel xx

  10. Just catching up with all your goings on. Such colourful, busy days you have, it's always a joy to visit for a peek. The little stockings are so cheery.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Lisa, you and all those Buns :D

  11. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Lisa, and thank you for all the lovely blog posts and photos this year.
    Hen x

  12. Lovely stockings!:) Enjoy the holidays!

  13. Ooooowwwww! Lovely little stockings! Such fabric eye candy Lisa!
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas, cherish those memories, and squeeze those around you a little harder! Thank you for your support since I started my little blog, and thank you for all those delicious photos you share with us! :) x

  14. It all looks very lovely Lisa! Sorry the carol service was cancelled, it's special when it's the last one, rain shouldn't have stopped play xx

    Love the idea of Christmas day bingo, think I may copy this idea!
    Have a lovely time, and looking forward to catching up in the New Year.

    Love Claire xxx

  15. Love your stockings, the colours and the ric rac are so joyful. Might have to put that on next years list, this year we are just getting through the bare minimum. All those fabrics are so delicious too, what a treat. mel x

  16. Love your stockings and such gorgeous fabric. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  17. Absolutely loving your stockings. Perfect for your colourful home!
    Happy Christmas to you and your buns (oo er!)

  18. The stockings are gorgeous! I wish I had one of those!
    I've been making up and filling a couple of stockings for my Mum and Dad to open on Christmas morning - it's always fun to make them up for other adults, isn't it?
    Wishing you and your lovely family a most wonderful Christmastime and a very happy New Year !
    Happy days to you all,
    Josie x

  19. Happy Christmas Mrs B and your lovely family.. And have a super duper birthday too xxx

  20. Wishing you and the Bun family a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year ... I love your stockings and a bundle of yummy fabrics ... heaven ... Bee xx

  21. Your wee stockings are magical Lisa, just gorgeous! Here's wishing you and your lovely family a very blessed and peaceful Christmas, it's always a joy to visit your beautiful blog space and I look forward to 2013 xox Penelope

  22. The stockings are great, and I must say I'm a little jealous of your ric rac collection!

  23. Lovely little stockings, some great material.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas. Carol xx

  24. Gorgeous Christmas stockings-vibrant colours!

    Merry Merry Christmas and have a great time with your family :-)

    Amanda :-)

  25. Happy Boxing Day, dear Buns! I hope your Christmas was cheery, warm and full of love.

    Your stockings are inspired! I swear, the blues + purples one with turquoise rick rack is very like a shower curtain I had in the early 70s. It still looks fresh and bright.

    We had a house full of nieces, nephews and their families, and my heart couldn't've been fuller or happier. The best treat I made, in honor of my mom whose birthday was Christmas Day, was pralines that she used to make for us in the 60s. My brother and I were crazy about them, and now his kids and grandkids are too.


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