Sunday, 11 November 2012

Red Cross on the Door

I've been re-training as a rubbish nurse these past few days. I'm good at the practicals of clearing up sick, shoving buckets under chins and keeping sick ones cosy, not so good at wanting to hang around being all caring for hours on end.

On Friday while Little Bun was ill and I was getting worried about her, I busied myself clearing shelves and re-arranging stuff.

I found an ideal spot to hang the very elderly lanterns I got from my mate Emmie. Just need to change some of the things on the shelf as I want to look at different stuff for a bit.

By Saturday Little Bun was well enough to go to Miss Rosey's school Christmas market. A couple of hours after getting home Mr raced upstairs with his faithful Alfie Blue by his side. He was next with the gastro bug. 

My  mum and I took the girls and their friends to Little Bun's pantomime with no proud daddy to see unfortunately. I'm not keen on am-dram having sat through a truly awful one years ago. When it got to the break we grabbed the Bun's who were wee at the time and ran, vowing no more am-dram. This one was really funny, made more so by the naughtiness of the cast who ad-libbed and made the front rows life hell. Our girl looked beautiful in her three dances and gave it her all. How I adore her.

In the wee hours of this morning Miss Rosey started the yucky bug herself. Will I get it too or do I go scott free having worked so hard emptying buckets and caring for my lot? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Now for a much needed change of direction. My head hasn't really been focusing on christmas all that much, but it seems to have found me all the same. On the way back from a trip out with the students last week, they popped into KFC so I popped into a small fleamarket. I swooped in, grabbed these beauties and was out before they'd taken one bite of the stinky food.

I've also been a shopping with Maartje this past week. Goodies have included paper as I've a mind to cover the back shelves of a couple of things. I'm bored with how they look at the moment so I'm hoping to find some time for a fiddle faddle with glue and paper.

Maartje very kindly popped in a few extra sheets for me which I love. These really capture the colours I think of when I think of her style.

After having looked at the deers she's made from a vintage piece of fabric for a while now I gave in and got one of my own. Once I got worried that they might all sell before I had one, I knew I needed it.  Not want, but need. Two very different things when you're justifying your shopping.

These are the wallpapers that I ordered from her and I've also grabbed some from Ada which should arrive this week.

Last treat was a bracelet as I've broken all of mine. Once my mum saw it she had a peek at Silly Old Suitcase etsy store and then ordered a couple too. One for her and one for a friend. Maartje has 20% off in her store at the moment so an even better time to pop over and see what tempts you.

Hello to new followers too good to see you. Here's to a good rest of the weekend, hopefully with no sickness from me.


  1. Sorry to hear that your crew have got the lurgy, heres hoping you escape it.

    Its good when you can nip off from the students for a bit isnt it, when we take our lot to London we end up in Covent Garden so they can do a bit of shopping. Me and the other teachers set up camp at a coffee shop in the middle and take it in turns for a quick blast around the shops - heaven! And the students are so knackered by that stage they have no desire to wander off too far!!!

    Love that fabric deer, might need one myself...

    And I love the little Christmas man decoration, I remember buying one of those in 1967!!


  2. poor little buns- im wishing wellness in your home...the subject of 'home'- my oh' my you have the most colourful and cheering, cosy and comforting- bliss of all blissfulness homes in my eyes---- its just sooo eye catching and beautiful. look at all those wonderful vintage toys and fabrics. My mother's just inherited two lovely vinatage chests and a wardrobe- she feels theres no space for her glass cabinet! ok, heart skippy moment!!!! im having it!!! and i might even paint it a colourful shade of turquoise after seeing this post!- i havent even inherited yet and my hearts thinking of using it as a materials cabinet!'ve cheered my day lovely bun x

  3. Well.....I am praying you are not next...those bugs are horrible but they dont usually last long ..I so love your site!!! So cheery and pretty....I adore the picture of your daughter in her 40's garb....boy have times ever changed!!! Stay well mum!

  4. It's just awful when bugs get into the family, fingers craossed you will be ok, usually us mums are just there to do the mopping up! You've treated yourself to some lovely things there, I will post my parcel out tomorrow, who knows soon your whole house will be over taken with vintage wallpaper! I keep tripping up over mine! :) x

  5. Awe hope all are better now, fingers crossed it misses Nurse Bun x loved meeting No.1 daughter, so beautiful and charming... Bit of a chip off the ole block eh? Xxx

  6. Oh I do hope you are spared from being sick and everyone is back to normal quickly.

  7. Oh poor you,...I'm not so good at the clearing up sick bit, but you just have to, don't you, bleurgh, hope that they are better soon and that you don't get it x
    You home is so cheery and colourful full of treasures, I found those gorgeous deers the other day, just gorgeous :-) xx

  8. Oh you poor old lot, here's hoping you don't get struck down too Lisa!
    Victoria xx

  9. Hello my dear Lisa,

    Thanks for your lovely words, enjoy your treasures treasures
    are coming your way!
    Your shelves always makes me colourful and happy :-)
    Now, i hope all the buns are feeling better and you will start a new week
    feeling good and well!


  10. Your poor family, and poor you having to clear all the sickiness up. My little one has been sick this weekend too so I know how you feel. Luckily me and Hubbie seem to be fine. Hope it stays that way as I really don't fancy being sick at 39 weeks pregnant. Hope you manage to avoid it too. Love those pretty papers and the bracelets are gorgeous too. Fiona x

  11. Oh deary me Lisa, poor Bun family. I don't know if it's something that happens wit your buns but as soon as Alice vomits and I'm there sorting it out, maybe changing the sheets n the middle of the night and just whe its all clean and ready for sleep again, she brings up again! Fortunately we haven't had vomiting for a good couple of years now, I do feel for you though. I really hope you keep strong through this rough patch. Your on line shopping has hopefully been cheering and of course seeing litte Buns pantomine xox Alice isin Cinderalla btwn Xmas and New Year and its al rehaersals at the moment, she does ballet and musical theatre. Wishing you all a bug free week ahead xox Penelope

  12. So hope you don't get it - you'd probably have to empty your own bucket too! Glad the am dram went well. We once had to walk out of something dreadful in the De La Warr - not sure how we made it to the interval it was so bad. Hope you have a good week. Karen x

  13. Ooooh ... some things are NOT meant to be shared, and those bugs that make their way around so freely are in that category. I so hope it doesn't attack you!

    In our house my dad was the cleaner-upper and Mom did the brow-wiping and hand-holding; they were a great team.

    I just love looking at your colorful vignettes and collections of fabrics and such. Very cheery.

  14. Eugh! you poor thing! I'm so sorry for all the family but it also extremely rotten being the one carrying the buckets! I hope everyone gets well soon and you have built up an immunity by now. The papers are extremely pretty can't wait to see what you do with them.

    love Penny x

  15. So pleased Little Bun was able to make it for her dances, and sorry the bug got Rosie....hope it stops there. Re am-dram. Oh dear, you know I would NEVER hurt a child's feelings, but one year my sons' school concert had a bit that was so bad I was nearly sick - literally - trying not to laugh. My friend made me lie on the floor having hysterics so that none of the performers could see me (the other parents, I might add, were having similar difficulties, it wasn't just me.) It was the violin class. As a fiddle player I know only too well how bad the first faltering steps can sound, but this was execrable it really was. But I wouldn't have missed it for the worlds.
    Loving those blue shelves and their contents, too, Lisa, and HOW TIDY are you!

  16. Fingers crossed that you don't come down with the dreaded bug!!!
    Thanks for the photo of all your craft books on your blue neat! I was especially grateful as I was able to show my hubby & say "Look my craft library is not getting out of control" he keeps saying to me. I've picked up the Mollie Makes Christmas Book - LOVE the purple felt wreath, going to have a bash at this. As there has been lots of recommendations for "Granny Chic" - may have to be naughty & add (by mistake, of course Ha!) to my virtual basket.
    Here's hoping you have a good week & can get rid of that red cross on your door

    1. Glad to be of service Natalie. To be truthful that's only half of it, knitting books on the bookshelves and tons of others on top of drawers. Do you feel even better now?

  17. So glad to come in on the good news that Little Bun (didn't she make a marvellous evacuee!!) made it to the panto, although not happy that you're all icky ... hope you manage to keep the bug at bay!

    I can see why you felt the deer was a necessity :D

  18. much to love in this post.......each picture brought another little gasp......hope your family are well now.....I'm not a very good nurse!x

  19. oooo I saw that very bracelet in the Sold section of Maartje's Etsy and swooned a little, wondering who had bought it...happy it was you! I am waiting on a necklace to come to me, I am very excited :o)
    Sorry to hear the sickness bug has been with you, my Little B has started with it today, well that's to say he puked up in his Grandad's car, not good!
    Sending love, I hope you find some time to clear your mind, I so know what you mean about all that, I am exactly the same.


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