Monday, 3 December 2012

At Home

Now I feel like the festivities can commence. I've shopped in one day and nearly done it all. About the only bonus I can see for having a small family. Advent calendars are up, we've seen the lights switched on, entered nearly every tombola stall in the church bazaar and at the school christmas fair on Saturday (which is now officially one of the first of the last events we will be doing at primary school - until we're grandparent's that it).  I now just want to curl up with a bottle of Avdocaat and a box of Quality Street and that'll be me happy as a christmas fairy.

I found this book on the bric-a-brac stall in the church, Mr Bun has announced it a new favourite

Out shopping I added a few new decorations to the pile. Lost one toadstool before the photo and then found it again afterwards. I thought it strange as I always buy in three's. I do need to find the Bun's a decoration each as I get them a new one each year to add to the tree.

My plans for homemade presents aren't going as well this year. I'm completely out of ideas for the minute for the Bun's (and even if I was full of ideas I wouldn't say as they'd read it here first). I am ploughing on full steam ahead with the quilt for my mum though.

On Saturday I finally sandwiched the layers together, pinned them here and there and have started the whole zig zag of stitches up and down.

At first I thought just the one row of stitching straight across would be best, then when I saw the photos of it I changed my mind straight away.

This morning I've sat down to run my needle the other way to see if it looks better and to be honest it does. It has a puffier softer feel now, I'll show you once all is done. I had to hide it up last night as my mum stayed over after taking Miss Rosey christmas shopping. Little Bun's shopping trip next weekend and Miss Rosey at a friends so a bit of his and her time (which very rarely happens).

I'm really enjoying working on this quilt for a few reasons. Today probably as I'm freezing even with the woodburner lit so it's keeping me a bit toastier. No heating looks like being a problem for quite a while longer as we need a new Rayburn as ours is an old defunct one that no one can mend anymore. 

The other reason for loving working with this quilt is that some of my favourite fabrics are worked in here. They're a mix of 1930's and 1950's cottons from France and the UK, alongside some spots and reproductions. Each has a different weave and texture. My favourite to handle are the 30's cottons which are cotton wool soft and let the needle slide through. I think I'll take this to work for some lunch stitching too (only get a half hour break so never much time to do anything at all really).

Alongside quilting and adding more squares to the Bubblegum blanket I gave in and started a new knitting project. It should end up being a short sleeved jumper for Little Bun if all goes well. I've already cocked up the more twisty cable rows, but I think only the knitters with eagle eyes will see what I've done wrong there. All the same it looks fine and is using up some more of my stash that was bought to become something else.

Right better stop and go and do all the deathly dull and things I've been avoiding jobs now.


  1. Your quilt is looking so wonderful !!
    Warm, cozy, homey, and something that can be used & appreciated !!

    And your book--- what a precious find !!


  2. I must start my Christmas makes, I must start my Christmas makes, I must start my Christmas too Lisa, I have exactly one week left to do them all, I really do need to start panicking, then perhaps I will get on with them!!! We add new decorations each year, I have a real mish mash, and I love it, no colour coordination on our tree!
    Those fabrics look fab together, and I love that book! :) x

  3. Oh!! Those toadstools and those fabrics are sooo dreamy. We don't have a tree yet, and I haven't put one single decoration out, so seeing your cheery pics is such a treat.

    I did just finish making plans with my niece to take her 6 year-old to the local Festival of Lights and our friends' annual Gingerbread House Making Extravaganza, so I am feeling rather festive.

  4. Well done on completing the Christmas shop, I haven't even started and have a four year old birthday party to get through first. The quilt looks lovely, your mum will love it. mel x

  5. ...perfect present for your thoughtful and crafted with love....i love the toadstools....can't resist them! x

  6. nice to feel all sorted and ahead of the game!! well done. The quilt looks nice, I might have to try making one one day. you make it look easy! Heather x

  7. beautiful quilt- such wonderful fabrics- hand made is so much better and so thoughtful in the time it takes...i've brought a lot more in shops this year as the charity shops havent been so fruitful. but i've limited my spend. Sophia just wants snow for christmas but thats a big ask as it rare to get much snow here other than a sprinkle but i pray for sophia it will ;0)x

  8. The quilt's looking good!

    I'm nowhere near ready, and not stressed about it at all. Christmas will happen, one way or another, that's my motto this year!

  9. Your quilt is coming on a treat Lisa, I do hope you get your heating sorted out soon, especially with the frosty weather we have been having. As for home made Christmas, well I keep coming up with new ideas and getting myself into a dizzy distraction and thinking I need to make more than one thing for everyone! Now that's just not thing is enough, I really have to discipline myself otherwise I'll be burnt out by the time Christmas comes :o)
    xox P
    ps. I also end up using yarn planned for one project on another ! That made me giggle when I read you did too x


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