Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Miss Rosey broke up on Friday so we're both on holidays together this week. Friday evening we all went to see Little Bun in her drama group play. Each group wrote their own panto. Little Bun's group stole the show and was fabulously fun (not just saying because she's mine). Little Bun was Jim the Villain and then Harry Hill overseeing a fight between the Prince and Buttons. Buttons got the Princess in their version. Yay. On Saturday we started the christmas season with a trip to the end of the pier christmas show. The light at the coast was beautiful, great photo taking opportunities abounded. I forgot my camera as usual when we leave the house.
Now Little Bun is on her last week of term and Mr is inspiring new students to join us next term. Miss Rosey and I meanwhile have got lots to do and fit in as well as having a spot of fun.

First off we've tidied up the shelves and christmassed them. I thought you might like to see. Basically I love a good old nosy at a well stocked shelf so I'm assuming that I'm in good company here. I moved a few things off the blue shelves that I was getting bored looking at, jiggled it all around and then added sparkly bits.

Then, while I was tidying the pile that had been growing in the corner for a very long time, I found an ancient word game. Double sided tape and a few carefully chosen letters and I was happy with the first dusted and done shelf.

All that was needed in the sitting room were a few candles to add night-time sparkle.

I had a happy fiddle with the china and glass cabinet. We only had one decent wine glass left after I'd managed to break all the others so I treated us to new ones yesterday. Silly things like buying four and knowing we'll only need three for christmas lunch remind me of dad just when I'm doing the simplest of things.

I christmassed up the shelves by adding the wee saucer crackers I've bought for lunch. They've got dares, jokes and charades in them which the Bun's will love. Two of our favourite things are on here. Mr Bun adores the Meakin cactus cup and saucer and I love love love the adorable kids in bunny suits on the Meakin dish.

Once all the shelves were done I got down to baking and Miss Rosey packed up six sweetie bags. We were having a small christmas tea party for Little Bun and some friends. All term she hasn't been able to have any friends over as the only night I pick her up we don't roll into until after 5pm once we've collected her big sister who finishes school at 4pm. I loved having the girls over and they all had a blast. Today they had the school christmas lunch and then an after school disco. Miss Rosey and I took ourselves off to see Great Expectations. She can now come to a 12 with me and I'm trying to get her interested in the classics by hook or by crook. The film was wonderful with Helena Bonham Carter playing Miss Havisham just as I'd imagined her in print. To be honest each actor brought a host of wonderful characters to life and we were caught up from beginning to end unlike the elderly lady who snored throughout behind us.

Around all these plans I've been busy with my hands. I had a couple of requests for kitschy deer bunting which I hope has now arrived all safely. With deers on my mind I couldn't resist starting on the christmas collar in this months Mollie Makes. It's the first copy that's got things in which I've fancied making. I still need to add stitchery to the deers face and line the back before I'll see who suits wearing it the best.

My mum's quilt is coming along a treat. I'm just hand stitching the binding to the back and then I'll be ready to show you properly. I've already ordered some new fabric from my recent sales so I can make a similar one for us as I love the design and general squodgy feel of this quilt.

The other temptation in Mollie Makes were the owl wristwarmers. I bought a couple of balls of Sirdar Click as it was relatively cheap and it has bright spots of colour running throughout. Shame I knit tightly and forgot to go up a needle size as I usually do. They fit ok if I stuff my hand in forcefully. Needless to say I've given up on them for now so there's only one with no owly eyes or a thumb.

Home day of house jobs and stitching tommorow before hearing Little Bun's Wizard of Oz sing song in the playground after school. Thursday morning we'll be there at the assembly to hear her play her violin before heading off to lunch with some other mum's and then the school Carol Concert where she's a shepherd. A floral teacloth and a pink sparkly ribbon from Jane will be fixed firmly on her head. Then off home to arrange Mr Bun's birthday tea party. The man I met when he was a carefree 30 will become 45. How'd he do that then?  With friends over on Friday night and then what will be Miss Rosey's last trip to Santa at the weekend I'm not too sure if being off work is more exhausting than working.


  1. I'm not quite sure how you fit it all in!! and I thought I was busy, i think you deserve a medal, my patchwork which was supposedly going to be done by Christmas is in a pile of to do,s....your ma's quilt is looking beautiful. have a lovely week and and wonderful Christmas with the buns, and a happy Brithday to Mr xx

  2. Everywhere looks warm, cosy and very festive, hope you have a lovely Christmas, Lucey x

  3. I love a good nosey on other peoples shelves too! You've worked your Lisa magic on yours they look really quirky! Love that little collar too!
    This is our first Christmas ever without Mum at the dinner table with us, she's not mobile anymore so needs to stay in the home where she is safe. Both my sister and I feel sad about this but we will go and see her in the morning, take a big tin of chocolates and have a happy time with the ladies and gentlemen there!
    Enjoy your week, it sounds like you have lots of lovely things planned! :)

  4. I love looking at shelves too - sadly ours are fairly sparse in the pretty items department (my husband is not fond of vintage) - I would love a china cabinet with lots of different pretty old china. As a child I spent hours looking at my grandmothers and spotting all the different treasures within. Hope you get a chance to have a bit of peace and calm now for a little while and have a lovely christmas.

  5. it all sounds lovely, can I come and live in your family!! Heather x

  6. Ah how festive your home looks, Lisa!

    And how great that you can now take your daughter with you to see some great old films - classics, yep, bring them on!

  7. Everything looks so cheery...and the quilt is to die for! Just lovely...what a wonderful gift!

  8. You have done a lot.... And your shelves do look very festive indeed. I also fancied making that deer collar it is one of the only things I have been interested in actually making .... Oh and those owl mitts love them too. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Sarah x

  9. I feel exhausted just reading about all you have done and have got left. Do you have time for sleep! I must say that not being busy at Christmas would just seem wrong somehow. I always think I will plan to do less but then I keep adding more and more until I am up late finishing things. Have fun. lily. xxx

  10. Lovely Lisa
    Wow, so much going on... love your shelves, they are filled with such beautiful things and pretty bits that make my heart sing. We do think rather similarly as i have been thinking that this months MMakes appeals to me too, especially the owl gloves which i might just make over these Christmas hols now that most of my made presents are just about done...still need to do little bits and bobs and then start the wrapping game. Sounds like your girlies are having their own festive fun too and I am over the moon with being able to go to 12 movies with Alice. I definitely will be taking her to see Great Expectations and Les Mis being released in January...can't wait. I have been reading a 1935 book called The box of delights to Alice this week and we are loving it,so old fashioned. I too am determined to encourage the classics with her,I remember reading David Copperfield when I was about 14 and really hated it at the time but really appreciate Dickens now, Shakespeare on the other hand has always been a favourite and given me a thrill.
    Have a happy jolly next few days xox Penelope

  11. Such inspiration. Love love Christmas and all the activity.

  12. It's all looking so festive and there is lots in the offing too to help with that Christmas spirit. The first Christmas without a loved one is hard, I got through that first one without my dad because of the children. My father-in-law passed away on Tues so my husband's family will really be feeling their loss too next week.
    I say we should have a toast to those love and miss so dearly.
    Take care
    Lisa x

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  14. Oh excitied at seeing my bunting in your blog. It arrived safely yesterday thank you so much. Love the scrabble tiles on your shelf unit it looks enchanting. Your budding thespian sounds imaginative and funny great combination. Have fun with your delightful family Merry christmas B x

  15. Lisa, I', exhausted just reading about the week you've had / will have ! How do you do it??
    I loved seeing your festive shelves and all your collections. It's always lovely to nosey at other peoples bits and bobs around the home.
    I had no idea there was a film of Great Expectations - that shows how out of touch I am with cinema, indeed with anything unrelated to our little bubble of Crafter family life !! I would love to see it and hope that after the festivities are over, Mr C and I can go take a look.
    Happy Birthday to Mr Bun :-) I've also got a December birthday ;-)
    Wishing you and all your family a most lovely Christmas and a jolly good rest too.
    Oh, and the quilt for your Mum is totally gorgeous!
    Lots of love to you all,
    PS: My new blog is up and running now.... josiecrafter.wordpress.com.
    The old one is no more - paying for hosting was getting too expensive, and after all - who needs to pay? Not me any more!
    Happiest of Happy days to you all !

  16. What lovely deer bunting. I have just made some bunting but the cath kidston fabric is to die for on yours! x


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