Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stuff for All

Before I get going I must point out how rude was I. You sent some wonderful well wishes to my sicky icky family and I forgot to say thankyou very much indeed. So thankyou and somehow in the meantime I avoided it, which was absolutely wonderful.

After a poorly weekend, it was great to all be fighting fit and ready to go out an about. We headed to our nearby town with plans for treasure hunting. On the way the heavens chucked it down. A big decision was made to put off shop wandering for a while and go and chomp on pizza instead. The Bun's went from quietly hungry in the back of the car to loud and happy.

Once tums were full we had a dash around the church yard and scrunched in the wet leaves before heading off to Vintage Mischief. Now I've not been there for a while so it was lovely to see it all changed around with fabulous classic shop fittings and more rooms opened up for different things. We found a few more annuals, the Bun's pestered for a typewriter and Mr pestered for Banana Lady. The typewriter I loved was all turquoise, cream and red, but needed mending still. Impatience won the day even though ours still needs a ribbon and the sticky keys a bit of loving.

Heading over the road I found my friend Emmie tucked cosily in the corner at another sale.  I kept looking and looking at the imp on the swing and just knew I wouldn't be happy if I left it behind. It's one of those things that I'm not sure about, but also love for it's oddness. My Mr, who has a wide ranging taste just like mine, mainly of the not very useful, but fun to have variety, just stared at it and found it hard to think of anything to say. We usually like the same stuff. I wasn't too sure about Banana Lady and he really didn't like the fat thing the imp was stuck on (his words).

Alongside these finds I found another wee doll to keep Daisy company. She's been named Maisy by Little Bun and tucked up in bed with Elsie the Pug.

Earlier in the week another package of wallpaper arrived. I might have just enough now to have a fiddle faddle with paper and glue.

I'm still not decided whether to paper the back shelves of my glass and china cabinet,

or to cheer up the blue shelves. I think they'll win as I really don't like them all that much. I've been meaning to paint them for a good while now and still need to decide on the colour. Overall a change is definately needed with them.

Which brings me back to the whole subject of procrastination. This weekend I just went with it and had fun with my lot instead of worrying about what I had and hadn't done.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend Lisa! Busy doing nothing in particular but having a great time doing it ... your husband sounds a bit like mine in that he stares at things I've brought home, not quite knowing what to say!

    Happy Monday!!
    Love Claire xx

  2. Hi!
    Glad you escaped the lergy! Loving all your little vintage finds, especially your imp on a swing........I frequently have moments of my hubby staring at the things I buy & then saying "Erm..........not sure if I like this".
    Hope you have a good week

  3. Just catching up with everyone's posts, the quilt is looking great! Enjoy your wallpaper, I've just been given a lovely little glazed wall cupboard, I'm going to paint and wallpaper it! That's when I stop daydreaming and start doing! :) x

  4. way to your vintage treasures and the imp just needed to be yours....all husbands are required to look through narrowed eyes.....they don't mean it...they actually mean ...'my how i love you for your quirky artistic madness i wouldn't have you any other way'....and then walk away smiling to themselves......LOVE those dollies(of course!). Happy Monday x

  5. Eye spy the fiddle time joggers book! Ours is out on the girls music stand right now funny what we spot in other peoples piccies ....
    nattie x

  6. I love Daisy and Maisy they're so cute.Just popped in to say hello.

    1. Hello my Little Bun. I'm glad you love them as they're yours.


  7. Glad to hear your family are all well again. Sometimes it's nice to have a weekend of doing and making, lots of fun and relaxation rather than jobs around the house and catching up with housework. I have been meaning to order some vintage wallpaper for an eternity and I may have just the project for it arriving very soon. xxx

  8. What a riot of colour. Glad you are all back to health now! xx

  9. Glad you Buns are all well again!
    The imp made me smile and remember going to visit my Great Great Aunt Ada as a child. She had a pixie on a swing in her garden which I so looked forward to seeing along with a fish pond. Unfortunately I don't remember much about her and she lived to be over 100! I wonder what happened to the pixie?

  10. He looks completely at home with you ! Lovely to see you again :) and I like the banana lady ! X

  11. He looks completely at home with you ! Lovely to see you again :) and I like the banana lady ! X

  12. Sounds like the best kind of weekend to me!

    Did you know that Brother just made their very last typewriter, I think it was the last typewriter of any kind to be made in the UK. It's gone to the Science Museum to be housed with their collection, But apparently legal types still like to type rather than print some documents ... maybe vintage typewriter prices are about to leap, that could be an investment you have there ;)

  13. hey - pop over to mine...finally managed to get my (lardy) arse in gear and repay your CIF!!! Not before time I hear your say!!
    fee x

  14. You should hold an open house for a look around your house for blogers! it looks amazing! xx


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