Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Patiently Chopping

I'm so glad you liked what I've done with Little Bun's evacuee dress. Last stitches went in tonight ready for the dressing up fun tommorow morning. l'll take plenty of photos so you can see how she looks.

That's one more thing ticked of the list in my head of things to make and do. Now before I tackle the christmas makes I need to add a few bits to my etsy store, sort out stock for christmas markets and actually finish the triangle quilt I started an age ago.

Every now and then I've been chopping up extra squares to make the quilt bigger. Then the squares had to be chopped into triangles, matched up one with floral with one spot and sewn up. One extra pile of squares made, still no larger quilt as yet.

I'm looking forward to handquilting this one and actually seeing what it'll look like finished, but the chopping and stitching bit bored me to be honest.

Before any handstitching gets under way I've still to make up another four columns and lengthen the ones I've already made. That's fun though working out where every one should go.

Now back to those christmas makes I mentioned before. I pretty much know what I want to make for everyone, but I'm always up for new suggestions.

They're some great present ideas in Mollie Makes Christmas. After Penelope gave me a glowing review of it I decided I needed it too. I popped a copy into my virtual shopping basket alongside Granny Chic and then got all excited waiting for my new books. I'm really glad I did as the pictures and print are a delight alongside some great ideas for christmas makes.

Aswell as paper crafts and knitting things my blogging mate Jane is in there with some of her great how to's. A truly lovely book, full to the brim with great ideas. Just need the time to crack on and I'll be away in my crafty heaven.


  1. I love the way your triangles quilt top is coming along. I enjoy the simplicity and repitiion of the cutting and sewing and find it really stressful trying to work out which piece goes next to which. There are always so many options! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas makes. I like the paper stars in a string you showed a photo from the book. Good luck with it all.

  2. Loving the look of your quilt, Lisa, it's going to be gorgeous. Funny how we all have our favourite quilty pastimes, the cutting, matching and stitching is my fave bit. I tend to lose interest at the sandwiching and quilting but I get on with it as I just want to see the quilt finished!
    Hen x

  3. I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out, Lisa, the fabrics and the way they meld together are so breathtaking - yes, I do actually give a little gasp when I see certain colour /pattern combinations! I have stopped doing really complex pieced quilts but I don't mind cutting basic shapes and putting them together because I enjoy watching the over-all pattern emerge. I LOATHE the sandwiching part of the process, but love the quiet contemplative hand quilting part.

  4. I love all those colours together Lisa, it's going to be brill! Yes that books great isn't it! Not got it but had a good nose when I was in WHSmith! :)

  5. ...both books so beautiful and inspirational....well done for doing all that cutting....i find that bit frustrating as i just want to get stitching....! x

  6. It's going to be a lovely quilt Lisa! All those beautiful colours! Ooh I'm loving the mollie makes christmas, so many gorgeous makes!
    Victoria xx

  7. The quilt looks like it will make up really beautifully and fun. Now I'm wondering if I should have got the Mollie makes book! oh the dilemas of book rationing!! Heather x

  8. oh' my such wonderful colour combinations of fabrics, you've matched thm up so well, but it must have taken a lot of patience too ;0)...granny chic and mollie makes looks fab!!!! ;0)xx

  9. Ooh, the triangle quilt looks fantastic, can't wait to see pictures of it finished

  10. The triangles are delightful, and the colour/print combo is spot on (as always) I am glad to see that Jane is in the Mollie Makes book, and I am glad you didn't give too much away, as I am getting that book for Christmas- glad to hear you are well, and looking forward to keeping up with my old blogging friends xxx

  11. OOh It all looks yummy, I love the colours, I shall look out for the book
    Thank you for sharing
    Thea x

  12. Quilt envy = tick, Fabric envy = tick, Granny chic book envy = tick and Mollie Makes happy ...yay! I do get fretful if I make recommendations and then people buy the book and don't like it! Really pleased it's a good 'un that you like xox Lets see what we can do before Christmas, now that's the challenge! xox Hope you all have a fab weekend x Penelope

  13. I too have molly makes and its lovely! xxx


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